The Game (Reboot) Season 2 – Release Date, Plot, News, Trailer & More

Will The Game (Reboot) season 2 be renewed? The finale of the reboot left viewers with a cliffhanger! Fans want to know when the second season will come on. Viacom has officially renewed it for season two on Paramount+. Here are our speculations on the new season including possible release date, cast, trailers, news, plus get answers to your burning questions.

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The Game (Reboot) Season 2 Release Date

Viacom has officially renewed The Game for season 2 on Paramount+. We anticipate it to return in Fall 2022!

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The Game (Reboot) Season 1 Recap

The Game picks up several years later with the new school cast mixing with the old school veterans.

Tasha Mack is a wealthy and successful sports management agent. And the only other thing most dear to her was her money and her personal jet. Malik, her son, is still playing football, yet trying to transcend upward towards team ownership. Though he is haunted by the visions of his best friend from college who died from injuries in a football game.

Brittany is the daughter of Jason and Kelly Pitts. She is Tasha’s personal assistant but she has higher aspirations to be the boss and that affects her performance with Mrs. Mack. Jamison has a redemption story. When he was 18 he was accused of rape and spent 3 years in prison when all he did was make love to his girlfriend. Her father used his influence to transform it into something heinous.

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Throughout the season, Jamison stayed hyperfocused on proving himself and making the Fightin’s Fury team. Things seemed bleak for him at many turns, but his determination and help from friends like Tasha, Malik, and Brittany helped him get to tryouts… ultimately he made the team!

Malik battled mental illness issues as he saw his best friend, Caleb, and openly conversed with him. It came to a boil and when his goals of ownership were in reach so he went on a live video and shared his illness with the world. This was around the same time he shifted his goals to represent the players for better healthcare rather than the selfishness of ownership.

Tasha had an ally in Colonel Thatcher, the billionaire owner of the Las Vegas Fightin’ Fury. Plus he had a crush on her but she wasn’t going LOL! It was all about the money. Throughout the season she approached him with a deal to float her some financing while she purchases an affluent academy where her daughter attended.

The pot boiled over when Malik lead the players in a strike. Thatcher warned Tasha to get Malik and the players on track, else he would use their business deal against her and take over her assets. Her future was in Malik’s hands and he decided to strike on opening day… putting Tasha’s financial stability at risk.

This is where The Game Reboot season 2 will pick up!

The Game (Reboot) Season 2 Speculations

We speculate Tasha Mack will fight tooth and nail with her former ally to gain back control over everything she built. But it will take some finesse, wheeling and dealing, unexpected allies, and downright conniving deeds!

Malik will have to deal with his newfound responsibilities as the player’s rep and possible attacks from some powerful people.

Brittany’s bestie, Raquel found a love interest in another Fightin’ Fury star player, Garrett. She was an aspiring singer and he used his pull to propel her career… singing the national anthem in front of the Fury crowd. We suspect their relationship will get rocky when her stardom is thrown into the mix.

Brittany fled Vegas after being fired by Tasha but returned shortly after. She opted to work in the club she concepted to regain Tasha’a trust. There, she met Jamison’s first love, Allison, who he went to jail for. Brittany and Jamison’s relationship had just formed and now she felt the stability of her relationship is threatened with the old flame in town. Will she continue to fight for her man or run again?

Jamison worked so hard to get into the NFL but couldn’t play his first football game due to a player strike. And with his former love back in town, will he be able to focus enough on the game?

What do you think will happen in the new season? Tell us in the comments!

The Game Trailer

The new trailer has not been released yet, however, enjoy past memories…

The Game (Reboot) Season 2 Cast

  • Wendy Raquel Robinson as Tasha Mack
  • Hosea Chanchez as Malik Wright
  • Vaughn Hebron as Jamison Fields
  • Adriyan Rae as Brittany Pitts
  • Tim Daly as Colonel Ulysses S. Thatcher
  • Analisa Velez as Raquel Navarro
  • Toby Sandeman as Garret Evans
  • Pooch Hall as Derwin Davis
  • Carson Fagerbakke as Allison Morris
  • Robert Pralgo as Coach Long

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8 comments on The Game (Reboot) Season 2 – Release Date, Plot, News, Trailer & More

  1. Eva Rouge says:

    Well I hope Allison leaves just as quickly as she came. If she hasn’t been supporting him all this time…no need to come now. But of course she won’t. She will be there. He will be torn. Hopefully someone talks sense into him…probably Malik. Hopefully all of the NFL follows suit and strikes and makes them get better healthcare… though they are rich and can afford any healthcare they want. I dont think the NFL needs to offer better healthcare. In their checkups they need to check their brains and enforce therapy sessions maybe or maybe the strike should be lifetime healthcare even once they are our the NFL. I went way left field there. Back to the show…they probably will not play all next season. They are going to go back and forth negotiating most of the season and the show will mainly be about personal lives. I agree Raquel will probably blow up and that will be a strain on her relationship with Garrett. Tasha is not about to lose it all. She will probably sell her jet and her avocado farm to pay him. Malik is going to seek therapy and meet his wife at the therapy office….hopefully it won’t be his therapist.

    1. Sir Anthony says:

      That actually sounds like a great plotline for season 2!

  2. Marcy says:

    I am on the edge of my seat! I can’t wait for season 2. I definitely want Jamison and Brittany together she had his back. Now that Malik has addressed his mental health issues it is time for him to settle down.

    1. Dee mallicott says:

      Love this stuff!can’t wait gor season 2

  3. Monica says:

    What is the name if the first song episode 10

  4. Odis Currie says:

    When will season two air. Can’t wait!

  5. Ronnie Gardon says:

    Just binged the whole first season of the reboot and couldnt get enough! So well done; great characters, great storyline, great everything! Been a fan of the show since season 1 and cant wait for the reboot, season 2!!

  6. LynnZee says:

    Have been a fan of The Game since day one. I just hope they bring back Melanie Derwin is not Derwin with out Melanie. I wonder why Allison came back. She should have stay GONE. He lost alot because of her.

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