5 Hairstylists Share Benefits & Drawbacks Of A Quick Weave

The quick weave is a protective hairstyle that — as the name suggests — is faster to install in comparison to sew-in weave hairstyles. It’s possible to switch up often and become a brand new woman every few weeks as it can be a short-term hairdo, plus it’s more affordable for budget-friendly shoppers. Quick weaves are great hairstyle options yet they have a few drawbacks to consider. We spoke with a few hairstylists to get their professional opinions of the protective style. Here’s what they had to say…

Pros and Cons of Quick Weave Hairstyles

Pros and Cons of Quick Weave Hairstyles

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Quick Weave Benefits

Beyond the obvious being, quick weaves are faster to install when your hair specialist knows what they’re doing. Furthermore, a quick weave can be advantageous on the pocketbook depending on the quality of the weave. According to HairByShayyPatrese, an upscale hair salon in Chicago, “The average price for a quick weave is between $60-$150.” Hairstyles like braids or sew-in weaves can range from $250-$500 by comparison.

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The aforementioned hairstyles’ greatest drawbacks are the tension stress they can leave on the hair and scalp. Some women have complained of having headaches up to days after leaving the salon with a new sew-in install. They say beauty is pain- these hairdos are evident in the statement. In contrast, quick weaves are bonded to a wig cap and worn over your real hair, thus not attributing extra tension to the hair.

The gift and the curse with quick weaves is the glue. This is the key ingredient in how the hairdo is installed and glued to a wig cap which is designed to protect your real hair. It is also the culprit which led to many of the complaints of the protective hairstyle. It’s important you visit hairstylists who are experienced and know what they are doing when both installing and removing quick weaves. “This is why many women have experienced hair damage issues. Their technician may either be inexperienced or purposely sabotaging the hairstyle so the client can frequent their chair,” explains Shanil Wells, proprietor of The Shanil Luxe Collection, a premium hair extension retailer located in Chicago.

The improper usage of glue and removal products are common misconceptions about quick weaves. “You have to make sure to gently and meticulously massage the glue remover to properly rid the adhesive and not damage the client’s hair,” Wells elaborates.

Quick Weave Drawbacks

Although the hairdo is swift, cheaper, and causes less tension stress- it can have some disadvantages. Our salon stylists advise their clients to consider these drawbacks when installing a quick weave. And you’ve guessed the number one disadvantage is the glue. If installed improperly and the glue bonds to the natural hair or edges, upon removal it can take them out.

“I always say glue is meant for paper not hair,” says Darrius Peace, an award-winning master hairstylist at Hayah Beauty. “Quick weaves can be very damaging to the follicles when removed improperly. Therefore it is very important to ensure that your stylist is removing the glue solution with the proper solvents to break up the formula.”

This is why preparation is crucial to the hairstyle. Denise Dixon, a cosmetologist, and owner of the Cosmetology Institute of Las Vegas emphasizes, “It’s imperative that you prep your natural hair by braiding or using a molding gel as a preventative measure prior to installation.” Furthermore, promoting a wholesome scalp is the key to hair health. “As with anything we do to our hair, maintaining a healthy scalp in between styles can minimize possible damage. Always go to professionals who specialize in hair care as well as hair styling before getting styles like quick weaves in,” Dixon adds. She also segues another limitation of quick weaves as it is meant to be a short-term hairdo. “The style should not be worn more than two weeks at a time. It’s also not recommended to keep utilizing the quick weave method over a long period of time.

“If you search online, in fact, you will find out that quick weaves can last up to 4 weeks but, being honest, this happens in very few cases,” explains Laura Roncagli, Senior Digital Beauty Editor of MyBeautik.com who is also a hairstyle specialist based in Venice. The esthetician continues, “Why? Because once applied, quick weaves prevent you from washing your hair. [The] hair and scalp will be pressed and covered by both the cap and the weaves, until removal. A lot of clients who get this service, come back to me after about 5 days asking to take it off because their scalp itches, and they feel like they can’t wait any longer to wash their real hair.”

There you have it… the experts have spoken. Quick weaves are convenient, cheaper, offer more protection and less tension, plus are faster to install and remove. However, be advised to prep, install, and remove the hairstyle properly to avoid hair damage from the glue. Pro tip: use a leave-in conditioner with heat protectant ingredients when styling the weave. Wearing it in shorter spurts, perhaps, in between other hairdos can promote better hair health. Also, “If installed and removed properly, hair weave extensions can be reused,” advises Wells.

Whatever your hairstyle choice, don’t forget to complete the look honey with a fabulous face beat! We have a few step-by-step tutorials teaching you makeup techniques and styles. Have an opinion about quick weaves? Share it in the comments below!

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