Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 2 Recap “(Caught Between) The Wrecking Ball And The Butterfly”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 2 “(Caught Between) the Wrecking Ball and the Butterfly.” Supply chain disruptions dramatically impact Med, causing Crockett and Kai, a new surgical resident, to clash with other doctors. Maggie reveals something to Ben. Ethan and Archer help a patient with ALS. Here’s what you missed!

Air Date & Time: Wednesday, September 28, 2022, at 8 pm ET, 7 pm CT, and 5 pm PT on NBC!

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Watch Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 2 “(Caught Between) the Wrecking Ball and the Butterfly”

Previously on Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 1 Premiere, in the aftermath of Halstead’s apartment fire, Marcel, Choi, and Archer work together to try to save the survivors; Charles and Med’s new fellow, Cuevas, help a paranoid patient; Scott makes a life-changing decision

Warning… Spoilers below!

On Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 2, Archer and Ethan clash on how to treat a patient with ALS that Archer is close to. Meanwhile, Crockett clashes with a new first-year resident and has to swoop in and save the day. Maggie is faced with an uncomfortable situation when Grant and Ben are both at Med, and she has to finally come clean to Ben about her past coming back into her life.

Dr. Archer and Dr. Choi work with a patient with ALS on Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 2. Photo: George Burns Jr/NBC, NBCUniversal Media, LLC.

Dr. Archer and Dr. Choi work with a patient with ALS on Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 2. Photo: George Burns Jr/NBC, NBCUniversal Media, LLC.

We’re All in This Together

A mother and son living out of their car get into a car crash and end up in Will’s care. The boy, Henry, tells Will that his mom just drove off the side of the road. After making sure Jenny, Henry’s mom, is okay herself, Will tells her that he has a broken arm. When Will asks for her consent to treat Henry, Jenny says no, and asks what they did with her son. She gets confused about where she is and thinks they’re from the collection agency. She freaks out, and Will and Hannah get her sedated as she screams for nobody to touch her son.

Sharon gets everyone’s attention in the ED and tells them they’re running low on a ton of supplies. She reminds them that they’re all going through it together and need to remember that as the day goes on.

Will and Hannah talk to Dr. Charles about Jenny and her behavior, but Dr. Charles wants to wait for the labs to come back before he goes in and talks to her. Will gets upset since that means Henry’s broken arm will have to be put on the back burner.

Dr. Charles talks to Henry, and Henry says that a lot of people have been talking about taking him away from his mom. Henry shows Dr. Charles the chrysalis that he’s keeping in a jar to watch it grow.

Dr. Charles tells Will and Hannah that he’ll try to talk to Jenny, but Will is eager to know when they’ll be able to treat Henry, especially since his mom seems unable to care for him properly. But Dr. Charles doesn’t want to go there yet. That’s a long journey that involves DCFS, so he wants to make sure they’re right before they make such a drastic move.

Old Friends Reunite

Archer welcomes Ethan back to work after his vacation. A first-year resident named Dr. Zach Hutchins asks for Ethan’s opinion on a patient with ALS who is having lung issues, and Archer overhears when Hutchins says the patient’s name is Albert Marrero. They go to check on him, and it’s revealed that Archer was the first to diagnose Albert with ALS six years prior. When Archer tells him he’ll need to be lightly sedated and intubated, Albert refuses, saying he has a DNI and wants to have control over how he dies. Ethan has a suggestion to use the vest used for CF patients to clear up his lungs without intubating, but Archer doesn’t seem sure.

Grant comes in with an on-site worker named Keith, that got a stick through his eye and asks Maggie to help.

Albert starts struggling, and Archer tells Hutchins to pound on Albert’s back with his fists, but Hutchins doesn’t want to hurt him. Archer pushes him out of the way and does it himself, and Albert coughs up mucus. Archer tells Ethan that he’s not losing that patient.

Vanessa helps take the stick out of the man’s eye. Grant talks to Maggie about how great Vanessa is, and invites them both out to lunch. Vanessa says yes, but Maggie says she can’t. Vanessa asks her again, and Maggie finally gives in.

Another Day, Another Power Struggle

Crockett helps a gunshot victim and clashes with a first-year resident named Kai, who doesn’t think a chest x-ray is necessary.

Dr. Charles visits Jenny, and she still thinks that everyone is faking being doctors. Dr. Charles starts to talk to her, but she freezes mid-sentence and forgets who Dr. Charles is again. Dr. Charles says he wants to treat her and just get some scans, and she finally agrees, seeming to have calmed down.

Dr. Charles tells Will that Henry’s mom might have something neurologically wrong with her, and Will gets upset again that Henry’s broken arm has to wait to be treated. Dr. Charles asks Will to bear with him.

Archer and Ethan clash again on how to treat Albert, even as they talk to him. Archer tells Albert that the vest will kill him, and Albert says he’s okay with that. Archer reminds him of what he has to live for and promises Albert that he won’t be stuck being helpless.

Supply Shortage

Kai Tanaka-Reed (portrayed by Devin Kawaoka) and Zach Hudgins (portrayed by Conor Perkins) on Chicago Med Season 8

Kai Tanaka-Reed (portrayed by Devin Kawaoka) and Zach Hudgins (portrayed by Conor Perkins) on Chicago Med Season 8

Crockett gets ready for the procedure on the gunshot patient, but Kai tells him that they can’t do it because they don’t have contrast dye. He suggests they might have some left in radiology.

Jenny is about to get the last bit of contrast dye for her CT scan, but Crockett runs in right before he injects it, saying he needs it.

Crockett’s team, Sam, Hannah, and Dr. Charles, go to Sharon and fight over why their patient needs the contrast dye more. Sharon decides that the hospital is going to prioritize the CT scan, so Jenny will be the one to get the contrast dye.

