Teyana Taylor ‘The Album’ A Dope Album Showcasing Exceptional Artist Growth

Teyana Taylor The Album encompasses a myriad of emotions. It is a solid project showcasing exceptional artist growth. The Album dropped on Juneteenth. Fitting as it talks about Black love, life, freedom, relationships, sex, and motherhood. You’re encouraged to sit back, have a glass of wine, press play above, and vibe with the review below!

The Album by Teyana Taylor features a whopping 23 tracks. Three-fold contrast to her previous project. Her last full album was K.T.S.E. (Keep the Same Energy) in 2018 which featured 8 tracks. I remember listening to Teyana being interviewed by Headkrack when that EP dropped and she expressed her frustration with not being able to have some important music clearances towards the released date. She was forced to drop the project without them. Fast-forward two years ahead and she returned to the show and this time she was satisfied with this album because it was more absolute.

It’s more completion for me. It’s more full circle. Now I get to express every single emotion. That’s all I ever wanted… was structure and stability.
—Teyana Taylor

The project title reminds me of the Delano hotel in Vegas when it was called THEhotel. Not really descriptive. However, despite my personal opinion of the project naming causing raised eyebrow, it does have a purpose behind the selection. Taylor created certain songs in various studios in support of their emotional connections. Therefore, it was named after studio A, studio L, studio B, and so on.

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The model, dancer, director, and singer enlisted some heavy-hitting legends for collaborations. She has Missy Elliott, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Future, Quavo, Big Sean, and more.

Teyana Taylor The Album Review

Although I encourage you to press play on the entire album, I’ll touch on several tracks that touched me:

The “Intro” song features a marriage proposal as well as the actual 911 call vocalizing how an operator-assisted IMAN in delivering baby Junie in 2015. It’s a bold way to come in.

The next song, “Come Back To Me,” segues young Junie lullabying vocals on the track. I love that she includes her little lady in the track. That infamous grunt tells you who’s coming next. The boss, Rick Ross lays down smooth braggadocious, while Teyana serenades the beat.

“Wake Up Love” features hubby Iman Shumpert. The NBA Champion and rapper blazes the track with a quick 16. I remember when I first saw his lyrical talents in a BET Cypher and was impressed with his rhymes. In the music video for the track, which features dope heavenly visuals, she revealed the family will be expecting a new member.

“Let’s Build” featuring Quavo is a smooth track to ride and vibe to. It’s one of those joints you play with your lady. It exemplifies building love. I just hate it’s so short.

The first lead single off the album “How You What It?” features King Combs. Like some of the songs, it’s a remake paying homage to what made the Combs’ a signature name in Hip Hop. Taylor remixes Mase’s “What You Want” featuring Total. You can find this kind of revamp on other tracks like “Ever Ever” and “Lowkey” featuring Erykah Badu. It recycles some flows from Badu’s own “Next Lifetime.”

“Morning” featuring Kehlani, is another previously released single. Though the album version sounds more theatrical- almost sounding like a remix. I love how this version is mastered in contrast.

“You turned a good girl into a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad b*tch!” Another one of those fire joints that’s too short. I’m really digging that Hip Hop Reggae vibe on “Bad.”

“Made It” is an uptempo celebratory track. It symbolizes the feeling of accomplishment after so much hard work. It’s motivation. It’s fire!

“We Got Love” features some spoken world by the legendary Ms. Lauryn Hill as she defines happiness.

The Album by Teyana Taylor  Tracklist

Teyana Taylor The Album Cover Art

Teyana Taylor The Album Cover Art

  1. Intro
  2. Come Back To Me featuring Junie & Rick Ross
  3. Wake Up Love featuring IMAN
  4. Lowkey featuring Erykah Badu
  5. Ley’s Build featuring Quavo
  6. 1800-One-Night
  7. Morning featuring Kehlani
  8. Boomin featuring Missy Elliott & Future
  9. 69
  10. Killa featuring DaVido
  11. Bad
  12. Wrong Bitch
  13. Shoot It Up featuring Big Sean
  14. Bare Wit Me
  15. Lose Each Other
  16. Concrete
  17. Still
  18. Ever Ever
  19. Try Again
  20. Friends
  21. How You What It? featuring King Combs
  22. Made It
  23. We Got Love featuring Ms. Lauryn Hill

Release Date: June 19, 2020


Teyana Taylor The Album is a dope album! There’s music for various R&B genres and emotions you might want to rock to. Including millennial rhythm & blues, Hip Hop inspired joints, some Afropop, and even love-making songs that put you in the mood. You should definitely purchase this joint. Teyana doesn’t disappoint.

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    This album is my sheesh! My girl T did her thang on this!!

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