The Endgame Season 1 Episode 10 Finale Recap “Happily Ever After”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of The Endgame Season 1 Episode 10 Finale “Happily Ever After.” An escape plan goes haywire and old foes face off. Val learns a secret about Owen. Here’s what you missed!

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Watch The Endgame Season 1 Episode 10 Finale “Happily Ever After”

Previously on The Endgame Season 1 Episode 9, when a shocking discovery racks the country, Val’s faith in job and country are tested.

Warning… Spoilers below!

On The Endgame Season 1 Episode 10 Finale, after the threatening call from President Wright she received in the last episode, and watching the footage of him and Lady Belok, Val knows she, Anthony, and Director Real need to solve the case of the missing gold before the president can stop them.

The Final Story

In a flashback, Elena tells Sofiya the story of the evil king and his stolen gold. She tells Sofiya that the king’s henchman turned the gold into buttons and that his greed, everyone’s greed, is what brought them down. Elena tells Sofiya about the Brazillian queen, who would steal back the stolen gold and live happily ever after.

In the flashback, Sergey creates a beautiful blue piece of jewelry for Elena, with a tracker inside of it. In the present time, Snow White operatives track Elena using the broach and find her buried underground.

At Fort Trotten, Val, Rogelio, and Anthony watch the president lie about Elena giving up her plans. They realize that the messages from Peekskill to Elena have stopped, which means her contact in prison knows she’s been taken out of Fort Trotten. Val and Anthony head to Peekskill to talk to Owen about Elena.

At Peekskill, Owen and Sergey strap themselves to two of the gold trucks, where guns and harnesses are waiting for them. They ride out of the prison under the truck, just as Anthony and Val arrive. When Val and Anthony go over the security footage from the prison, Val sees Sergey, Elena’s husband, for the first time. Val is furious that Elena has lied, about the gold and her husband.

When Val orders the prison warden to give her the route the trucks have taken, the warden calls Lady Belok to tell her they have a problem. Outside Fort Trotten, Snow White operatives reach Elena just in time and she tells them it’s time to finish everything once and for all.

The Snake in the Grass

At the White House, Doak meets with the president, who tells him Val and Rogelio have a doctored tape that could damage his reputation. Even Doak is reluctant to believe that Val would submit false evidence, but he promises to look into it. At that moment, Doak, President Wright, Val, and Anthony get a text from Elena letting them know she’s alive.

Doak, on the president’s orders, plans to use Elena’s daughter Sofiya to lure her out. His men are already upstate at the house. Val is certain that Sergey will lead them to Elena, and is smart enough to realize the trucks will have been disguised. What she doesn’t realize is that Sergey and Owen are simply hiding underneath the trucks, while Lady Beloks’s men steal the gold.

Upstate, Doak’s men approach the house where Elena’s daughter is being kept. They rush into the house but find only mannequins until Doak uncovers a prohibition channel Sofiya and her aunt used to escape. At the end of the tunnel, Elena reunites with her daughter after 18 months apart. Together, they take off after Sergey. Doak comes out too late, as usual.

Val and Anthony try to figure out where the trucks might be heading. Meanwhile, Owen and Sergey steal one truck full of gold without the Beloks noticing, and successfully hijack it. At the White House, President Wright lies to Doak about Elena’s motives. He tells Doak to disappear the evidence Federova had on him before it gets any farther.

At the docks staking out the stolen vans full of gold, Val receives a call from Elena. Elena apologizes for lying about Sergey and tells Val that while she’s leaving town, Val still has one mission left, a rescue. After Elena gives Val a tip about the guards near the trucks, Val and Anthony are able to take down the remaining Belok operatives and get back the rest of the gold.

Buttons of Value

After taking back most of the gold, Val and Anthony get a list of names of the Belok operatives involved in the crime. When she answers a phone call from the Director, Val finds out that one of the Beloks is actually a CIA operative, and so is her husband Owen. The CIA has been watching Snow White for as long as Val has, and they had Owen infiltrate Snow White for them.

Val is convinced that Elena’s tip about the rescue mission is the location of where Owen and Sergey will be found. She and Anthony split up to search Belarusan churches nearby. Sergey, who realized that Owen is CIA, holds him at gunpoint and forces him to turn the truck earlier than anticipated.

At the White House, Lady Natalia Belok meets with President Wright. She is furious that their plan, years in the making, has been ruined by Elena Federova, a woman who has already taken so much from her. She is even more furious that President Wright didn’t kill Elena when he had the chance. Wright is afraid Natalia will kill him, but she only stabs him in the hand and reminds him that he owes her.

At a nearby church, Sergey forces Owen out of the car and to his knees in front of the church. Sergey yells at Owen, asking him if he ever believed in their mission at all, or if he was always going to sell them out. Before Sergey can shoot Owen, Val comes up behind him with her gun to his head.

The End of the End

Before Val and Owen can escape together, Elena and her operatives pull up and hold them at gunpoint. Elena reunites with Sergey, and they explain to Owen and Val that the plan was built around them. Elena always knew Owen was with the CIA, and she and Sergey are now going to leave with their share of the gold.

