The Game (Reboot) Episode 4 Recap “White Party. White People. White Lies”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of The Game (Reboot) Episode 4 “White Party. White People. White Lies.” Brittany pulls a baller move at Tasha’s annual White Party, where Malik struggles on his first day of No-Nut November. Here’s what you missed.

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Previously on The Game (Reboot) Episode 3, Tasha travels to the Georgia countryside in hopes of signing her “white whale.” Malik, Jamison, and Fury teammate Garrett Evans play golf with the Colonel, with unexpected results.

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Rolando Boyce talks The Chi & P-Valley on Celebrity Myxer

Warning… Spoilers below!

On The Game (Reboot) Episode 4, Jamison helped Malik focus during a very important time. It was No-Nut November and the first course of action was to burn his entire porn DVD collection LMAO! Malik shared with Jamison that his version of Tasha’s upcoming annual all-white party meant waking up next to 5 random white women- his form of reparations. Jamison left him with a smartwatch and a novel to guide him through the sexual suppression month.

Party Prep

Brittany was busy prepping for the all-white party and wanted Raquel to join (though as a planted server) in order to work the room to get closer to music artist Ari Lennox.

Jamison and Malik trained together and Malik couldn’t focus. Everything reminded him of sex, from the workout positions to the workout Mirror instructor with the curves, India Baroque. Jamison had to take off and Malik wanted to know if his sponsor would attend the all-white party. Though Tasha explicitly uninvented Jamison.

Tasha Mack and Colonel Ulysses S. Thatcher on The Game Reboot Episode 4

Tasha Mack and Colonel Ulysses S. Thatcher on The Game Reboot Episode 4

Tasha met with Colonel Thatcher met to speak on Garrett, Tasha tells the man she’ll handle the player and he’ll sign his contract. Though she needed him to reconsider and newest client, Jamison Fields. Thatcher felt he was a PR nightmare due to his past. She rebutted he is a redemption story, something the press loves! Thatcher refused her pitch for Jamison, though he continued to hit on her, and is looking forward to the charitable party… and her raising money from some deep pockets in attendance.

Brittany and Tasha on The Game Reboot Episode 4

Brittany and Tasha on The Game Reboot Episode 4

When Tasha pulled Brittany to the side, she wanted the new school assistant to ensure her all-white party commenced without a hitch. Britanny felt she could be more helpful than an assistant yet Tasha cooled her heels to focus on tonight first. Tasha even slips a slight vent of how she can’t get her billionaire benefactor with a Black girl fetish to hire her star Black football player.

Jamison attended his next training class (Poles & Pasta) instructing some more mature women in a pole dancing class. Brittany interrupted (and saved him) from some cougars. Especially from Mrs. Gladys who dropped her cane to transform into Cinnamon on the pole LOL! She informed him that he would be attending the party despite Tasha’s wishes. She planned to get him within the vicinity of the Colonel in hopes of impressing the man. It was a cute exchange of Mrs. Gladys being defensive of Jamison in Brittany’s presence. Yet Brittany invited Mrs. Gladys to be his date.

Party Time

Ari Lennox performs at the all-white party on The Game Reboot Episode 4

Ari Lennox performs at the all-white party on The Game Reboot Episode 4

Ari Lennox performed her hit song “Pressure” while Brittany and Raquel jammed to it. Brittany even suggested Raquel sing her the menu or song write Ari’s order to get her attention for Raquel’s musical talents. Malik emceed and the signer had his attention… he just needed to make it to midnight!

Meanwhile, Tasha welcomed Simone Garner, the headmistress at Oakmont, the organization to which the funds would go. Tasha and Ari shared their appreciation of each other while the singer slid a donation for Tasha to intercept. Tasha spotted Jamison (with Mrs. Glady) clad in white and wondered why he was in attendance. Tasha took to the stage to announce that the ladies can bid on Garret and Malik later on.

Garret noticed Malik was suffering from VWS (Vaginal Withdrawal Syndrome) and taunted the struggling man about it. Suddenly, the instructor from Malik’s workout Mirror appeared and Malik tried to control himself. Jamison was there to police him.

