BMF Season 3 Episode 7 “Get ’em Home”

Here’s what happened in BMF Season 3 Episode 7, “Get ‘em Home,” Meech travels to St. Louis to link up with J-Pusha and his brother Carter, to set up business there, and finds a new love interest with Keeya, yet he also learns the hustle in Detroit and in Atlanta, is omnipresent.

Air date & time: Airs on Friday, April 12, 2024. Streams at 12 am ET, 11 pm CT (previous day), and 9 pm PT (previous day) on the Starz app. Broadcasts on Friday, April 12, 2024, at 8 pm ET, 7 pm CT, and 5 pm PT on Starz.

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Season 3 Episode 7 “Get ‘em Home”

We flashback to Meech as a teen and, ironically, Det. Bryant was his baseball coach, teaching him about bunting and the sacrifice it takes to get the runner home…


Flash forward, Meech fled to St. Louis to parlay with J-Pusha, whom he met at Jack the Rapper (portrayed by J.D. Williams) and his brother Carter (portrayed by Vonii Bristow). Carter was a future major league prospect. He meets Keeya (portrayed by Saweetie), who will become Meech’s new love interest. She’s calming in the midst of the heat.

Carter was kidnapped, which set J-Pusha off. Meech tried to coach him on handling the situation peacefully by paying the abductors. J-Pusha felt that the move would make him seem weak, and other dealers would extort him if he paid.

When the kidnappers called, they wanted the drugs he promised and reimbursement. J-Pusha refused, so the goons cut off his middle finger and mailed it to his home with a letter written in blood saying, “Want to f*ck with us last chance!”

J-Pusha put a bounty on the kidnappers’ heads. J-Pusha’s people found Carter but were killed in a rescue attempt. Carter was relocated…

New Shipment

Meech offered to pay the goons on J-Pusha’s behalf, so he called his brother Terry for a shipment of pure cocaine. Though reluctant, Terry sent a shipment, but the driver got into an accident, and the dope was confiscated.

So, Terry and Meech arranged for another shipment. As soon as it arrived, the police raided. Meech got a bright idea to pose as a baseball player to get past the police barricade.

Nicole got caught with her father’s box cutter at school. She had it for protection after witnessing her boyfriend be killed!

Meanwhile, Det Jin pieced together a theory of why she got suspended again. “Henri” was the daughter of former police lieutenant J-Pusha, whom he met at Jack the Rapper. Blaze was insulted by political connections. She spoke with her former partner, Bryant, who played coy to her theory.


Dr. Maurice sent flowers to Lucille. Charles saw them and confronted her about it. She rebutted that she had given everything to everyone in the past and would decide who she would spend the rest of her life with… not Charles! Soon, she hooked up with the doctor to make out.

Terry juggled both the women in his life: Wanda with the newborn and Markaisha. Terry brought a new minivan for Wanda, but she was too upset about his infidelity. Markaisha visited Wanda to be on one accord but was shunned away as the “other woman.”


Meech cooked up a plan to track down one of the kidnappers. He learned they kidnapped Carter because of some bad dope J-Pusha sold them. Plus, they owed another dealer who was a lunatic. If they didn’t get the cash, he would retaliate. Meech had Keeya slug him with a bat to give up Carter’s location.

Meech brought Carter home, and J-Pusha was grateful. Meech asked for his help in establishing a residence in The Lou. Keeya was happy and rewarded him with some loving. Meech plotted to hop back and forth between St. Louis and Atlanta.


Terry has been plotting to eliminate Henri as an opponent in Detriot. He tried to negotiate a peace deal with her father, Blaze, but he couldn’t control his daughter. So, Terry undermined Henri by luring her dealers with pure cocaine at a heavily discounted price.

Meanwhile, Det. Jin fueled her theory to go undercover to gain Henri’s attention and take her down. Tell us your thoughts about this episode in the comments!

P.S. Did you peep the fly 90’s fashion in this episode? Meech is usually clad in Gucci; in this episode, he rocks Bally. Want more fly outfit recommendations? Check out Alexus Renee’s styling service!

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BMF Season 3 Cast

  • Demetrius Flenory Jr. portrays Demetrius Flenory (aka Big Meech)
  • Da’Vinchi portrays Terry Flenory (aka Southwest T)
  • Russell Hornsby portrays Charles Flenory
  • Michole Briana White portrays Lucille Flenory
  • Sydney Mitchell as LaWanda
  • Steve Harris portrays Detective Bryant
  • La La Anthony portrays Markaisha Taylor
  • Kelly Hu will as Detective Veronica Jin
  • Laila Pruitt as Nicole
  • 2 Chainz as Stacks
  • Ne-Yo as Greeny
  • Mustafa Harris as Older Terry Flenory (Narrator)
  • Jon Chaffin as Older Meech
  • Extended cast bios here!

