Law & Order Season 21 Episode 3 Recap “Filtered Life”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Law & Order Season 21 Episode 3 “Filtered Life.” Bernard and Cosgrove investigate the disappearance of a social media star whose case takes the internet by storm. Price and Maroun must weigh their decisions regarding the case against the wishes of the missing woman’s family. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on Law & Order Season 21 Episode 2, the COO of a major tech company is found murdered in Central Park. Price and Maroun worked to untangle a web of deceit to expose a cunning narcissist… the fiance of the slain executive as well as the CEO of the company. Detectives found evidence of the CEO’s guilt and arrested her for murder.

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She changed her plea to a battered woman’s plea, claiming the man beat and raped her. That she killed him in self-defense to save her life. ADA Price had to skate a fine line as to not upset abuse victims and lose his case. He proved the woman only cared for company profits and the COO was murdered for becoming a whistleblower after it was discovered the company’s cancer screening tests were flawed and doctored to pass through the FDA.

Warning… Spoilers below!

On Law & Order Season 21 Episode 3, Amanda Larson came to NYC about a week ago, she was living in her van, the passenger window was busted and there was a lot of blood spilled on the blood. When detectives Benard and Cosgrove arrived they found a bloody hammer under the van…

Van Life

Amanda was a social media influencer who vlogged every moment of her life traveling and living in her van. Her last known whereabouts was a party she attended. She last spoke with another influencer, Toby Crawford, who lived with Megan Park. Detectives learned from Toby that the crime scene photos were leaked to the internet. However, their story sounded fishy so detectives hauled them in for questioning.

While being questioned, they learned the vegan influencers were broken up but still live together to protect their monetization and brand. Soon after, a hit came back on the blood and it belonged to a man named Joseph. While interviewing the man at his home, Amanda’s ID was found in his closet and he was arrested.

Before he got to the precinct they questioned him because he was known for being a theft. He confessed to breaking into Amanda’s van and she was approaching. He saw her get into an argument with a man and he pulled her into a truck. Investigating her prior vlog videos revealed a man was stalking her.

At a ritual for Amanda, detectives asked a woman about the stalker and she actually met him on a dating app. Turns out he was a serial imposter on all of the dating apps, his name is Daniel Garret. His last known whereabouts were the perfect dumping grounds to hide a body

Without A Body

Det Benard questions a suspect on Law & Order Season 21 Episode 3

Det Benard questions a suspect on Law & Order Season 21 Episode 3

Authorities searched the woods and found Daniel and his trunk… he fled but was caught by Cosgrove. They found the tools for burying a person. Cosgrove pressed the man hard but Daniel lawyered up. The police could only hold him for another day and took the case to the DA’s office.

ADA Maroun felt the case was weak yet sent it up the flagpole. ADA Price felt Daniel couldn’t be tried because they couldn’t prove, “How, when, or even if the victim was killed!” DA McCoy mandated they try him regardless because the attempt was, “a hell of a lot better than the alternative!”

Publicity Stunt

Daniel’s attorney, Ursula Knight, demanded the case be dismissed, claiming that Amanda was alive and the ploy was a publicity stunt. She even claimed she read on Twitter she was in the Bahamas on the beach. The judge still remanded him with no bail.

ADA Price pleas his case in the judge's chambers on Law & Order Season 21 Episode 3

ADA Price pleas his case in the judge’s chambers on Law & Order Season 21 Episode 3

The district attorney’s strategy had to shift towards Daniel’s violent ways once women learned he was catfishing them. The judge denied that route. A photo of Amanda on the beach appeared on her social media page.

Price questioned Amanda’s mother and she told the jury that the photo was fake. Knight questioned Mrs. Larson about Amanda’s lying in the past, how she photoshopped photos of her whereabouts, and her social media follers skyrocketed after her disappearance. Mrs. Larson outburst and pleaded to Daniel to tell her where her daughter was to give her a proper burial.

Daniel took the stand and Price painted him out to be a catfisher on the dating apps- showing more than a dozen of his profiles. Price illustrated after his second date with Amanda, he purchased zip ties, a shovel, bags, and lye. He claimed it was for camping and to keep the animals away. Shortly after, Benard called Price, someone found Amanda’s other missing shoe.

Two Choices

Police and district attorneys interviewed a woman, Lisa, who claimed to know Daniel and find the shoe. Price was concerned about the circumstances around how she found the shoe. McCoy demanded he put her on the stand.

Knight grilled the woman because she didn’t like Daniel, they attended the same high school. She also attacked her character to grow her social media brand. Thereafter, Knight negotiated a deal with the prosecution. She gave them two options; they cut a lesser sentence deal or the Larson’s never find their daughter.
McCoy speaks with ADA Maroun and ADA Price on Law & Order Season 21 Episode 3

The prosecution took the information to the Larson’s and they wanted closure so they wanted them to take the deal. Maroun felt the DA’s office should take the parent’s wishes into consideration. Price felt he could close the deal. McCoy stated a deal would have Daniel out in 15 years… capable of victimizing more women in the future. He asked Price could he bring the case home and he felt he could.

The jury found Daniel guilty of murder! Price felt they did the right thing, Maroun didn’t think the parents would agree…

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Air Date: March 10, 2022

Law & Order

  • Sam Waterston as District Attorney Jack McCoy
  • Anthony Anderson as Detective Kevin Bernard
  • Jeffrey Donovan as Detective Frank Cosgrove
  • Camryn Manheim as Lieutenant Kate Dixon
  • Hugh Dancy as ADA Nolan Price
  • Odelya Halevi as ADA Samantha Maroun
  • Shayvawn Webster as Dani Vertiz

Guest Cast

  • Amanda Larson
  • Joseph Cannon as Toby Crawford
  • Christian Mallen as Daniel Garret
  • Marsha Stephanie Blake as Attorney Ursula Knight
  • Judge Dreben

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  1. Rita Hill says:

    I am really confused. Why are her parents upset that he was found guilty???

    1. Sir Anthony says:

      With the plea deal, they would get the location of their daughter and give her a proper burial. Being found guilty meant they would never know her location…

    2. Miss Carolyn says:

      I missed that part of the deal as well; only learned of it in summary above

    3. Kathy says:

      I was confused about that to.

  2. Kathy says:

    I was wondering if anyone else thought the girl that played Amanda looked like Kayleigh Mckanney? I couldn’t find anything that said who she was played by and what caught me first was her voice but she even looks like her. Does anyone know any details?

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