Brittany masterminded her plan to invite the Colonel to the conversation with Jamison and Mrs. Gladys (who would put on the Southern charm.) The two had a chance to chat in private and Gladys couldn’t stop praising Jamison. Even planting the bug in his ear that, “It’s a shame that’s he’s not on someone’s football team.”

Tasha spoke privately with Garrett and she wanted to close his deal tomorrow for $75 million over 4 years. Surprisingly, he rejected it to stonewall the owner in hopes that he would open up his wallet just as he did for Malik.

Bidding Time

The auction for Malik swiftly shot up and it was a bidding war between India Baroque and Mrs. Gladys- yet the senior won!

Garrett bumped into Raquel and tried hitting on her as she worked but she stifled his advances. Raquel had ulterior motives and pushed her artist website on Ari to listen to her music.

Tasha had exceeded her goal trying to be Oprah Winfrey’s fundraising goal over $2 million in donations for the Oakmont.

Malik tried his best to focus but Tasha and Gladys didn’t make it any easy teasing him on the dancefloor. His kryptonite came with seeing India shaking her booty and she pulled him to dance. India then pulled him to a secluded area and saddled his lap in a chair. Suddenly, his watch timer went off and he got the hot babe off of him. She wondered where he was going, he told her to celebrate and asked her, “Hey, what are you doing in 29 days?” She was so baffled.


Brittany asked Thatcher would he reconsider Jamison. He told her he wouldn’t be a good fit for the Fighting Fury…

As Brittany broke the news to Jamison, a donor, Brett Morris, had approached and confronted him that he was at an exclusive party. Morris felt he should be in jail longer for what he did to his daughter. Morris yelled out making a scene that Jamison shouldn’t be there. Tasha intervened and Morris yelled that he came for support but is forced to see the thug who took advantage of his daughter! Tasha was sympathetic to Morris’ daughter yet stood up for Jamison claiming that he got railroaded because he’s Black. Morris was offended by the statement, demanded his donation back, and stormed out!

Tasha recovered the party’s awkward composure and Thatcher congratulated her for standing up for Jamison. He told her if so many people would vouch for him (including her opinion that he respected,) then Jamison’s got a spot in training camp. Soon after, Tasha talked with Brittany about the move she pulled of inviting Jamison and Gladys. She respected the bold move yet heeded her a warning not to overstep again, else she’ll be fired.

Ari approached Raquel and told her about her producer friend who thought her music was dope and they would connect. Garrett approached Raquel to dance, this time she took him up on his offer.

Tasha’s motives for raising the funds for Oakmont was for her daughter, Kai. However, part of the requirements was parental participation and Tasha felt she was too good for the school cleaning ritual.


After the party, Brittany went to talk with Jamison and he was pissed asking her why she invited him to the party to ultimately get humiliated. He bolted that she used him to prove herself to Tasha. Though she rebutted that she believes in him. Jamison confessed the story of how he slept with Morris’ 16-year-old daughter on the night he had just turned 18. He was arrested and spent three years in prison for making love to his girlfriend. She told him that the Colonel had invited him to training camp and he was brimming with excitement.

They embraced each other and were about to kiss until Malik interrupted alongside Gladys and the rest of the partyfoers to celebrate the No-Nut afterparty…

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Air Date: November 25, 2021

The Game Cast

  • Wendy Raquel Robinson as Tasha Mack
  • Hosea Chanchez as Malik Wright
  • Vaughn Hebron as Jamison Fields
  • Adriyan Rae as Brittany Pitts
  • Analisa Velez as Raquel Navarro
  • Pooch Hall as Derwin Davis
  • Brittany Daniel as Kelly Pitts
  • Toby Sandeman as Garret Evans
  • Sylvia Jefferies as Montana
  • Robert Pralgo as Coach Long
  • Cecil Blutcher as Caleb Antwan Jones
  • Tim Daly as Colonel Ulysses S. Thatcher

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