Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 7 Recap “Forced My Hand”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 7 “Forced My Hand.” Tariq finds himself on a quest for normalcy, which is not in arm’s reach as he returns to school and attempts to find evidence of his innocence. Helping Tariq, as always, are Davis and Saxe. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 6, Tariq got out of jail! With the help of Tate, he got a more understanding judge to allow him out on bail. Once out, he know Monet was pointing Cane’s wraith against him. Meanwhile, Monet lost control of her family with Lorenzo out of jail. He was shifting the power dynamic, putting Dru in charge, sending Diana to school, and keeping Cane on the outside as a street enforcer. He also wanted to meet Cane’s plug, but Mecca rejected initial meetings then changed his mind…

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Warning… Spoilers are below! 

On Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 7, Lorenzo, Dru, and another goon stalked Kino. The man was plowing a woman and they barged in drawing guns. He pulled one but Dru shot him in the head. Dru advised the woman not to talk but Lorenzo ordered his goon to kill her. Telling Dru to leave no loose ends.


Frank’s wife, Evelyn (portrayed by Lauren Vélez), surprised Monet with a visit about her slain mate. Monet couldn’t offer much information to the woman but gave her a wad of money for her family’s troubles.

Tariq met with Davis and Saxe. They were privy to the prosecution’s evidence which showed footage of someone killing Det. Rameriz, but it was from a distance and didn’t clearly identify a shooter.

Riq had an alibi telling them he met with Paula (from his mother’s prosecution team). Tariq claimed he didn’t know who the shooter was and the Saxe wanted to know who he was covering for. Davis knows he couldn’t say anything due to street code…

Tariq and Brayden look for dirt on Congressman Rick Sweeney on Power Book II Ghost Season 2 Episode 7

Tariq and Brayden look for dirt on Congressman Rick Sweeney on Power Book II Ghost Season 2 Episode 7

Tariq put a plan into play as he asked Brayden to steal a college photo album he noticed in the family’s home. He found something incriminating in the photo album… decades ago, Rick played blackface, as OJ Simpson with the knife and all with a dead Nicole in a headlock. Brayden forbade him from using the photo since his father participated.

Tariq took it verbally to Tate, giving him the caveat that he can’t use the photo because Brayden’s father portrayed Nicole. Tate didn’t care about the Brayden and the Weston family.

Tariq owed Tate a huge favor in exchange for producing dirt on Congressman Rick Sweeney. His plan was to use it against the man in order to steal his political seat. It was the only reason he took the position at Simon Stern’s recommendation. Now it was time for Tariq to pay. Tate was the only hope at Tariq getting his little sister back in custody since he lost it after going to jail for murder accusations.

Forced Hand

In the last class session, Carrie condemned Tariq in front of the students as she was sure he would go down for murder. She confided in Tate, wondering how a judge could grant him bail. The irony, because Tate was the one responsible for Tariq going in front of a lenient judge who ultimately granted him bail.

The class was about forced decisions and Tariq learned that Lauren’s room got raided and drugs were found. After class, he caught up with her to chat about it but she was dismissive of him.

Davis visited Paula to check Tariq’s alibi. She admitted she did meet him but briefly and suspected he still had time to make it to the murder location. (How? On his feet LOL!?)

She told Davis she wouldn’t testify on Tariq’s behave because she was confronting him with accusations that he killed Ghost with evidence illegally obtained by Saxe (when he was a prosecutor). She accused him of being a murderer.

Tariq visited his lawyers and they advised him that Paula was uncooperative. They advised his only option was to use the fact that he stayed with his baby sister that night. He didn’t want to involve her.

Riq then told them about his concern with Lauren’s dorm being raided for drugs. When he left, Saxe told Davis he saw Lauren leave ADA Jenny’s office and was a part of the prosecution’s case!

Ask Your Mother

When Dru was with Everette, he learned that Rameriz’s badge was found in Tariq’s dorm room. That’s how Zeke got free from accusations. Suddenly, Det. Whitman knocked on his door asking questions about the night at the pool.

Zeke practiced at an outside court and Mecca/Dante showed up and told him that he’s his father. He showed him his tattoo, a bible verse from Ezekiel, telling him that’s how he got his name and to ask his mother about it.

Monet confessed to Zeke on Power Book II Ghost Season 2 Episode 7

Monet confessed to Zeke on Power Book II Ghost Season 2 Episode 7

When Zeke got to his dorm, Monet was there to scold him for missing his meeting with his agent. He was packing to visit his mother and ask about Mecca’s comments. Monet sat him down and told him that his father was in prison for life. Warning this was a conman trying to ride his coat tail. He believed her…

Monet confronted Dante about approaching Zeke. He rebutted that he would have made different life choices had he known he had others to live for. She warned him to stay away.

Carrie overheard students rumoring that she was sleeping with both Prof. Jabari Reynolds and Zeke. Suddenly the dean entered her office to take her off as presenter to the donors at the memorial dinner but Tate overheard, overstepped but defended her because he wanted an invite to the gala.

Tariq visited prosecutor Tameika Washington asking for help with being forced to put Yasmine on the stand. She showed him suspecting evidence of bodies piling around him. He confessed to her that he was forced to kill Prof. Reynolds. She offered him a deal with a maximum of five years in prison if he gave up the killer.


