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What’s on CBS tonight? Here is the primetime CBS schedule this evening (March 25, 2023). Check out our mobile-friendly, updated, and accurate CBS TV schedule tonight. Listed are your favorite TV series, television movies, live sports broadcasts, and specials. TV listings are on Eastern Time.

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Last updated: March 25, 2023

CBS Schedule

Saturday, March 25, 2023

CBS TV Schedule Tonight. All times are listed in Eastern Time.

10:00 pm

48 Hours

Season 35 Episode 21 "The Mysterious Death of Tiffiney Crawford"

When a young woman is found dead in her car, her husband claims she took her own life, but there are two bullet wounds in her head.

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CBS Spring 2023 Lineup

Here's the CBS Spring lineup of TV shows:

Update: CBS renewed the second season of three most-watched new series on any network; Fire Country, East New York, and So Help Me Todd.







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4 comments on What’s On CBS Tonight? CBS Schedule – CBS TV Schedule Tonight

  1. Carol Johnson says:

    I am very disappointed that Amazing Race is on at 10:00p.m. where I live. It’s one of my favorite shows and seeing that I get up so early to work, I can never stay up that late. Why couldn’t it stay right after Survivor? You put Love Boat there??!!! 😖I have no interest in watching that! Guess I will be missing it this season…not at all happy.

  2. Laurie says:

    Sunday night. What happened to the Equalizer. That us your best show
    . Why wasn’t it on tonight??????

    1. Sir Anthony says:

      New episodes return on November 13th.

  3. Janet says:

    CBS who? Since not on dish, I dont watch. ABC lost me several years ago for the same reason and I’ve never been back. I refuse to reward greed!

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