Celebrity Myxer’s Health section showcases many topics including healthier eating habits, fitness recommendations, as well as keeping up with the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Cilantro Lime Chicken Salad Recipe

Looking for a simply delicious lunch that won’t tip your scale? Try our Cilantro Lime Chicken Salad recipe! In this new segment, we call Celebrity Myxer Eats, we’ll entice your tastebuds to try some healthier meals. We even have some beverages that will cool your whistle- more on that later. Let’s dive into this tasty recipe!

Coronavirus COVID-19 Surpasses 1 Million Confirmed Cases

Today, the Coronavirus COVID-19 surpasses 1 million confirmed cases around the world. The United States recently overtook China, Italy, and Spain with the most confirmed cases and has become the new focus of the epidemic. Learn more…

U.S. Leads World With Most Coronavirus Cases

The U.S. leads the world with most Coronavirus cases according to stats. The United States now reports more than 82,000 confirmed cases, 1,800 recovered cases and exceeds more than 1,200 deaths from COVID-19. Read more…

How To Make Hand Sanitizer With 3 Simple Ingredients

With the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19, we are urged to thoroughly wash our hands. But when you’re out and about that may not always be an option. What do you do if you run out? Celebrity Myxer has a simple recipe with only 3 household ingredients on how to make hand sanitizer yourself at home. Watch the full video above!

87 Percent Of China Coronavirus Recovered

Good news regarding COVID-19, 87 percent of China Coronavirus recovered from the disease according to statistics. At the time of this analysis, China reported more than 80,000 cases and more than 71,000 cases recovered. Most cases were mild symptoms. 80.9 percent were mild, 13.8 percent were severe and 4.7 percent were critical. Learn more…

40 Percent Of Coronavirus Cases Recovered

In good news regarding COVID-19, just over 40 percent of reported cases have recovered worldwide according to the stats. At the time of this analysis, more than 204,000 cases were reported globally and more than 82,000 cases were reported as recovered around the globe. Check the stats…

Celebrities With Coronavirus

Unfortunately, there are a handful of celebrities with Coronavirus COVID-19 and it saddens us to report this. However, we want to point out the resilience and positive affirmations those affected celebs have shared with us. They urge us to get tested if feeling sick, to practice social distancing and to self-quarantine if you feel sick or have been in contact with someone who is. Here’s a list of affected celebs…

8 Coronavirus Facts & Fiction You Need To Know

As Coronavirus spreads globally and world health officials combat it, there are a lot of Coronavirus facts and fiction being circulated. Celebrity Myxer is dedicated to keeping our audience informed with daily updates from official sources; such as the CDC and WHO to help thwart the spread of misinformation. Here are 8 facts you need to know about COVID-19.

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