Vaughn Hebron Talks Lead Role On ‘The Game (Reboot),’ Working With Will Smith On ‘King Richard’ & More

Vaughn Hebron spoke with Alexus Renée on Celebrity Myxer about his new movie and television roles. He has a lead role on ‘The Game (Reboot)‘ as a star free agent football player. You can catch him in ‘Tyler Perry’s The Oval.’ He’s also starring alongside Will Smith in ‘King Richard‘ as a foe of Will’s. Vaughn has a film premiering in 2022 called ‘The Devil You Know‘ which costars Omar Epps, Michael Ealy, and Curtis Cook. We dive into some great topics in our chat. Watch our exclusive interview!

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Exclusive Interview

Vaughn Hebron started his career as a pharmaceutical salesman and made the leap to acting in just a short time. He attended and graduated from Lafayette College in Pennsylvania on a football scholarship. So when it came to casting for the role of Jamison Fields, a stellar undrafted free-agent football player in the reboot of The Game, it came naturally for the actor.

Vaughn got his start in a comedy series aired on Zeus Network and media mogul Tyler Perry personally called him up to inform him of a role on his new show The Oval. Perry was aware of Hebron by the association with another actor on the comedy. The call turned into an auction, landing the role. Vaughn says of Perry, “Tyler, outside of work has great energy, sociable, and is just magnetic. At work, he’s militant… [saying of Perry] we gotta make this money and make these scenes. He’s just a great man and a great leader in our community!” (Message: some roles are stair steps into greater roles, later on, so don’t look down on opportunities!)

Hebron chatted with us about the natural comradery on the set of The Game with other leads such as Wendy Raquel Robinson and Hosea Chanchez. Hebron explains his role about Jamison Fields is a story of redemption as he turns his life around from a dark place. His character latches onto Tasha Mack and Malik Wright for upward mobility. And although there is pressure to live up to The Game’s legacy, Vaughn was confident in bringing something new to the show. The Game (Reboot) premiered on November 11, 2021, on Paramount+. Catch new episodes every Thursday.

Vaughn also shared his experience of working with Will Smith on the new film King Richard in his first feature film role. He felt Smith will possibly earn an Oscar for his performance in the film. Hebron plays Will’s nemesis in the movie. Vaughn says he absorbed all of the gems in which Will Smith commands a set and how he transforms into a character.

Catch Hebron in the upcoming film The Devil You Know with costars Omar Epps, Michael Ealy, and Curtis Cook. He portrays the youngest sibling to the veteran cast which is a new paradigm to his real life as he’s the eldest of nine siblings.

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