Season 3 Episode 7 Guest Cast

  • J.D. Williams as J-Pusha
  • Vonii Bristow as Carter
  • Saweetie as Keeya
  • Arischa Frierson as Esther
  • Taylor Selé as Dr. Maurice Montclair
  • Anthony Dalton II as Officer Vince Burns
  • Ren King as Henrietta
  • Christopher B. Duncan as Blaze
  • Tre Rogers as Sterling ‘Sterl’ Black
  • Tyshon Freeman as Hoop
  • Terry Allen as Duffy
  • Donielle T. Hansley Jr. as Rodney “Breeze” Campbell
  • Dijon as Werm
  • Manny Joseph as Franklin
  • Jemarcus Kilgore as Spyder

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14 comments on BMF Season 3 Episode 7 “Get ’em Home”

  1. Shanice says:

    This recap is a mess! It’s more convoluted than a badly written soap opera. The narrative is disjointed, the character arcs are inconsistent and it’s hard to follow who’s doing what, where and why. And don’t get me started on the writing style – it’s like a high school English assignment gone wrong. The author needs to take a step back, reassess their approach and maybe consider a career change.

  2. Ebony says:

    This recap is a mess! It’s more convoluted than a badly written soap opera. The narrative is disjointed, the character arcs are inconsistent and it’s hard to follow who’s doing what, where and why. And don’t get me started on the writing style – it’s like a high school English assignment gone wrong. The author needs to take a step back, reassess their approach and maybe consider a career change.

  3. Ebony says:

    This recap is a total mess! It’s as chaotic and disjointed as the episode it’s trying to summarize. The writing jumps all over the place with no clear direction or focus. And the constant name-dropping of characters without any context is just confusing. It’s like the writer expects us to remember every single character and their entire backstory. Not to mention, the overuse of jargon and slang makes it hard to follow. It’s clear that the writer is more interested in showing off their knowledge of the show than actually providing a coherent and informative recap. This is a disservice to the readers who are looking for a clear and concise summary of the episode. Do better next time!

  4. Travis says:

    The acting startin to be a lil on the poor side hopefully they bring it back together

    1. Sir Anthony says:

      Yeah… everybody starting to notice that. Some of the story arc and continuity is out of line too. But other 50 Cent produced shows been doing that too. They reel us back with the drama and cliffhangers though LOL!

  5. Keyshawn says:

    Hey, 😊 wut did u think abt Meech’s new luv interest Keeya? An how do u feel abt him droppin Angel?

    1. Sir Anthony says:

      I think we gonna get used to seeing this. The real Meech was a ladies man and the TV show is portraying that LOL!

  6. Alicia says:

    Lucille so wrong how she doin Charles. I hope they get back together

    1. Charm says:

      Lucille should do her thang with that handsome chocolate doctor LOL

  7. Lil Doll says:

    While the episode was engaging, it felt rushed and disjointed. The transitions between scenes were abrupt and lacked fluidity. The character development of Meech seemed forced, especially his sudden love interest with Keeya. The plot twist with Carter’s kidnapping felt like a desperate attempt to add drama. The episode could have been better with more nuanced storytelling and less reliance on shock value. 😕

  8. Sophie D says:

    I wonder if this really happened in St. Louis the kidnapping the lost drugs Meech helping get Carter back. It’s getting juicy and I got my 🍿

  9. Ava says:

    Man, this episode was wild! Meech hitting up St. Louis was a whole new twist, felt like he’s trying to build an empire or something, meeting J-Pusha and all. And Keeya? She’s cool but feels kinda like she’s just there for the drama, you know? I gotta say, the whole thing with Carter getting kidnapped was intense. It’s like every time you think J-Pusha’s gonna chill, something crazy pulls him back in.

    The funniest part was Meech pretending to be a baseball player to dodge the cops. Like, what? That’s some TV magic right there.

    Plus, Terry and his love triangle mess is just out of hand. Dude needs to get it together. Overall, love how they mix real tough gang stuff with totally out-there plots. Keeps it 100 all the time. Can’t wait to see how Meech juggles all this chaos he’s stirred up!

  10. Ava says:

    A hidden gem was the unexpected alliance formed between two rival gangs to take down a common enemy. This twist in the storyline showcased the complex dynamics of power and loyalty within the criminal underworld. The collaboration not only added an element of suspense but also highlighted the characters’ ability to adapt and strategize in high-stakes situations. It was refreshing to see alliances shift and new alliances form, adding depth to the narrative and keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. This unexpected turn of events left me eager to see how it will impact future episodes.

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