This Is Us Season 7 – Will It Be Released?

Is there going to be a season 7 of This Is Us? This burning question has been asked by devoted fans for some time. Unfortunately, there won’t be a This Is Us Season 7. This article will tell you why This Is Us came to an end…

This Is Us follows the Pearson family through multiple timelines. It starts out with Rebecca and Jack Pearson, who have three children: Kevin, Kate, and Randall. The “present day” timeline begins with Kevin, Kate, and Randall on their 36th birthday. From there, the story winds in and out of past, present, and future timelines as the story explores the lives of each family member as they grow up. Each character experiences different backgrounds and obstacles in life, and the importance of family that brings them all together in a beautiful and emotional way.

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This Is Us Season 7 Release Date

After six seasons, there won’t be a 7th season of This Is Us. Be sure to binge-watch existing seasons on NBC and Peacock. You can also binge-read our in-depth recaps on Celebrity Myxer!

Why Did This Is Us End?

Randall is by his mother's bedside on This Is Us

Randall is by his mother’s bedside on This Is Us

Dan Fogelman, the creator of the beloved television show explains why This Is Us ended. He says it’s simple, “Ending with Season 6 was his intention when the show started in 2016. He says moving forward with Season 7 and beyond could jeopardize the quality and integrity of the series.”

This Is Us Season 6 Recap

This Is Us season 6 premiered on January 4, 2022, and had 18 episodes.

Season 6 began with Kevin, Kate, and Randall celebrating their 41st birthday, making them exactly five years older as they were in the pilot when we were first introduced to them. Kevin struggled to figure out how to be a dad to his twins without being with Madison. Kate felt distant from Toby as they tried to juggle marriage and parenthood between two cities. Randall dealt with an old anxiety and had to realize his children were growing up and needed to be allowed freedom as Deja’s relationship with Malik got more serious. Beth instructed her own dance class, and conquered demons from her childhood. Rebecca, Nicky, and Miguel took a road trip to visit Nicky’s long lost love, or so he thought. Even though that didn’t work out though, Nicky was able to find his perfect person, Edie, as a result. Kevin got hard at work at building a house for Rebecca to live in, the one that his father imagined all those years ago. He recruited Nicky and Cassidy to help. He struggled with the idea that Madison was seeing someone new, Elijah, and had to face his own relationship demons.

Flashing back, Jack dealt with the loss of his mother, while Rebecca grew closer to hers. During a tense Thanksgiving, the Big Three dealt with Rebecca ‘s first dating experience after Jack’s death, and Kevin and Sophie’s marriage ended after he revealed that he cheated on her while away at school.

After Thanksgiving dinner, Rebecca sat down with her children and told them she wanted to make Kate the one that decided what would happen to her if Miguel wasn’t around. The siblings all reacted in different ways. Kevin chose to become the father that he wanted to be, and finally learned where he belonged. As Kate and Toby’s lives got more complicated, Kate went to visit Toby in San Francisco in an attempt to make their marriage work. But ultimately, the trip ended with Kate realizing that she couldn’t hold on to the past. Randall and Rebecca embarked on a road trip filled with questions and emotions as Randall questioned why she chose Kate over him.

At Rebecca and Miguel’s 10-year anniversary, tensions only grew between Toby and Kate, causing them to not pay attention as little Jack wandered out of the house, and ended up tripping and falling in the park. Kate and Toby had a special episode dedicated to the evolution of their relationship over a few months/years. We watched as Kate and Toby attempted to make their marriage work as long as they could, but ultimately decided that divorce was what was best for their family. Kate ended up getting with Philip, and Toby found a new love as well.

At Kate and Philip’s wedding, Rebecca’s memory was getting worse, but she still managed to come through and sing a beautiful song at the reception. Randall noticed that Miguel seemed to be getting weak, and questioned him about it. Beth and Madison discovered that Kevin was with somebody the night before, and a whole investigation started. After getting Kevin’s perspective it was revealed that Sophie was divorced, and they rekindled their once-in-a-lifetime love.

An emotional episode told Miguel’s story, from childhood to when he met Rebecca, to how he took care of her every day, despite his own health failing. The episode ended with Miguel’s funeral. After his passing, the Big Three had to sit down and seriously talk about next steps for their mother. They all fought for what they thought was right, but ultimately, Kate had the final decision. But when Kevin volunteered to stay in the house with Rebecca, and that Madison, Elijah, the twins, Nicky, and Edie would be staying there with him, Kate determined that was the best option for their mother, and Randall agreed.

