Station 19 Season 6 Episode 5 Recap “Pick Up The Pieces”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Station 19 Season 6 Episode 5 “Pick Up The Pieces.” The Station 19 crew works against the clock to rescue a group of employees trapped inside of a malfunctioning battery recycling plant. Carina plans a special surprise in an attempt to reconnect with Maya; Travis gets caught in the crosshairs of dirty politics, and Jack turns up at clinic day only to be confronted with new details about his past. Here’s what you missed!

Air Date & Time: Thursday, November 3, 2022, at 8 pm ET, 7 pm CT, and 5 pm PT on ABC.

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Previously on Station 19 Season  Episode 4, Maya and Theo answer a call at a Halloween carnival, but when a fire hits the corn maze, the dangers quickly escalate, and Maya risks her own life to prove her worth to her increasingly hostile captain. Meanwhile, Station 19 hosts the neighborhood kids for trick-or-treating; a prank war breaks out in the house, and Jack is haunted by a ghost from his past.

Warning… Spoilers below!

On Station 19 Season 6 Episode 5, a Crisis One call and Station 19 call intersect when people are put in danger at a battery recycling plant. Maya and Carina take one step forward and three steps back in their relationship, and Vic steps back at Travis’ campaign manager. Meanwhile, a mysterious girl showing up to the clinic brings new answers, and questions, about Jack’s past.

The Highs and Lows of a Relationship

Andy talks to her mom about going on date with a masseuse, and how she’s been going on a few dates with non-firefighters. Her mom encourages Andy to go after someone who challenges her. Andy mentions that she’s describing Eli, but she doesn’t like him at all.

Sullivan and Chief Ross text, and Chief Ross brushes him off when he asks to see her again without having to wait until a hotel getaway.

Maya ices her hurt ankle when Carina comes to the door and reminisces on their relationship. Maya comes out to find that Carina has set up a romantic night consisting of everything from their first night together. Carina tells Maya that she doesn’t want to lose her, and she doesn’t want to lose their love.

Hands Are Getting Dirty

Vic tries to make a video to try and recruit girls to join their firefighting camp, but struggles to find the right words.

Maya cooks breakfast for the crew, and even Beckett compliments her, which is a complete surprise to everyone.

Everyone gets an alert on their phone, and they see a news post about Travis being arrested for public intoxication and assaulting a fellow firefighter. Vic rushes in, saying she can help, but she can’t think of the steps to take to fix it, which stresses Travis out.

Sullivan and Andy get called out for a Crisis One emergency, and Andy notices how Sullivan seems off and asks if he’s having relationship issues. Andy advises Sullivan to just ask for what he wants from the woman he’s talking to.

They show up to help a drunk man named Raphael who is on the roof of a parking garage. Raphael tells them that he’s sick, and nobody can help him. He wants to die on his own terms.

Ben finds Jack sleeping in his car, and wakes him up and leads him into the clinic. Carina tells Ben that Peggy and Dana, her friends and former patient, are volunteering at the clinic. Jack walks over to them, and they hand him a ton of forms to fill out. He thought the clinic didn’t have forms, but he sits down and fills them out anyway.

Beckett thanks Travis for his help with the clinic, and Travis wonders what game he’s playing at by being so nice to everyone. Chief Ross shows up, and says that it’s because she’s there.

Travis apologizes to Chief Ross for the news about him, but Chief Ross assures him that she’s just doing her rounds in the house, it wasn’t intentional. Travis continues to apologize, but Chief Ross says that she doesn’t care how he handles his politics, his hands are going to get dirty regardless. She encourages him to handle it with grace and dignity, or get someone who can.

No Exit

Raphael tells Sullivan and Andy that the place is special to him and he wants them to leave him alone. Sullivan calls for backup to prepare for the worst.

Vic asks Theo if she’s a good campaign manager, and Theo questions if being a campaign manager is something that she even wants. Vic brushes him off, and instead asks him why he checked the smoke detectors multiple times earlier that day while doing the inspection.

They are cut off when the arrive at the scene, a battery recycling plant. A worker comes out and tells them that her coworkers are stuck in the area where they melt the batteries down and there’s no way to get into the room.

Raphael tells them that his dad dropped dead, and Andy tells him about her mom faking her own death. He tells Andy that he’s in heart failure, so there’s nothing to live for anymore. Andy tries to relate to him, but Raphael sees Sullivan prepared in the harness and freaks out, jumping up onto his car and closer to the edge of the roof.

The battery plant worker leads the team to the trapped people, and she tells them that the doors are impossible to break through. One of the trapped workers tries to speak through the glass, and they realize he’s saying there’s acid in the air. The woman freaks out, telling Beckett that they don’t have long before they die.

A Stranger Appears

A young woman shows up at the clinic to check in, and seems taken aback when Carina calls Jack’s name to take him back. She tells Peggy and Dana that she needs a UTI test and a pregnancy test.

