Kadianne Whyte Discusses Role As Alisha On ‘P-Valley’ & Motivating Women To Step Into Their Fierce Side

When the fifth episode of the second season of P-Valley aired, Alisha caught the attention of fans as being the beautiful-yet-rotten stepsister to Keyshawn (Ms. Mississippi). Our audience urged us to interview the actress. Celebrity Myxer caught up with Kadianne Whyte, who portrays Alisha from P-Valley. She’s appeared in television shows such as Greenleaf and films including His Killer Fan and (Future) Cult Classic. Let’s discover more about this talented actress and her upcoming roles. (Pssst… she’ll return to P-Valley in the finale episode!)

“Always believe in yourself no matter what. Never dim your light. If you get 50 No’s, that means there’s a Yes right around the corner.”

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Kadianne Whyte interview on Celebrity Myxer

Kadianne Whyte interview on Celebrity Myxer. (Photo credit: IMDB.)

For those that may not know you, tell us a little bit about yourself and what it is that you do.

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Of course! I’m Kadianne “Kay” Whyte, and I’ve been an actress for 3 years. Also, I’m a dance choreographer and was teaching at a studio in Atlanta for about 2 years. I’ve always been connected to the arts, showing confidence, and motivating other women to step into their fierce side.

You made an appearance on the hit TV show P-Valley recently. Tell us about your experience on the show.

Alisha portrayed by Kadianne Whyte on P-Valley

Alisha portrayed by Kadianne Whyte on P-Valley

I actually auditioned for another role before Alisha. I came very close, but I didn’t get it. Then when I got the call that they wanted to book me for another part, I was so excited! Everyone was amazing on set, and they are like a family! All the cast and crew work so hard to make sure they give their best work, and I think season 2 was really worth the wait.

How was the reception from new fans after discovering you from that episode?

Alisha is portrayed by Kadianne Whyte on P-Valley Season 2 Episode 5

Alisha is portrayed by Kadianne Whyte on P-Valley Season 2 Episode 5

I honestly was not expecting so many new fans and followers. I’ve had so many fans messaging me about what’s to come and that they want to know more about Alisha’s story and where she is now. I love when I’m able to make an impression on people, and I feel there is soooo much more that hasn’t been discussed yet that would really keep fans on their toes.

In the P-Valley episode, it was set up similar to a Cinderella story, and you portrayed one of the pretty evil sisters… Do you think being typecast as the “pretty girl” helps or limits your acting capability?

Alisha is Keyshawn's stepsister on P-Valley

Alisha is Keyshawn’s stepsister on P-Valley

Sometimes I feel that it’s possible to be limited depending on the show. Sometimes the “pretty girl” has a character arch and can really develop into a well-rounded story with depth. Depth is what turns “pretty” into “alluring.” As long as I’m able to bring more of myself into the character, no matter what it is, my capabilities will flow through.

We saw some rumblings that your character may return to P-Valley in another episode. Can you speak about it? (Any hints?)

I can’t really say too much until it comes out. But yes, I will be back.

What is the ultimate role you would want to land (because we’re speaking it into existence!?)

Definitely a supernatural warrior. Like Tomb Raider and Wonder Woman.

Any actors who inspire you and that you would love to work with?

Zoe Kravitz, Elizabeth Olson, Jurnee Smollett, Robert Downey Jr., and Viola Davis.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Everything can happen so fast in this industry, and I’m always working, so definitely stay tuned to catch me in a TV series or film.

What advice would you offer an aspiring actress?

Work on your craft every chance you get. Practice Practice Practice! Motivate yourself to be better and network with others in the industry. Always believe in yourself no matter what. Never dim your light. If you get 50 No’s, that means there’s a Yes right around the corner.

It was such a pleasure learning more about Kay’s career and aspirations! Be sure to catch her on the season finale of P-Valley as well as other television series and films.

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