Your Honor Season 2 Episode 10 Finale Ending Explained

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 10 Finale “Part Twenty.” Michael exposes shocking information that impacts everyone. A startling revelation pushes Fia to make a life-altering decision. Big Mo proposes a deal with Jimmy Baxter. Gina manipulates her father Carmine to make a move of her own. Here’s what you missed!

Air Date & Time: Saturday, March 18, 2023, at 12 am ET, 11 pm CT (previous day), and 9 pm PT (previous day) on Showtime streaming app. Sunday, March 19, 2023, at 9 pm ET, 8 pm CT, and 6 pm PT on Showtime broadcast.

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Previously on Your Honor Season 2 Episode 9, prompted by Olivia, Michael goes to see Jimmy Baxter, who makes him an unexpected offer. Shifting loyalties in Big Mo’s crew force her hand. Lee urges Michael for help.

Warning… Spoilers below!

On Your Honor Season 2 Episode 10 Finale, Michael Desiato is called to the stand to testify. Lee Delamere questions him on the stand and asks him if his son deserved to die (seeing as though this entire story was set in motion when he killed Rocko Baxter in a car accident.)

Michael doesn’t want to give his opinion in court regarding Eugene. Although the teen accidentally killed his son. Lee wanted him to lie about Eugene, but Michael confirmed Eugene was the killer. The defense banked on the fact that none of the windows actually saw Eugene shoot the gun.

Lee maneuvered her way to get Michael to confess his son was the one who accidentally killed Rocko and not Kofie Jones.

Learning the truth, Fia confronted Michael for lying, took Rocko, and returned home!

Caught In A Lie

Big Mo approached Jimmy Baxter with a deal to sell her club to him in exchange for permission to sell dope in the French Quarter. She knew it would get him out of the doghouse with his wife. He rejected her offer…

The Baxter family started to become concerned and even discussed putting a hit out on Michael so they wouldn’t be exposed. They felt confident that they weren’t, so to keep up appearances, they returned to court the following day.

However, Michael offered Lee some advice which gave her an edge. She was able to use the court transcripts of questions Michael once asked Eugune while in his chambers following his mother’s hearing. It allowed Lee to question Eugene while on the stand, and he revealed that his family did not have their gas on due to lack of payment hence why he was out getting food and was not killed.

If the home didn’t have gas, how could the gas leak ruling be true. Fia heard the news and stormed out in disgust of her father lying to her. When Fia got home, she confronted her family for killing an innocent family… and learned that Adam murdered her brother by accident.

It All Collapses

Eugene finally got the chance to apologize to Michael about Adam. Michael apologized to him for the ordeal he was forced into.

ADA Olivia Delmont convinced Lee and Eugene to become a cooperator in a federal case against the Baxter family. They offered him federal witness protection, and he took the deal!

Big Mo approached Gina, asking why her husband rejected her offer to buy the club. Gina was upset and made up a lie to her father, saying that Jimmy was going to rat on her and the family, putting them in jail.

Carmine marched up to Jimmy and shot him twice in the chest! He stood over him and said, “You were never my family!” Gina watched it on the security monitors. Will Jimmy Baxter die?

Afterward, Big Mo sold the club to Gina under the one condition that she could sell in the French Quarter but not on her street.

(The musician sang an original song called “Make It Rain” by Foy Vance. Listen to the original version here.)

How It Ended

Here’s a quick rundown of how it ended:

Eugene was free, placed into witness protection, and finally left New Orleans.

Gina received ownership of the club. Carlo finally removed his tie because he’s a boss.

Big Mo and Lil Mo were content with free reign to move dope through the French Quarter.

Carmine Conti was put in prison for shooting Jimmy. ADA Delmont was able to take a run at the crime boss for her bigger case.

Fia gave Baby Rocko up for adoption!

Jimmy woke from a coma, he didn’t die.

Michael returned to jail

The Ending Explained

Fia painfully gave up Baby Rocko so she could give her child a chance at being pure, unknowing of his roots as a Baxter. She felt that all Baxters were corrupt, herself included.

Earlier, Michael found the autographed baseball discovered in Adam’s car, which Kofie stole, and given to Eugene, then he tried to sell it, and Michael purchased it back.

This ball represents the entire show’s plot. And in a full circle, the story came back around. Michael tossing it represents him finally getting rid of the problem after making the rounds. His returning to jail was the justice he felt he deserved for covering up a teen’s murder because his son was responsible and exonerating a guilty man of murder…

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Your Honor Cast

  • Bryan Cranston as Michael Desiato
  • Michael Stuhlbarg as Jimmy Baxter
  • Hope Davis as Gina Baxter
  • Lilli Kay as Fia Baxter
  • Jimi Stanton as Carlo Baxter
  • Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Mayor Charlie Figaro
  • Benjamin Flores Jr. as Eugene Jones
  • Cullen Moss as Rudy Cunningham
  • Rosie Perez as Assistant U.S. Attorney Olivia Delmont
  • Amy Landecker as Det. Nancy Costello

Guest Cast

  • Carmen Ejogo as Lee Delamere
  • Mark Margolis as Carmine Conti
  • Paul Schulze as Judge Doucet
  • Mark O’Brien as Father Jay
  • Damon Gupton as Jarek Rall
  • Wayne Pére as Johnny Zander
  • Burl Moseley as Zeke

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