Newbies At The Wheel

Ethan gives Hutchins the tube for intubation when Albert starts crashing, but Hutchins seems nervous as he tries to do it. Archer wonders what’s taking so long, and Hutchins reveals he hasn’t actually done one yet. He had to do his learning online due to the pandemic. Archer pushes him out of the way and does it himself.

Ethan tells Archer about death doulas, how they help transfer someone from one plane to the next and thinks that’s what they’re doing with Albert. He doesn’t think they need to tube Albert, but Archer is still fully set on his plan as opposed to Ethan’s.

Crockett goes to the OR to find his patient and finds Kai doing the procedure that they couldn’t do without the contrast. Kai has found another way, using CO2. Crockett tries to object, saying that’s dangerous, but the CO2 was already injected. Crockett jumps in when the guy starts to crash because of a CO2 bubble getting to his heart, and once the man is saved, Crockett tells Kai they’re lucky he’s even alive.


Ben shows up at Med for his bi-annual check-up and meets Maggie for lunch. However, Maggie sees Vanessa and Grant chatting in the food court and leads Ben outside to eat at the food trucks instead.

Dr. Charles is talking to Hannah when they hear Jenny yelling, and they see her running through the hospital looking for Henry. Jenny finds Henry and starts dragging him away, and his jar with the chrysalis breaks as he drops it. Jenny steps on glass, and doctors secure her and help her away. Will asks Dr. Charles if he’s finally ready to do that court order.

DCFS arrives and said they’ll take temporary custody until Jenny is fit to care for him again. Dr. Charles says they’ll want to keep her on a 72-hour hold, so they’ll take it day by day.

Will goes to put Henry’s arm in a cast and even offers to put his chrysalis in a new cup for him.

They look at Albert’s X-rays, and he looks clear, so Archer is confident that they should’ve done the tube all along.

When Vanessa tells Maggie that she saw her walk away with Ben and avoid Grant, Maggie tells Vanessa that she hasn’t told Ben about Grant yet. Vanessa apologizes, she never wanted to make things awkward, but Maggie says it’s just something she has to deal with.

Crockett and Reed assess the damage, and Crockett shows Reed how the CO2 bubble goes to his heart through the injury in his leg.

Figuring Things Out

Hannah tells Dr. Charles that whatever is wrong with Jenny is physiological and even suggests that Jenny could have a tumor that is affecting her behavior.

Grant thanks Maggie for helping his friend out, and Maggie sees Ben coming out of the elevator. Vanessa notices and asks Grant to help his friend out of the hospital. Grant and Ben passed each other, but Vanessa saved the day just in time.

Hutchins takes Albert off the vent, and he struggles to take a deep breath. Archer tells Albert it’s too soon to take him off the tube, so they’ll have to try again later. Albert freaks out, this is exactly what he didn’t want to happen, but Archer promises they’ll get him off of it.

Crockett’s patient thanks him for helping him, and once they get out of the room, Kai wonders why Crockett took all of the credit. Crockett is in disbelief that he wants credit after nearly killing the patient, but Kai still thinks Crockett has been talking down to him. Still, Crockett doesn’t change his stance.

Reunions and New Pairings

As Ben and Maggie are walking to the parking lot, Maggie finally tells him about Grant. He doesn’t understand why she waited until then to tell him, especially when Grant was at Med while he was, too. He gets upset that Maggie even felt the need to clarify to Ben that she wasn’t interested in getting involved with him again.

Sharon asks Crockett about how it went with Kai, and Crockett says it was fine. Sharon tells him that Kai filed a complaint that Crockett was disrespectful and condescending. However, Crockett doesn’t want to file a counter-complaint, but Crockett doesn’t want to, he thinks Kai and himself can work something out.

Will finds Hannah and she tells him they removed the tumor that was causing Jenny’s psychosis. Henry runs in and Jenny hugs him and apologizes to him, and Jenny apologizes to Dr. Charles for not understanding. Henry shows his mom the chrysalis, which finally turned into a butterfly.

Ethan takes Hutchins into a room with a dummy and gives him a tube for intubation to practice with.

Archer talks to his son in prison and tells him that if he has anything his son wants to say to him, he’s listening.

Will watches as his building is torn down…

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Chicago Med Cast

  • Nick Gehlfuss as Will Halstead
  • Brian Tee as Ethan Choi
  • Marlyne Barrett as Maggie Lockwood
  • Dominic Rains as Crockett Marcel
  • Yaya DaCosta as April Sexton
  • S. Epatha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin
  • Oliver Platt as Daniel Charles
  • Kristen Hager as Dr. Stevie Hammer
  • Elizabeth Hinkler as Gemma Brooks
  • Emily Hinkler as Emma Brooks
  • Guy Lockard as Dr. Dylan Scott
  • Michael Rady as Dr. Matt Cooper
  • Jeremy Shouldis as Dr. Marty Peterson
  • Steven Weber as Dr. Dean Archer
  • Sarah Rafferty as Dr. Blake
  • Jessy Schram as Dr. Hannah Asher

Guest Starring

  • Devin Kawaoka as Kai Tanaka-Reed
  • JJ Nolan as Jenny Mitchell
  • Jonathon Del Arco as Albert Marrero
  • Cade Thomas Woodward as Henry Mitchell
  • Jodi Kingsley as Madeline Woodward

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Photo credit: George Burns Jr/NBC, NBCUniversal Media, LLC.

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    This episode with the ALS patient was so heart touching, as my husband passed away of ALS 4 years ago. Great depiction. The actors did a great job, was so realistic, I felt right there with them in the ER.
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