The Chi Recap, Season 4 Episode 5 – The Spook Who Sat By The Door

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of The Chi season 4 episode 5 – The Spook Who Sat By The Door. Kiesha goes into labor. Kevin and Jemma’s relationship reaches a breaking point. Trig and Shaad have a falling out. Douda, Roselyn, and Marcus prepare for the gala.

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On The Chi season 4 episode 4, Kevin was juggling staying out of trouble for lenience at home versus saving his relationship by purposely getting in trouble with Jemma. Their relationship was strained to the point she veered to Jake (his best friend) for companionship. Jemma kissed Jake! Keisha was rushed to the hospital and labor might have been induced but Octavia thwarted it by calming the situation as it was only Braxton Hicks. Emmett and Tiffany set ground rules for their open marriage. Jada finally told Emmett she had cancer and the girl from Chicago was found slain, Imani wasn’t able to save her…

On The Chi season 4 episode 5, in the first episode, we saw a glimpse of the tragedy to come in this season! Then we were rewound. In this episode, we see more of what will emerge at the gala as it gets deadly.

Rolando Boyce talks The Chi & P...
Rolando Boyce talks The Chi & P-Valley on Celebrity Myxer

Kevin and Jemma are tipping a breaking point and she’s withholding the fact that she and Jake are messing around with each other. He questions the irony of her wanting to expose the truth for the revolution but not reveal the truth to her boyfriend about moving on. Jake gives Jemma an ultimatum, if she doesn’t tell him… he will!

In the previous episode, we saw Mayor Douda spoiling Tracy with an elegant selection of gowns and shoes to wear to the gala. He wanted her to monologue the event. She questioned why not his wife and confronted that he was using her for good-face with the press. He admitted he was, but challenged that she was doing the same for her organization to gain funding and an audience.

Shaad dresses for a job interview and Imani greets him with warmth and offers him a tie. You can immediately see his frustration of learning her biological gender and coaxes an attitude with her. He didn’t know how to tie a tie and when she tried to help him, Shaad shunned Imani. She cursed him and left the room. When Trig got home she confronted him to get rid of Shaad as he was dwelling at their home, eating their food, yet trying her like crap. Trig vowed to talk to Shaad.

Dre continues to meet with Jada in secret to support her. Dre urges Jada to tell Nina so she can stop being suspicious of her activities. Jada wanted a little more time before everyone close to her gives her a pity party. Jada did tell Dre that she made out her will and wanted her to enforce it.

Emmett went to visit his mother, bringing her a juicer because of the health benefits. He still struggles to accept her younger boyfriend. He told his mother, “I can’t lose you!” He broke down and asked to pray with her because he didn’t want to leave it all in the hands of medicine. The moment got lighter as she quizzed when did he start praying. He responded, “I pray every time me and Tiff have sex… I pray she don’t get pregnant.” In all seriousness, he wanted his mother to see him blossom to maturity now that he was finally getting his act together.

He stated he wanted to buy her a big house and make her proud, she rebutted she was proud of him regardless…

Trig took Shaad to a job interview. However, he received the bad news that all ex-cons receive and he didn’t get the job. This enraged him. He needed a drink to blow off the steam. Trig took him to a bar where they could talk. Trig had to give his friend more bad news as he soon wanted Shaad out of their house. Shaad confronted him and challenged Trig that he’s choosing Imani over their lengthy friendship. Shaad confronted his sexuality. Trig stood on his ultimatum.

While on the dance floor, Mayor Douda and Roselyn have a chat about her job security. She threatened him to offer it or she will give him divorce papers!

While at the gala, Jemma was distant from Kevin. And the irony, Jake was distant from Jemma. In fact, he tried to make her jealous by talking to other girls. She chased after Jake throughout the night. When she finally caught up to him they were caught kissing on the stairwell by Kevin! He stormed out and left the party.

The Chi Season 4 Episode 5 - Keisha goes into labor

The Chi Season 4 Episode 5 – Keisha goes into labor

Keisha goes into labor and she chooses all-natural birth delivery… Octavia is also present and reads aloud affirmations to soothe the tense situations but it only agitates Nina more when she hears her laborious daughter screams in pain. Nina is scared and wants to go to the hospital but the midwife reassures her that she’s in good hands. There were many women present who loved her. They all banded together and coached her into giving a successful natural birth! It was a boy!

The Chi Season 4 Episode 5 - Who Shot Mayor Douda

The Chi Season 4 Episode 5 – Who Shot Mayor Douda

Mayor Douda used his power and it may have put a target on his back. As he marveled the Chi from the rooftop -a city new now controls- it had to be a familiar face approach him as he was smiling. Then the person brandishes a gun and shoots him in the lower left stomach area! Does Mayor Douda die on The Chi? Who shot Douda? We speculate it could be Roselyn because of their recent strain, but that’s too easy of a guess. Or could it be Mr. St. John, Jemma’s dad, because minutes before, Douda shunned him over his support to his position? Is it a rogue cop? Or could it have been Tracy… in the ultimate plot of revenge for her slain son…

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Air Date: June 20, 2021

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