Lifetime Releases ‘The Fallen Angels Murder Club’ Movies Set To Air This April

Award-winning Grammy singer Toni Braxton stars in ‘Fallen Angels Murder Club,’ a series of two-anthology-event movies based on the books by R. Franklin James, which are set to air on Lifetime. The first film ‘Fallen Angels Murder Club: Friends to Die For’ premiers on Saturday, April 2, 2022. Meanwhile, the second installment, ‘Fallen Angels Murder Club: Heroes and Felons,’ airs a week later on Saturday, April 9, 2022.

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Fallen Angels Murder Club: Friends to Die For

To be a member of the Fallen Angels Murder Club, one must have a love of books and a criminal record. That makes Hollis Morgan (Toni Braxton) a perfect candidate.

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Fresh off her time in jail, on the back end of a fraudulent insurance scheme set up by her husband, Hollis hopes the court system will give her some leeway so that she can pursue her aspiration as a lawyer.

But there is a huge spanner thrown in the works in Hollis’ plan. After a member of the book club is killed, in the exact manner as outlined in one of the book readings, Hollis becomes a victim of police scrutiny.

To save herself and get to the bottom of the truth, Hollis faces a race against time to track down the killer before it is too late. The movie is set to air on Saturday, April 2nd at 8/7 pm CT.

Fallen Angels Murder Club: Heroes and Felons

In this installment, the Fallen Angels Murder Club members are reunited to discover the truth surrounding the murder of one of their members. Once again, Hollis is at the center of it all, as the journalist covering the murder is found dead.

With no sign of this stopping and the equal danger of further deaths, Hollis must put a stop to this. The movie is set to air on Saturday, April 9th at 8/7 pm CT.

Main Cast

  • Eddie Cibrian
  • Kelly Hu
  • Lisa Berry
  • Rainbow Sun Francks
  • Yanic Truesdale
  • Henderson Wade
  • Humberly González
  • Shawn Ahmed
  • Kaitlyn Leeb,
  • Rob Stewart
  • Keith D. Robinson
  • Raoul Bhaneja
  • Beth Stevenson (Executive producer)
  • Nancy Yeaman (Executive producer)
  • Toni Braxton (Executive producer)
  • Rhonda Baraka (Executive producer)

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    Great show, is there more than two episodes?

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