U.S. Leads World With Most Coronavirus Cases

The U.S. leads the world with most Coronavirus cases according to stats. The United States now reports more than 82,000 confirmed cases, 1,800 recovered cases and exceeds more than 1,200 deaths from COVID-19.

The irony here, China has now flattened its curve of confirmed cases and more than 91 percent of Coronavirus cases have recovered. They have washed their hands of most of the outbreak (pun intended) and have started to return to normal activities. In contrast, only 2 percent of U.S. cases have recovered. In the past week, as Americans around the country have been ordered to stay at home, the number of confirmed cases are rapidly growing.

The global number of confirmed cases exceeds half a million (the United States accounts for 15 percent of the overall caseload,) and global fatalities tipped 23,000 cases (while the U.S. accounts for 5 percent of the report figures.)

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Remember to practice social distancing, wash your hands, self-isolate if feeling sick, and seek a medical professional for testing. In the meantime, let’s chat about the numbers in the comments below!

Data sources: CDCWHOECDCWikipediaBing COVID-19 TrackerCNN & Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Data was last updated: 3/26/2020, 5:30:00 PM

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