Everyone gathered at the house to say goodbye to Rebecca. One by one, they went in and reminisced about Rebecca’s impact on their lives. Meanwhile, in Rebecca’s mind, she was on a train like she’d always wanted to go on with her father. William guided her through the cars, where Rebecca revisited Dr. Katowsky, and saw everyone in her life flash before her eyes as they said their goodbyes to her on the outside. Kate was on an international flight, and thought she wouldn’t make it before Rebecca passed, but got there just in time. Once Rebecca heard Kate’s voice, she was ready to say goodbye and go into the caboose of the train. When she settled down onto the bed there, she saw Jack next to her, who had been waiting for so long to see her again.

What Could We Expect If There Were A 7th Season Of This Is Us

The Big Three on This Is Us

The Big Three on This Is Us

From the very beginning, This Is Us has always been a family drama, focused on the individual lives of the ever-growing Pearson family. That being said, it’s not hard to imagine this show continuing forever. These past six seasons have been focused primarily on the Big Three: Kevin, Kate, and Randall. But in these last few seasons, we’ve gotten to know a new Big Three: Kate and Toby’s adopted daughter Hailey, and Kevin and Madison’s twins Nick and Franny. They were called that since they all joined the Pearson family on the same day, but of course there’s Kate and Toby’s son Jack as well.

We’ve seen glimpses of Jack and Hailey grown up in the flash forwards that have occurred since season 4, and we got to see a bit of what they looked like growing up, thanks to these last few episodes flashing through the final years of Rebecca’s life. So, it would be expected that if the show were to continue on with a seventh season, that we would most likely follow the lives of the original Big Three’s children. We’d get to dive deeper into Nick and Franny living with both parents and their significant others while growing up, and hopefully even see their adult selves and how their lives turn out. We’d also get to see more of Jack and Hailey, which would be nice, since we haven’t seen Hailey interact with her parents or family members, and we only got the slightest glimpse of Jack meeting with them after we learned that Kate and Toby spilt and remarried. Not to mention the fact that Deja is pregnant, so that would give an opportunity to see her relationship with Malik as they become parents, and how Annie and Tess do as aunts.

It would be nice to see the original Big Three become grandparents and see how the courses of their lives have changed after losing their mother. It would also be heartwarming to watch Jack and Rebecca’s legacy be passed on through generations and generations of Pearsons. However, there’s only so much heartbreak us fans can take, and who knows if we’d be able to make it through losing Kevin, Kate, and Randall after watching them grow up these last six years.

It’s going to be difficult saying goodbye to the Pearsons and not seeing them on our TVs every Tuesday night. But even though it’s hard to watch it all end, it’s been an incredible journey, and it’s sure to be a perfect ending to an amazing story.

Will There Be A This Is Us Spinoff?

Dan Fogelman doesn’t seem to have any plans for a spinoff of the show. Even though there’s always a slight chance for something to come up, Fogelman doesn’t feel the need to move outside of the Pearson family story, which is wrapping up in the series finale.

Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate Pearson, has mentioned an interesting concept if the show were to pick up a spinoff. She wonders what it would be like to follow a new family, possibly one somehow related to the Pearsons, but still have their own brand new characters and storylines.

Although it is nice to speculate and hope that this isn’t the last we’ll ever see of the Pearson family, a spinoff doesn’t seem anywhere in sight.

Will There Be A This Is Us Movie?

Fogelman has almost the same response to this question as when asked about the spinoff show, with the mindset of never say never to an idea such as getting the Pearsons on the big screen. However, he seems to be more willing to consider this idea, saying, “if we can figure out a movie down the road, I’d love to get back together with these guys and do it”. He knows that this show and this cast was incredible, so he’d love an opportunity to work with them again.

Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin Pearson, seems to feel the same, saying “I would do a trilogy movie, I really would. I would do a movie every year with these guys.”

It’s clear that the cast and crew are very close, both to each other and to the show itself, and would love to come back to it in some way. However, as of now, there are no set plans for a This Is Us movie. We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled, though!

This Is Us Trailer

As the show is not being renewed for season 7, the trailer for This Is Us Season 7 is not available. We know it’s sad that the show has concluded its run. In the meantime, check out the trailer of the sixth season to forget the blues…

This Is Us Cast

  • Milo Ventimiglia as Jack Pearson
  • Mandy Moore as Rebecca Pearson
  • Sterling K. Brown as Randall Pearson
  • Chrissy Metz as Kate Pearson
  • Justin Hartley as Kevin Pearson
  • Susan Kelechi Watson as Beth (Clarke)
  • Chris Sullivan as Toby Damon
  • Jon Huertas as Miguel Rivas
  • Alexandra Breckenridge as Sophie
  • Eris Baker as Tess Pearson
  • Faithe Herman as Annie Pearson
  • Melanie Liburd as Zoe Baker
  • Lyric Ross as Deja Pearson
  • Asante Blackk as Malik Hodges
  • Griffin Dunne as Nicholas “Nicky” Pearson
  • Caitlin Thompson as Madison Simons
  • Ron Cephas Jones as William “Shakespeare” Hill

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