Later, she watches Jack through the curtain, until Carina comes in to lead her to the bathroom.

Ben checks in on Jack, and tells him that he needs to pull it together. He says that Pru has been asking about Jack a lot now, so Jack can’t disappoint her. Jack comes back at Ben, saying he’s ruined the clinic by adding intake forms and white coats, which goes against what it was made for. Ben tells Jack to come back and fix it, then, because him and Carina are just doing what they know. Ben suggests that Jack sleeps in a cot in the firehouse, regardless of the rules.

The young girl is waiting outside of Jack’s area, and purposefully bumps into him. He walks past, but Carina notices her strange behavior.

Saving Lives

The firefighters encourage the workers to lay on the ground while Vic and Theo fail to find a way in through the roof.

The female worker is on the phone with her manager, and Beckett demands that the manager comes down to give them access into the room, but he says he doesn’t have access, that their engineer named Raph is the only one that knows how to get in and he didn’t show up to work. Chief Ross hears this over the radio, and makes a connection.

Sullivan and Andy try to calm Raphael off of the ledge. He talks about a former coworker that he watched deteriorate and die. Chief Ross calls Andy and confirms that Raphael is the battery plant engineer that the other Station 19 crew is looking for, and that he may be the only key to save 8 lives back at the battery plant.

Andy tells Raphael that his coworkers are in trouble and that he can save them. Raphael is confused, and stumbles on the car and falls off the edge. Luckily, Sullivan leaps off in his harness and is able to catch Raphael. Andy and the other Crisis One worker hold onto the rope, and Andy runs down a few floors and is able to grab Raphael and help him down.

They rush to the battery plant, where the firefighters still can’t get into the door. Raphael rushes in, and his handprint is what finally lets the firefighters in. They’re able to successfully get all of the workers out.

One of the workers starts seizing, and Raphael starts running up to help him. Raphael tries to apologize to Liz, the coworker, but she’s not answering him at all. She marches up to him, looking as if she’s going to hit him, but pulls him into a hug and breaks down, blaming herself. Raphael assures her that it isn’t her fault, and that he’s going to spend whatever days he has left helping them.

Steps Forward and Backward

Carina tells the mysterious girl that her pregnancy and UTI tests were negative, and before she leaves, Carina stops and asks her what she’s really doing there. The girl rambles on for a bit before finally handing an envelope addressed to Jack to Carina and asks her to deliver it.

Carina gives Ben the envelope addressed to Jack and tells him about the girl that came in looking for him. They wonder if it’s a girl he has history with.

Vic tells Travis that she should’ve anticipated the news from Dixon, but Travis assures her that she couldn’t have known. Eli appears, and tells Travis that he needs a spin on the story. He gives a nice speech about how Travis was only defending his fellow firefighters, and that could go a long way in voter’s eyes. Travis is about to respectfully tell Eli to leave, but Vic tells him that she’ll be too busy working with the future female firefighters, so she can’t do it anymore. Travis tries to ask her to stay, but Vic says that Travis needs Eli.

Maya checks in on Carina, who tells Maya that she still needs to be getting help. Maya assures Carina that talking doesn’t work for her, and she’s working on her stuff in her own way. Maya says that Carina trying to control her isn’t going to work for either of them.

Looking Out For Family

Theo brings Chief Ross aside, and tells her that Beckett isn’t doing a great job as captain. He tells her that the morale is low, and he’s been so stressed because he can’t have Captains making bad calls and losing any more of their family. Chief Ross tries to shut down his accusations, but Theo says that Beckett is a bad leader, and he wouldn’t be talking to her if he wasn’t genuinely worried.

Andy brings Jack the envelope, and jokes about it being a paternity test from the random girl. Andy tells Jack that everyone misses him, and that he can come back home. Jack tells Andy that he will talk to Chief Ross about coming back, which nearly brings Andy to tears.

Maya works out and ignores a call from Carina. Carina pulls a pregnancy test out of the side table, and heads to the bathroom alone.

Chief Ross struggles to think of a text to send Sullivan, and types out several things that reveal her feelings, but she just settles on hoping he has a good day.

Jack opens the envelope, and finds a note from someone named Brooke. She signs it as his sister, and inside is a picture of Jack as a baby.

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Station 19 Cast

  • Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andy Herrera
  • Jason George as Ben Warren
  • Grey Damon as Jack Gibson
  • Barrett Doss as Victoria Hughes
  • Jay Hayden as Travis Montgomery
  • Okieriete Onaodowan as Dean Miller
  • Danielle Savre as Maya Bishop
  • Boris Kodjoe as Captain Robert Sullivan
  • Stefania Spampinato as Carina DeLuca
  • Miguel Sandoval as Pruitt Herrera
  • Carlos Miranda as Theo Ruiz
  • Merle Dandrige as Chief Natasha Ross

Guest Cast

  • Rob Heaps as Eli Stern

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