The Chi Star Rolando Boyce Talks About Season 4 Finale Episodes

Rolando Boyce chatted with Celebrity Myxer about the final two episodes of the fourth season of The Chi. Although he couldn’t blatantly spill the beans, we can speculate on the climax of the juicy television show. Set to premiere Sunday, July 25th, and Sunday, August 1st, let’s learn what’s in store from the perspective of one of the show’s stars.

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Darnell is known on the show as the smooth, straight-shooter, who is known for his signature tracksuits, old-school Bluetooth earpieces, and watches movies on a VCR. He brings a bit of comic relief to a dark and series show. In this season’s story arc, he has a new love interest, while his relationship with his son deepens, but a terminal illness rounds him full circle back to his family’s nucleus. Darnell’s character has grown and is a representation of fatherhood- he’s not the perfect father but he’s making strides to be one for his son.

Rolando Boyce is a theater veteran and Chicago native- which makes his portrayal in The Chi so fitting. When we asked him about his parallels to his character, Darnell, he doesn’t have as many children, nor wear an earpiece, but he does still have a VCR. Though he doesn’t use it LOL!

Rolando Boyce talks The Chi & P...
Rolando Boyce talks The Chi & P-Valley on Celebrity Myxer

Fatherhood is extremely important to Rolando. “If we’re not there for them, then they get lost. Boys and girls, they just need their Dad.” His suggestion for estranged fathers seeking to reconnect with their children, “I would say do it because they need you! Whether it’s old or young.” Boyce continues to add, “Even if you can get into someone’s life and show and care a little bit… it can get so much better.”

Rolando was initially cast to film only three episodes as Darnell, Emmett’s estranged father seeking to reconnect with his fragile son. Did you know he initially auditioned as the role of Douda? Anywhoo, the producers liked his performance so much, they brought him back in several episodes since. One of the twists as we learned, Darnell liked Dominique, one of his son’s employees at his restaurant and old fling. The fourth season script paired them as a couple. Watch a clip of Darnell (Rolando Boyce) and Dom (Lala Anthony.)

In the current season, Rolando appears on 6 out of 10 episodes including; Soul Food, Cooley High, Native Son, The Spook Who Sat by the Door, Southside with You, and the season finale… A Raisin in the Sun.

“It’s going to be incredible. You can try to guess and predict it. Just sit back, get some popcorn, get some wine and watch!”

Darnell on The Chi Season 4 Episode 9 Trailer Southside With

Darnell on The Chi Season 4 Episode 9 Trailer Southside With

In the episode 9 trailer, we saw Darnell rubbing someone’s feet. If you watched all seasons, we saw Jada and himself having some aborted moments at times. We speculated he and Jada having a moment due to her condition. Rolando told us… (watch the full interview to know!)

Check out some of Rolando’s appearances as Darnell on The Chi

Rolando couldn’t join us on set so we went back to virtual- he is currently in Atlanta filming season 2 of P Valley. His character will be Julian, a man from the fictitious city of Chucalissa. Stay right here, stay mixed in for more details.

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