Yellowstone Season 5 – Release Date, Plot, Trailer & Everything You Need To Know!

Will there be a Yellowstone Season 5? The explosive season 4 finale left fans with their jaws hanging and they have been asking when is Yellowstone season 5 coming on! Although Paramount Network has not officially renewed it, we’re confident they will. Here are our speculations on the new season including possible release date, cast, trailers, news, plus get answers to your burning questions.

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Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date

As previously mentioned, we haven’t gotten official word from Paramount Network. When we know, our readers will be the first to know! That stated we anticipate it to return in Fall 2022!

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Yellowstone Season 4 Recap

At the end of the fourth season, it was clear that there was a huge power play in-store with the future of the Duttons firmly in the balance.

Beth Dutton on Yellowstone

Beth Dutton on Yellowstone

Beth’s plans to take down Market Equities took a huge blow as Caroline Werner confronted Beth about her role in leaking the authority’s strong response to the airfield protests that she had been encouraging by teaming up with Summer Higgins. Although the latter is currently in jail, the same could now potentially happen to Beth for breach of her contract. However, one factor that has put Beth in the driving seat is that she has enough to keep Jamie quiet.

Jamie Dutton on Yellowstone

Jamie Dutton on Yellowstone

Jamie killing Garret has now put an end to his chances of running for Governor because Beth had managed to picture him taking the body to a train station.

Much in the same way, John is also in a difficult position. He feels guilty at the fact that Summer Higgins is in prison by virtue of what Beth has done. But in an attempt to make things right, he could not stop her from serving time, albeit at a reduced sentence. Things are looking bleak for the Duttons, which has not been helped by Kayce’s vision.

Kayce's visions spell demise for the Dutton family on Yellowstone Season 5

Kayce’s visions spell demise for the Dutton family on Yellowstone Season 5

As we discover that he has a ‘wolf side,’ as his spirit animal, his journey of self-discovery leads to visions showing the demise of the Duttons. With things looking very strenuous, the fifth season promises a lot of adversity for the Duttons.

With so many relationships currently being tested, Rip and Beth sought to break that mold by quickly getting married. While she has some happiness in her life, Beth ultimately has a lot more to lose now. If Caroline manages to take over Yellowstone, or put Beth behind bars, then what is to become of Carter. So much for telling him to be responsible.

Yellowstone Season 5 Speculations

Based on what we have seen in the fourth season, these are some of the things that we can expect to happen in Yellowstone season 5. The death of Sheriff Haskell has naturally led to a change in law and order. The new Sheriff is expected to be a whole lot tougher, which may have huge consequences for the Duttons.

By the same token, the race for the Governor position will also throw up intriguing challenges. John and Jamie’s desire to run may not end up turning out well. Given that Jamie is compromised by killing Garret, coupled with the fact that John feels morally stricken by Summer Higgins’ arrest, there is a chance that neither of the Duttons will win. If that is the case, then there could be an enemy of the Duttons who takes up that position.

Equally, what will happen to Beth who is now in danger of going to jail? Will she try to team up with Jamie and takedown Caroline Werner in exchange for her keeping quiet on Jamie’s murder?

In addition, with Kayce’s new visions, what will the impact of this be. Does it mean that his relationship with Monica will end in doom, or will their son Tate suffer at the hands of this vision? One thing for sure is that Yellowstone will never be the same. What are your thoughts on the upcoming season? Share them with us!

Yellowstone Trailer

The new trailer has not been released yet, however, enjoy past memories…

Yellowstone Cast

  • Kevin Costner as John Dutton
  • Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton
  • Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton
  • Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton
  • Kelsey Asbille as Monica Dutton
  • Brecken Merrill as Tate Dutton
  • Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler
  • Gil Birmingham as Thomas Rainwater
  • Danny Huston as Dan Jenkins

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