Lorenzo finally got to meet Mecca. He brought Dru along. He asked for more weight because he was planning to take over Queens. He was securing soldiers. Mecca offered him soldiers for an extra cost and they secured a deal for all of his weight!

Lauren was confronted by Carrie on Power Book II Ghost Season 2 Episode 7

Lauren was confronted by Carrie on Power Book II Ghost Season 2 Episode 7

Carrie confronted Lauren about getting involved with Tariq. Meanwhile, the Weston’s attended the memorial dinner and Tate advised Robert Weston about a photo that will come out with him and Sweeney. He wanted him to advise Sweeney to step down while he took his seat. Robert advised him that he doesn’t take blackmail lightly. Brayden overheard the exchange and knew Tariq leaked it.

While Carrie gave her speech at the memorial dinner, the murmurs from the peanut gallery forced her to cut her speech. She ran to her office to weep and Tate joined her to encourage her that she will survive the scandal.

Tariq can't trust Lauren and stops talking to her on Power Book II Ghost Season 2 Episode 7

Tariq can’t trust Lauren and stops talking to her on Power Book II Ghost Season 2 Episode 7

Lauren visited Tariq to apologize and suddenly Diana showed up to talk business. Tariq didn’t want to talk with her and made it look like he was hooking up with Diana and scooted his ex along.

Diana told him all the family business. Monet and Lorenzo weren’t seeing eye-to-eye since he got out. Lorenzo wants to take the business back to the streets. Dru is messing with Everette. Cane is unpredictable and she can go to school but not at Stansfield with him. Then she kissed him. He needed her assurances that Monet would never find out about them. Then they made out more…

Cut Off

When Cane got home, he and Dru had words. Dru confronted him about Rameriz’s badge being planted. Cane rebutted telling him their weak link is Everette and that he was protecting his sibling. The two got into a fight and Lorenzo broke them up. Cane told Lorenzo about Everette being a snitch. Lorenzo to Dru to handle that loose end…

ADA Jenny interviews Yasmine on Power Book II Ghost Season 2 Episode 7

ADA Jenny interviews Yasmine on Power Book II Ghost Season 2 Episode 7

At a hearing in the judge’s chambers, Davis interviewed Yasmine to see if she was fit to testify and she proved worthy. However, when the prosecution interviewed her it backfired. Tariq stopped the interview and didn’t want her to testify.

Cane met with Monet to tell her that all of Mecca’s supply was going to Lorenzo which cut them out. They had a problem. The money from Stansfield was to pay Davis as a heads-up to keep Cane’s name out of an indictment.

Washington confronted Saxe that Tariq would go down if he didn’t take a plea deal. Convincing him to use his sister else he could turn into a bigger monster than his father ever was.

Dru lurked on Everette at night, masked up, followed him with a gun, but aborted when the man texted an I miss you text.

A masked Cane hid in Davis’ car to confront him at gunpoint about the case. Davis talked him down because the goon needed him. If Tariq went down, so would he.

At All Costs

Mecca’s hit squad took out the rest of Lorenzo’s ops. Meanwhile, Tariq got a surprise visit from Saxe, Washington, and Jenny to offer him a deal. If he gave up Ramimez’s killer and took 5 years, his grandmother would be released and Yasmine would go into her custody. He rejected the deal because his family wouldn’t be safe… nor would he.

Cane met with Tariq to let him know the bad news of their product being cut off. Even worse, his trial started tomorrow.

Davis confronted Saxe about structuring a deal behind his back. They needed to know that Lauren was going to testify and discovered Carrie was her counselor.

He visited Carrie that night to confront her involvement in using Lauren. She warned him not to reveal the full truth to Tariq or it could put Lauren’s life in danger! He warned that he will rip the young lady upon cross-examination and that he will get his client off and all costs…

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Air Date: January 16, 2022

Power Book II: Ghost Cast

  • Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq St. Patrick
  • Mary J. Blige as Monet Stewart Tejada
  • Shane Johnson as Cooper Saxe
  • Gianni Paolo as Brayden Weston
  • Daniel Bellomy as Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Cross
  • Paige Hurd as Lauren Baldwin
  • Method Man as Davis Maclean
  • Larenz Tate as Councilman Rashad Tate
  • Melanie Liburd as Caridad ‘Carrie’ Milgram
  • Daniel Sunjata as Mecca/Dante Spears
  • Berto Colon as Lorenzo Tejada
  • Woody McClain as Cane Tejada
  • Lovell Adams-Gray as Dru Tejada
  • LaToya Tonodeo as Diana Tejada
  • Alix Lapri as Effie Morales
  • Paton Ashbrook as Jenny Sullivan
  • Mark Feuerstein as Steven Ott
  • Jeff Hephner as Detective Kevin Whitman
  • Paris Morgan as Yasmine St. Patrick

Guest Starring

  • Lightskin Keisha as Brushaundria Carmichael
  • Lahmard Tate as Kamaal Tate
  • Geoffrey Owens as Daniel Warren
  • Redman as Theodore Rollins
  • Lauren Vélez as Evelyn
  • Armando Acevedo as Kino
  • Quincy Tyler Bernstine as Tameika Washington
  • Jeff Auer as Robert Weston
  • Samantha Blaire Cutler as Becca Weston
  • Angel Reda as Nicole Weston
  • Teniece Divya Johnson as Raqui
  • David Zayas as Frank (posthumously)

(We noticed Naturi Naughton who portrayed Tasha St. Patrick is not listed in the second season credits.)

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