Loot Season 1 Episode 6 Recap “The Philanthropic Humanitarian Awards”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Loot Season 1 Episode 6 “The Philanthropic Humanitarian Awards.” The Wells Foundation team attends a ceremony where Molly is receiving an award for her charity work. Here’s what you missed!

Some exciting news – Loot has been renewed for a second season by Apple TV!

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Watch Loot Season 1 Episode 6 “The Philanthropic Humanitarian Awards”

Previously on Loot Season 1 Episode 5, Molly takes some of her co-workers on a high-end spa day. Arthur seeks relationship advice from Nicholas and Howard.

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Rolando Boyce talks The Chi & P-Valley on Celebrity Myxer

Warning… Spoilers below!

On Loot Season 1 Episode 6, at a food bank in Gardena California, a man working at the food pantry gets a shocking text. At an LGBTQ Youth Center in El Segundo, a coordinator gets the same shocking message. At a ballet studio in Boyle Heights, another teacher gets the news that Molly has donated generously.

Surprise News

In the office, Sofia and Molly talk about how proud they are of everyone in the office. They start a toast, as the news anchor starts to describe a gruesome crime. At work, Nicholas shows Molly their invitation to the Philanthropic Humanitarian Awards since Molly has won something.

Everyone is excited to go to a black tie gala except for Sofia, but they convince her everyone has earned it. Molly is happy just to go to an awards ceremony where her ex-husband John isn’t winning. At her place, she and Nicholas try on outfits for the gala and practice her speech.

She’s hired a speechwriter for her announcement, and the speech is fantastic. On the night of the gala, everyone in the office shows up in large black cars and walks the red carpet. Molly is greeted with applause and is clearly comfortable rubbing elbows with the elite, rich and famous.

He’s like the Lebron James of Software

Suddenly Arthur notices Martin Striebler, an influential figure in software development and a billionaire. Howard convinces him to say hi since this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Arthur can barely speak he’s so excited but eventually gets into a great conversation with the man.

Sofia and Molly on Loot Season 1 Episode 6

Sofia and Molly on Loot Season 1 Episode 6

At the bar, Sofia and Molly get dry vodka martini’s from a handsome bartender, and Sofia is surprised at how good the drinks are. It turns out the bartender is the maker of the vodka and an even bigger philanthropist than Molly is and they hit it off right away.

While Molly heads to the bathroom, Striebler gives Arthur his card and invites him to his offices to speak more about software development. Molly runs into Hailey, whose name is really Molly, and her ex-husband John who was not supposed to be there. Back at the table, she freaks out.

Upset, Molly walks out of the gala, and Nicholas and Sofia follow her. They’re convinced that John showed up simply to throw Molly off her game and try to win their breakup. To get control back, Nicholas encourages her to take a picture with him like it’s no big deal.

Bad A** in Business

Back in the gala, Molly shocks John and Hailey by complimenting them and offering to take a picture with them. In the picture, Molly looks happy and excited, while John looks completely wrong-footed. Molly feels like a bad bitch, and struts away with Nicholas and Sofia.

Back at Striebler’s table, Howard and Arthur talk about their goals and hopes, and the billionaires look down on them for not having golden handcuffs. At the table, Molly gets a text from John asking her to meet him in his green room, alone.

In the greenroom, Molly finds John waiting with a glass of wine. He claims it’s a peace offering, and Molly is smart enough to understand that he must want something from her. John apologizes for cheating on her and admits that he disrespected her and their marriage.

Molly holds herself together very well, even when John tells her he regrets everything and commends her on what she’s been able to do with the company without him around. She admits that she loves hearing that he’s jealous and that she really likes to be the boss by herself.

Parting Shot

Before she can leave, John gets in one parting shot and Molly claims that he has a pathological need to compete with everyone. He shouts at her that she sat by the pool for 20 years doing nothing, and says that her award is only hers because he made some calls to help her win.

Molly is devastated and leaves John smirking and drinking champagne. Meanwhile, Howard shares with Arthur that he’s worried he’s wasting his life working where he is now. Arthur reminds him that people love him and want to be around him, and that will take him far.

While the awards are being given out, Molly sits outside the ballroom miserable. Nicholas comes to give her a pep talk, and it turns out everyone left the table to come out and be with her, wherever she wants to go. Bolstered, she accepts her award while everyone watches.

Molly scratches her speech and instead speaks about her team and how hard they work without asking for anything in return. Together, the team comes up on stage and accepts the award. John is miserable watching Molly and her friends enjoying themselves on stage.

On the way out of the gala, Jean-Pierre, the handsome vodka philanthropist tells Molly he’d love to work on a project with her. She accepts, and the team teases her about the obvious flirtation between them.

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Air Date: July 15, 2022

Loot Cast

  • Maya Rudolph as Molly Novak
  • MJ Rodriguez as Sofia Salinas
  • Nat Faxon as Arthur
  • Joel Kim Booster as Nicholas
  • Ron Funches as Howard

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