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Queens Season 1 Episode 11 Recap “I’m A Slave 4 U”

While Eric and Naomi are conflicted on what is best for JoJo’s future as it relates to the entertainment industry, Jill attempts to help a young troubled actor struggling against an overbearing parent. Elsewhere, Valeria fights for an opportunity to lean into her Puerto Rican heritage. Here’s what you missed!

black-ish Season 8 Episode 3 Recap “Bow-Mo”

Dre calls into a radio show and gets humiliated in front of Diane and tries to redeem himself. Meanwhile, Bow tries to bond with a group of young female doctors and learns a hard truth. Here’s what you missed!

Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 12 Recap “Whiteout”

A blizzard forces each Joe to confront the limits of his own control. Music Joe goes full rock star mode while on tour alone. A family secret threatens Cop Joe and Amy. Nurse Joe and Jenny each have cause to celebrate but are unable to be together. Here’s what you missed!

NCIS: Hawai’i Season 1 Episode 11 Recap “The Game”

When evidence to put away a drug kingpin is stolen, Lucy goes undercover at an underground poker tournament to find out which high-roller is behind the crime. Also, Lucy’s feelings are in turmoil when Whistler’s ex-girlfriend arrives in town. Here’s what you missed!

NCIS Season 19 Episode 11 Recap “All Hands”

After a civilian research vessel in the North Atlantic picks up a small boat of wounded Navy officers, NCIS arrives on the ship and is forced to hide after discovering terrorists on board. Here’s what you missed!

Station 19 Season 6 – Release Date, Plot, News, Trailer & More

Station 19 Season 6 has officially been renewed by ABC! The exciting news came mid-season on January 11, 2022. ABC ordered another season of the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff which allows for more crossovers between the two series. As details roll out, you can expect to see the release date, updated news, cast, photos, and more!

Yellowjackets Season 1 Episode 10 Season Finale Recap “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi”

On the night of their 25-year class reunion, the Yellowjackets navigate damning evidence, false alibis, and a dubious attempt to “heal.” In the wilderness, the Doomcoming fallout finds everything firmly off the rails as simmering resentments come to a head. Here’s what you missed in the season finale.

When Does Station 19 Season 5 Episode 9 Come On?

When does Station 19 Season 5 Episode 9 come on? The last time it air was on December 16, 2021. And the climax left fans teary-eyed reaching for a Cleanex tissue after Miranda brought Pru to the station and informed Ben about the crushed man he saved. There has been a reported delay, however, we will see the Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy crossover event air on…

How I Met Your Father Season Premiere – Release Date, Plot, Trailer & Everything You Need To Know!

How I Met Your Father is a spinoff of the critically-acclaimed show How I Met Your Mother. Hilary Duff will star as the lead character Sophie, as she narrates to her son how she met his father. The show is set to premiere on January 18, 2022, on Hulu. Here’s everything you need to know about it including the cast, watch trailers, get updated news, and more!

Atlanta Season 3 – Release Date, Plot, Trailer & Everything You Need To Know!

Atlanta season 3 has been renewed on FX! It is a dramedy created by lead actor Donald Glover. The show is based upon Earnest “Earn” Marks (Donald Glover) who is a music manager as he and rapper Paper Boi aka Alfred (Brian Tyree Henry) try to get a handle on the rap industry in Atlanta. The third season will air on March 24, 2022, via FX. Here is everything you need to know!

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