The Chi Recap, Season 4 Episode 7 – Black Messiah

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of The Chi season 4 episode 7 – Black Messiah. Nina feels guilty for cheating on Dre. Emmett attends a sex party with Tiffany. Nina questions Keisha’s emotions about getting her baby back. Trig tries to stop a sex trafficking ring.

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On The Chi season 4 episode 6, we found out Laverne shot Douda for killing her son Brandon in season 3. Papa tries to form a truce between his friends Kevin, Jake, and Jemma to no avail. His own relationship takes a dive as he and Miasha take a break. Kevin gets kicked out of school for attacking Jake. Tiff and Dom embark on a new partnership to expand their edible business. Nina spies on Dre and cheats on her out of retaliation. She learns that Dre has been lying about her whereabouts to help Jada with her cancer diagnosis. Jada starts to notice the signs of Chemo. Keisha tried dating after having the baby. She came to the realization that she wants her baby back.

On The Chi season 4 episode 7, Keisha has her baby back. She is caring for him and her mother enters to talk with her. Octavia understood and gave the baby back without a fight. Nina questions whether Keisha is really prepared to be a mother. Asking her, “How are you going to feel when that baby starts to look like his father?” Remember, she was enslaved, raped, and impregnated. Keisha is disappointed with the query. She reassures her mother though. The discussion shifts towards the baby’s name as the new Mom does not have one for him yet…

Rolando Boyce talks The Chi & P...
Rolando Boyce talks The Chi & P-Valley on Celebrity Myxer
Kevin has a new love interest on The Chi Season 4 Episode 7 - Black Messiah

Kevin has a new love interest on The Chi Season 4 Episode 7 – Black Messiah

Kevin might have a new fling to help get over Jemma! Her name is Lynae. She’s the daughter of the woman who takes care of the family using OnlyFans. This is the same young lady who he bumped into at the shelter and Emmett told him, “you know… the best way to get over somebody is…”

Kevin ran into her again at the video game store. He was waiting in a long line for a game that had sold out. Lynae was able to get a copy and he asked to play with her. She obliged.

Kevin gaming with a new fling on The Chi Season 4 Episode 7 - Black Messiah

Kevin gaming with a new fling on The Chi Season 4 Episode 7 – Black Messiah

Lynae took him on the West Side to a gaming house to play. Kevin ended up beating her at the game. Thereafter, they had the opportunity to talk and get to know each other. Kevin asked her out on a date. She told him she’s not feeling him like that but they can still play video games together. Should Kevin pursue her more? Join in the conversation!

The Mayor Shutters A Wh*re House

Mayor Douda visited Trig to help him with a task. The mayor needed the assistance of a cane to walk. They enter a pimp’s wh*re house to demand he shut his operation down! Nook tried to buck however Douda flexed. Later on, Trig and Imani visited the brothel to free the women and help them transition. But they had more where to go.

Trig is on one accord with Imani to stop sex trafficking in the city. The community policing efforts gain some victories as they set up free clothing and food drives- even converting the trap house into a real home of the ladies.

Jada Shaves Off Her Hair - The Chi Season 4 Episode 7 Black Messiah

Jada Shaves Off Her Hair – The Chi Season 4 Episode 7 Black Messiah

Jada started to lose her hair so she painfully sped up the process by cutting it all off. It was agonizing, poignant, liberating- reminiscent of Sanaa Lathan’s performance in Nappily Ever After.

Emmett & Tiffany May Explore Kinky Options

Emmett Talks with Tiffany on The Chi season 4 episode 7 - Black Messiah

Emmett Talks with Tiffany on The Chi season 4 episode 7 – Black Messiah

While on the way to give Keisha their old baby items, Emmett wasn’t comfortable with Tiffany attending a sex party without him. She offered for him to join her. Initially, he declined, but ultimately he joined her. When he arrived, he was happy with his experience. Tiff possibly met someone (a couple) to explore with…

Love Language

Jake and Papa are in Emmett’s restaurant and they’re discussing their ladies. Jake clowns Papa for scrapbooking Maisha’s pictures for a creative apology. However, Papa schools Jake on protecting his own heart by not letting Jemma damage his. The young wise podcaster helped Jake discover Jemma’s love language.

Jake listened to his friend and got Jemma flowers and a card. While they were alone at his house, he surprised her with the gifts in his room. She was impressed!

Nina’s guilt of cheating on Dre is getting to her. She’s spaced out and jumpy when Dre speaks with her. Oddly, Emmett gave her some advice to come clean about her guilt. She ended up confiding with Jada about it, who also encouraged her to confess to Dre.

Nina Comes Clean

As the parents prepare a new crib, they discuss their family woes and things are constantly changing. Dre tried touching Nina but every time she would pull away. Nina confessed to Dre that she cheated on her.

Vic Mensa's cameo on The Chi Season 4 Episode 7 - Black Messiah

Vic Mensa’s cameo on The Chi Season 4 Episode 7 – Black Messiah

Trig was counseling this couple, Cherry and Jamal (Vic Mensa), for a while. Cherry was the provider for the house via her online sexting page. Jamal felt emasculated by it. One night, Trig had to intervene because Cherry attacked Jamal and called her brother (Lance) over to fight her beau. Trig had to referee things until it got out of hand when Lance pulled a gun on Jamal. Trig disarmed Lance and Jamal picked up the gun shooting a charging Lance in the chest and fleeing. They tried to save the man but he perished before an ambulance arrived. Trig was torn up about it…

Douda checked on Trig right after. He questioned the mayor’s relinquishment of the police. He urged that they needed more help. Douda warned Trig to be more careful…

Keisha Names Her Baby

Keisha woke up from a nightmare about her capture… and her savior. When she woke, she went to her baby and finally named him. Keisha named her baby Ronnie.

Initially, she didn’t want a Biblical name for her son, but the name is a symbolism of her own Black Messiah…

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Air Date: July 11, 2021

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    I love The Chi! It is a great show with real relationships. I really love the sibling bond between Keisha and Kevin. No matter what they have each other’s back. I love how through all of the trials and tribulations on the show it always gets back to love. Keep up the great work and continue to keep it real.

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      His name is Christian. He’s portrayed by actor, Freedom Martin.

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