Titans Season 3 Episode 13 Finale Recap “Purple Rain”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Titans Season 3 Episode 13 “Purple Rain.” It’s all hands on deck as the Titans band together once more in the final battle for Gotham against the madness of Jonathan Crane in the epic Titans season 3 finale. Here’s what you missed!

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Watch Titans Season 3 Episode 13 “Purple Rain”

Previously on Titans Season 3 Episode 12 “Prodigal,” In the devastating aftermath of Nightwing’s battle against Red Hood, Rachel, and Gar race to Dick’s aid, but fear they may be too late. And Jason realizes his mistakes.

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Nightwing and Tim Drake on Titans Season 3 Episode 13

Nightwing and Tim Drake on Titans Season 3 Episode 13

This week on Titans Season 3 Episode 13 finale “Purple Rain,” the final showdown between the Titans and Crane will reunite the team for the first time all season. Will the might of all the Titans be enough to stop Scarecrow? Or will his reign of fear destroy the city?

The GCPD assemble in Wayne Manor, as Scarecrow watches war footage in the Batcave. He gives Fletcher (the officer who tried to kill Dick), free reign over finding and killing Barbara and is happy to hear that they’ve spotted Red Hood with Nightwing. Using the Bat computer, Scarecrow activates mysterious charges and tells the officers to “prepare for the beginning of the end.”

At GCPD headquarters, Barbara’s assistant V takes out three officers in the elevator (think Captain America Winter Soldier vibes) and admits to Barbara that she works for Roy Harper and A.R.G.U.S., and was sent to investigate after Rahs Al Gul placed a Lazarus pit in the city. The same Lazarus pit that Crane used to bring Jason back to life. Rachel and Gar used to bring Dick back from the dead. Barbara, shocked after hearing that Dick is alive, is gratified to find that V has set up a base of operations inside the GCPD and is ready to get to work.

In the neighborhood, Donna, Tim, and his family fight the corrupt GCPD when Raven and Gar arrive and take out the remaining officers. Three of the Titans are reunited, Gar and Rachel tell Donna about Dick’s warning of Crane.

Tim’s parents, after watching him fight alongside Donna, tell him he needs to stay – that Gotham needs him more than they do.

Superboy and Blackfire on Titans Season 3 Episode 13

Superboy and Blackfire on Titans Season 3 Episode 13

At the government lab, Connor is apologetic but Kory is furious, calling Connor a coward before Blackfire tells her she understands his motives. Leaving in a huff, Starfire answers a comm from Barbara.

Dick leaves Jason behind before meeting with the Titans, and also gets a comm from Barbara before it’s hijacked by Crane.

Crane reveals that there are ten bombs spread out across Gotham city and the first is in a building in Gotham Plaza, with the Titans “T” lit up in the sky in front of it. As Dick watches, the building explodes and the gas inside kills everyone inside and around it.

The Titans and Tim work to decipher the poem that describes where the bombs are, and Dick asks Starfire and Donna to figure out how to use the Lazarus pit to revive people from Crane’s deadly toxin.

When Dick pulls Connor aside to apologize for kryptonite-dusting him, Connor tells him he understands what it’s like to “do what you have to do” and that saving the city is more important.

Barbara and Dick decide to stop looking for the bombs when Dick recognizes they’re only playing into Crane’s hands. Instead, Tim, Dick, and Gar try and infiltrate Wayne Manor before Crane can set off any more bombs. Gar turns into a bat to turn off the alarm and Jason acts as a distraction so he can get in safely.

Starfire on Titans Season 3 Episode 13

Starfire on Titans Season 3 Episode 13

Meanwhile, Kory, Rachel, and Blackfire attempt to drain the Lazarus pit to bring back people who have already died. As Rachel begins to use her powers over the pit, her worst fears and memories come back to her and she starts to scream. Blackfire adds her powers to the pit, and Starfire joins her. When Blackfire and Rachel’s powers falter, it’s Starfire who manages to hold the Lazarus pit together.

Beast Boy on Titans Season 3 Episode 13

Beast Boy on Titans Season 3 Episode 13

At the manor, Crane allows Jason to be let into the Batcave but promises to kill him later. As Gar climbs in the window the alarm at Wayne Manor goes off and Jason takes care of the responding officers. Gar shuts off the alarm and after finding the router on Dicks orders, Gar runs into Jason who convinces him of his loyalty by killing an officer who comes after them.

Dick heads inside after hearing gunfire, and Tim talks Gar through connecting the router over the radio. Bruce’s security question is “Who is the one who got away?” and while Gar has no clue, Tim correctly guesses the answer which is: “Selina Kyle.”

Fighting off more GCPD officers in the main room of the manor, Nightwing takes out Fletcher before he salutes Strange through the security camera, spooking him.

Nightwing and Red Hood on Titans Season 3 Episode 13

Nightwing and Red Hood on Titans Season 3 Episode 13

Jason tells Dick and Gar to go on without him, that “this is a Titan’s job” and asks Nightwing to apologize on his behalf to the others.

In the manor for the first time, Tim is obviously excited. In the Batcave, Crane attempts to activate all of the bombs but is stymied by Barbara, V, and A.R.G.U.S. who have taken over the computer mainframe from the GCPD.

Dick, Tim, and Gar advance on Crane and Tim remarks that the Batcave currently feels a little crowded. Nightwing gives Tim the floor, and he knocks Crane out with one punch declaring “that was for Gotham, bitch!”

Back in Gotham Plaza, Kory throws the Lazarus pit up into the sky above Gotham, and Connor creates a storm while Donna uses her whip to prevent lightning from burning the city down. The storm turns the sky purple and rains down Lazarus pit water, reviving everyone killed by Crane’s toxin.

Gotham is revived under a purple sky and the Titans celebrate before the scientist who held Blackfire captive arrives. He tells Blackfire there’s still a way to make her dreams come true, before snapping a selfie with the team.

At the laboratory, Connor has memorized and designed the blueprints for Blackfire’s ship, which can be rebuilt.

Bruce arrives back in Gotham and watches the recovery effort on the streets of the city. Back in the manor, he meets with Dick who asks him to never leave town again. Meeting with Jason, Bruce asks for his forgiveness.

V meets with Donna and offers her a job with A.R.G.U.S. while Barbara attempts to rebuild the police force.

Dick reveals that Jason is leaving Gotham, and the Titans are headed back to San Francisco, with Tim in tow. Donna is going to Paris to meet up with Dawn, and Blackfire is heading out on her own.

Before heading out on their 44 hour RV trip to San Francisco, Dick stops at Arkham to see Scarecrow and Rachel fills him with all of the nightmares from the Lazarus pit!

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Air Date: October 21, 2021

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Titans Season 3 Cast

Here are the main cast members…

  • Brenton Thwaites as “Dick Grayson” aka “Nightwing”
  • Anna Diop as “Kory Anders” aka “Starfire”
  • Teagan Croft as “Rachel Roth” aka “Raven”
  • Ryan Potter as “Gar Logan” aka “Beast Boy”
  • Conor Leslie as “Donna Troy” aka “Wonder Girl”
  • Curran Walters as “Jason Todd” aka “Red Hood”
  • Joshua Orpin as “Conner Kent” aka “Superboy”
  • Alan Ritchson as “Hank Hall” aka “Hawk”
  • Minka Kelly as “Dawn Granger” aka “Dove”
  • Damaris Lewis as “Blackfire”
  • Savannah Welch as “Barbara Gordon”
  • Vincent Kartheiser as “Dr. Jonathan Crane”
  • Jay Lycurgo as “Tim Drake”

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