New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 13 Recap “Family”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 13 “Family.” Max and Helen adjust to sharing their lives and their problems, including the challenge of Helen’s mother. Bloom and Reynolds treat a family after their horrific car accident lands them in the ED. Iggy and Trevor reach a new understanding of their business relationship. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 12, Helen takes the reins at NHS Hampstead Hospital while Max gets creative to help a patient in need. Reynolds reaches a decision about Dr. Malvo. Iggy and Bloom help their patients understand the underlying cause of their stress. Dr. Wilder employs more unconventional techniques.

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Warning… spoilers below!

On New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 13, while Max played soccer in the park with his daughter, a man had an itch and he diagnosed him with jock itch. The soccer player yelled out to the rest of the team that they inherited a team doctor. Meanwhile, Helen’s mother phoned and she was down after the exchange. Max consoled her and convinced her to book lunch with her mother.

Day Drinking

Max diagnoses an interesting case on New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 13

Max diagnoses an interesting case on New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 13

Before Max could get to the office a trio of his newly inherited teammates carried the itchy man to him for treatment. Max took the trio to a pub for shots, diagnosing the man with gut fermentation syndrome. The previous prescription reacted to him and a little day drinking was the remedy to the syndrome LOL!

Dr. Helen Shape and her mother Serwa on New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 13

Dr. Helen Shape and her mother Serwa on New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 13

At lunch, Helen confessed to her mother, Serwa, that she had moved back and had been in London for 2 months. Also, she was living with Max and Luna. Her mother scolded her about raising other people’s children rather than having her own. Serwa tongue lashed her about the cost of her infertility treatments. They needed wine to get through the tense conversation!

The talk shifted towards Helen’s father. With Frome’s help, she gained clarity in her memories about her father. She confronted her mother about driving him away and lying to her saying he left them. The lies she was fed shaped resentments in her life. Max arrived with flowers and Helen stormed out!

Max finished the lunch with Serwa and he learned that she wanted to feel included. He came home and shared it with Helen. She was apprehensive of his fixes and admitted she was upset because she truly didn’t know what she wanted. She ultimately told him to stay out of her family. He was insulted, thinking they were a family.

Suddenly, Max got a call and ignored it. Then Helen got a call and answered, receiving some upsetting news…

Faking It

Dr. Frome and Trevor walked and talked and the subject of Iggy’s sexuality came up. Trevor was surprised to learn that Frome was gay. He thought he was flirting with a straight man– thinking nothing could ever happen! Trevor claimed he wasn’t a homewrecker. It was awkward for both of them.

Suddenly, Frome got a call into the ED and a man was having an episode, destroying things, wondering why his super strength powers weren’t working. Frome tried to calm him but that only agitated him. It wasn’t until Dr. Wilder and Ben came to make him stop! The man was her brother, Adam…

Frome admitted Adam into the psychiatric ward but Wilder wanted him discharged and go home with her. Frome felt he was potentially dangerous and Wilder gave him an ultimatum that she will go to court to get him released, storming out!

Frome met with Wilder and she was upset the court denied his release. He wanted to chat with her to get to know Adam from her perspective. She explained how her deafness caused her family to focus on her treatment while unknowingly neglecting mental illness issues brewing within him. They didn’t see the signs while focusing on her. She felt obligated to help him ever since his first episode when he was misdiagnosed and mistreated.

Dr. Elizabeth Wilder and her brother Adam Wilder on New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 13

Dr. Elizabeth Wilder and her brother Adam Wilder on New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 13

Frome, Wilder, and Ben went to chat with Adam about today’s episode. He asked why did his psychotic delusion change, that’s not typical. He clammed up but Frome made him confess what he felt to Wilder. He confessed that he faked it. Frome felt Adam did it to be admitted and no longer live with her. She was in disbelief.

He explained she looked so happy when she went out for the first time and he felt he was a burden to her ruining her life. He demanded to move out. Later on, the siblings had a heartfelt talk and Adam told her a story about letting go. She understood why she had to let him move out but will always be there for him.

Later on, Trevor visited Frome and he wasn’t his normal flirty self. Frome cheered him up and wanted him to be himself and he snapped back.


Dr. Bloom confided in Dr. Reynolds about Leyla’s radio silence and he knew something but wouldn’t spill the beans. Suddenly, a family of trauma patients came in. Reynolds helped the father whose legs had been crushed in a car crash while Bloom helped the mother whose baby wouldn’t stop crying. She was irate because her daughter cried furiously in the same manner as her previous son who died at four months old. Afraid that history would repeat itself!

The crash victim, Dion, woke briefly to share why he was driving so fast, trying to race his child to the hospital. Bloom had a full scan workup done on the babe and they came back normal yet she was still wailing. The mother, Delia, yelled when the infant stopped crying… she was having a seizure.

Bloom and Reynolds consulted about the baby’s condition and were baffled but decided to try more tests. Reynolds confessed that Leyla sought a recommendation from him that morning. Bloom pondered whether she was returning…

Since the hospital didn’t have the DNA sequencing equipment needed for testing, Bloom gathered a few nurses to help her do it manually… tackling tall stacks of paperwork. Several others volunteered to help. Meanwhile, Dion went into surgery but the damage extended to his abdominal organs.

A family united on New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 13

A family united on New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 13

After a day of working on the family, Reynolds had to tell Dion that they couldn’t remove all of the damage, that his body was failing and there was nothing else they could do. He probably wouldn’t make it through the night. Meanwhile, Bloom found the genetic defect and it had a treatment! Reynolds had their child brought to them and they were reunited.


Leyla came back and Bloom ambushed her. Bloom apologized for her past transgressions telling her that she should have to leave. Leyla told her that she cannot work with her. Bloom told her that she wouldn’t have to work with her because she was leaving New Amsterdam!

Ella visited Frome and cried telling him about Vijay. Suddenly, Max and Helen arrived to console and embrace their friends… their family

Did Vijay die in New Amsterdam? Will Dr. Bloom leave New Amsterdam? Will Max and Helen return to New Amsterdam?

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Air Date: January 18, 2022

New Amsterdam Cast

  • Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max Goodwin
  • Freema Agyeman as Dr. Helen Sharpe
  • Janet Montgomery as Dr. Lauren Bloom
  • Tyler Labine as Dr. Iggy Frome
  • Jocko Sims as Dr. Floyd Reynolds
  • Alejandro Hernandez as Casey Acosta
  • Sandra Mae Frank as Dr. Elizabeth Wilder
  • Michelle Forbes as Dr. Veronica Fuentes
  • Frances Turner as Dr. Lyn Malvo

Guest Starring

  • Conner Marx as Ben Meyer
  • Ryan Faucett as Trevor Vaughn
  • Shiva Kalaiselvan as Leyla
  • Dierdre Friel as Ella
  • Jenny Jules as Serwa Sharpe
  • Garrett Young as Adam Wilder
  • Michael Castillejos as Dion Joseph
  • Nicole Villamil as Delia Joseph

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