Elena gets Val to drop her gun and reminds her that they can let the family leave in peace, or they can die. She apologizes for lying to Val but tells her that the matryoshka she found was one of many. If Elena can find one, there isn’t any reason Val can’t. Sergey and Elena take off together with their gold, and Val and Owen are at least partially reunited.

They share a close embrace, but when Owen tries to talk to Val, she tells him she isn’t ready for that yet. In their escape vehicle, Elena and Sergey head for the airfield with their daughter. At Fort Trotten, Doak demands to hear the tape of the president and Director Rogelio refuses. He informs Doak that they’ve traced Peekskill prison back to the president as well, he owns all of it and was 100% directly responsible for the stolen gold. Doak refuses to believe him.

When Director Rogelio turns his back, Doak plugs in the flash drive the president gave him. In another room, Val and Anthony question Owen, who tells them everything he can about his work for the CIA. Val is emotional when he explains why he had to lie to her, and steps out of the room.

The Story Isn’t Over

On their way to the airfield, Elena and Sergey’s car is ambushed by Belok operatives. Lady Belok herself shows up and demands Elena tell her where the gold she stole is. Natalia takes Sofiya from Elena and shoots her in the shoulder after roughing up Sergey. Lady Belok tells Sofiya that Elena killed her father, so she will kill Sergey. She takes Sofiya from Elena and leaves a bomb in the car to kill Sergey.

As Elena hobbles after the car that took Sofiya, the bomb explodes in the car, killing Sergey as she watches. It turns out, Natalia Belok has been after Elena for killing her father, the man Elena killed as a young girl in a flashback shown in episode 1. Ever since, the Beloks have been after Elena and her family.

At Fort Trotten, Rogelio finds the virus that Doak tried to leave behind to erase the original tape. In New York in an FBI surveillance van, Anthony reports back to Director Rogelio on Doak almost destroying the tape in the van before putting it back in his pocket. The Director has realized that Doak will try to blackmail the president for what he wants and informs Anthony to tell no one, not even Val.

Downstairs, Owen tries to explain to Val why he did what he did and claims that it was all for the right reasons. He claims they can put it all behind them if they quit the FBI and the CIA, and try to make a life for themselves again. Val is not so sure and tells him she doesn’t even know who she’s looking at. Owen says that he loves her, but Val tells him he should go.

While Val walks through Elena’s old cell, she imagines Elena’s voice warning her about blind faith, and telling her that they work well together. Spotting Elena’s blue dress in the closet, Val finds a loose thread, something Elena mentioned in her final speech to Val. When Val pulls the thread, a secret compartment opens in the dress, revealing a map to other matryoshkas.

Right at that moment, Val gets a call from an unknown number that turns out to be Elena, telling her she needs her help. 

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Air Date: May 2, 2022

Is Endgame Cancelled?

The Endgame has not been canceled by NBC. The show has low to average ratings and is in a tough timeslot for viewers. While there is a real chance of The Endgame being renewed, there is also a real chance of it being canceled. Some viewers found the twists and turns of the show too difficult to follow, but Morena Baccarin has been praised for her performance throughout the season.

Will There Be A Season 2 Of The Endgame?

As of yet, there is no word on a second season of The Endgame. NBC has released no official announcement about the cancelation or renewal of the new series, and right now things seem to be very much up in the air. If you’d like there to be a season 2 of The Endgame, watch the finale on NBC tonight or check it out the next day on Hulu, Peacock, and other platforms.

If ratings are good for the final episode, and there is significant fan interest in a second season, the network is more likely to renew the show. Let us know in the comments whether or not you’re hoping for season 2!

The Endgame Cast

  • Morena Baccarin as Elena Federova
  • Ryan Michelle Bathé as Val Turner
  • Costa Ronin as Sergey Vodianov
  • Noah Bean as Patrick Doak
  • Kamal Angelo Bolden as Owen Turner
  • Jordan Johnson-Hinds as FBI Agent Anthony Flowers

Guest Cast

  • Tarek Bishara as SSA Agent Gallo
  • Chad Ackerman as Agent Pastore
  • Jane Ives as Aunt Bruna
  • Paisley Day Herrera as Sofiya

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    The Endgame deserves Season 2.

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      I enjoyed the twists and turns. Elena was captivating. Please renew! I seldom get involved with a series but thus one I did

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    Absolutely love the twists and turns of this show and most definitely deserves a 2nd Season. NBC can’t leave us hanging as episode 10 ended with so many loose ends.



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    The Endgame is an intelligent suspenseful show with unpredictable twists and turns in every episode. The plot is fascinating and all the acting, especially Morena Baccarin and Ryan Michelle Bathe, is so fabulous. Please bring back this show for another season.

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    Loved the show! Kept us on edge of our seats and waiting for the next episode. Need to see how she gets her daughter back.

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    Enjoyed Endgame and need Season 2. Hoping that Sergey was able to escape to be in another season. Well done and intriguing series.

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