CSI: Vegas Season 1 Episode 8 Recap “In the Blood”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of  CSI: Vegas Season 1 Episode 8 “In the Blood.” When the CSIs are called to investigate human remains found in a convention center owner’s bathtub, Sara and Grissom use the case to get close to attorney Anson Wix’s star forensic expert witness, just days before David Hodges’ trial begins. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on CSI: Vegas Season 1 Episode 7, the team worked a case where a thoroughbred horse was found covered in blood with a missing boot still attached to the stirrup. Their quest to find the rider led them to a ranch which was a halfway house for convicted killer teens! The rider was shot, beaten, and bludgeoned to death. CSI investigation revealed it to be his own son as he was confronted for illegally breeding the horse.

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Meanwhile, Grissom came face to face with the mastermind behind David Hodges’ framing and past evidence tampering. It was attorney Anson Wix’s disadvantaged sister, Anna, while Anson performed the deeds. She’s confident no evidence will point back to them and dared the CSIs to see them in court! This case lost Roby her leadership of the lab…

Warning… spoilers below!

On CSI: Vegas Season 1 Episode 8, a pair of burglars broke into a home and found a horrific scene, then called the police. In the bathtub was a pool of blood and acid molten human remains. Someone had used chemicals to break down the body and attempted to drain the remains down the tub

Grissom shared the progress of Hodges’ case with Sara and noticed Wix’s key forensic expert witness, Janice Woo, was on a crusade to expose the tampered evidence. Sara’s wedding ring kept coming off when she removed her gloves. Her stress and lack of eating properly caused her to lose weight.

Human Sludge

The victim was Eric Shaw, he managed to acquire an eclectic collection of items as the manager of the convention center. The CSIs visited his ex-wife, Tammy, at a beauty pageant to rule her out and met a flamboyant man, Chase Star.

At the crime scene, Grissom and Sidle had to extract the pipes from the home to gather Eric’s gooey remains. However, they noticed a spot high on the wall where the killer possibly banged the victim’s head.

Sar ahead been stealing Wix’s trash to see if they could find any vulnerabilities. The conversation with Grissom shifted towards Janice Woo and they decided to hire her to help with Eric’s case. Although it seemed to be a conflict of interest they focused on recreating his fingerprint so they can access a safe the thieves were after.

They opened the safe and it only had files of lawsuits against him. There was a photo of Chase and another of a rough-looking ex-con, Herman Maddock.

Sara Sidle and Hugo Ramirez on CSI Vegas Season 1 Episode 8

Sara Sidle and Hugo Ramirez on CSI Vegas Season 1 Episode 8

Sara had lost her ring and the only logical place inside one of the buckets of evidence. The medical examiner determined they pulled more than one victim from the pipes! More investigation revealed Eric was shot as they recovered the bullet fragment. Folsom and Rajan confronted Herman Maddock about the bullet they found but were stifled without a warrant.

Later on, Sara found a few veneers. With Folsom’s help, they recreated the smile and it looked strikingly familiar to Folsom… it looked like Chase’s smile but how?!? Folsom and Rajan went to confront Chase, welp, Grayson Star. The twin brother of Chase. Grayson was impersonating his twin at the pageant in an effort to move it along. He learned the truth that his brother was killed!

The CSI spoke with Tammy again and noticed she had a chemical burn on her leg. This prompted them to haul her in for questioning. She claimed that she didn’t murder Eric but did give the chemicals to Chase. Authorities suspected Chase was assisting in Eric’s murder yet found himself slain and melted as well. But who was the killer…

Solving The Killers Death

Sara was caught by Wix one night trying to steal his trash. He confronted her that she wouldn’t find anything and shared his disgust for CSIs and their smug methodologies. She found lipstick on a napkin in the trash and sought Roby’s help to get the DNA. It turned out to be Janice Woo’s. Seems Wix and Woo were having an affair.

Grissom took another view of all the evidence as the height of the killer would prove the key to the mystery. He had an epiphany and staged an experiment for his theory. He proved that Chase had shot and killed Eric. Then he got chemicals from Tammy to dispose of the body. He mixed them too rapidly in the tub and it caused an explosion jolting him upward against the adjacent wall, knocking him out and he fell forward into the deadly tub- acid melting his body into goo along with Eric!

Grissom found Sara’s ring and returned it. When they attended Hodges’ first day of the trial, they learned Wix fired Woo. She possibly wasn’t in on the tampered evidence fiasco…

Weakest Link

Although  Roby was suspended, she was still secretly working on the case. She met with Folsom in private to aid her crusade. Roby had been surveilling a man, Guillermo, at the basketball court.

They determined that Guillermo was the link between Jim Brass and Anson Wix. Guillermo had been represented by Wix on drug trafficking charges and Wix sought the dealer to hire a hitman for Brass. Roby and Folsom pressed the man to flip and work for them in taking down Wix!

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Air Date: November 24, 2021

CSI: Vegas Cast

  • WILLIAM PETERSON as Gil Grissom
  • JORJA FOX as Sara Sidle
  • PAULA NEWSOME as Maxine Roby
  • MATT LAURIA as Joshua Folsom
  • Mandeep Dhillon as Allie Rajan
  • Mel Rodriguez as Hugo Ramirez
  • Paul Guilfoyle as Jim Brass
  • Wally Langham as David Hodges (Guest Starring)
  • Jamie McShane as Anson Wix (Guest Starring)

Guest Cast This Episode

  • Robert Curtis Brown as Undersheriff Wyatt
  • Calvin Clausell Jr. as Ronny
  • Antwon Jones as Sean
  • Noelle Perris as Operator
  • Dia Day as Quinn Shaw
  • Johnny Rey Diaz as Guillermo
  • Julie Berman as Tammy Shaw
  • Jack Plotnick as Chase/Grayson Star
  • Nicole Appleby as Mother
  • Luke Tennie as Bryan
  • Cathy Vu as Janice Woo
  • Adam Johnson as Herman Maddock
  • Akende Munalula as Cowgirls Father
  • Melanie Marie Reif as TuTu Girls Mother

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