Damson Idris Reveals Jaw-Dropping Spoiler. Who Dies Next On Snowfall?

Although we did not have the opportunity to interview the cast of Snowfall on the red carpet as we traditionally have, we did interview them virtually. However, in our Snowfall season 4 interview, we chatted with all the main cast members, the writers, and the producer of the show. We learned how the halt and resuming of production during the pandemic made them better actors, why you should be tuning in this season, and lead actor Damson Idris dropped an exclusive spoiler on our show. You have to watch it!

Snowfall was renewed for a fifth season. This was announced on Eric Schrier, President, FX Entertainment. Snowfall is enjoying an incredible +41% increase in total viewers, averaging 5.1 million total viewers across all platforms. We’ve said repeatedly before everyone jumped on the bandwagon, Snowfall is one of the best shows on TV!

If you’re a fan of Snowfall, then you have seen Damson’s character, Franklin, slowly turn from an ivy-league-bound college kid- into a deadly drug dealer. We asked Damson, does he prefer to be a protagonist or an antagonist. Of course, he has more fun as a bad guy, he jokingly states, “I enjoy being a demon.”

When we asked Isaiah John (who portrays Leon) about how he readjusted and tested himself during the global pandemic and social injustice movement, he shared how he re-evaluated his life. He elaborated on how he sees the world from a different perspective. “I felt free because I was able to get rid of a lot of baggage just sitting still. I came back lighter, I came back more self-aware. And to me, I felt it transpired into better performances,” he reveals.

We asked Michael Hyatt about her role as Franklin’s mother in Snowfall. This season, Cissy, is becoming more involved in the real estate development side of Franklin’s business. She’s also breaking bad. She explains that playing the role is, “an emotional journey!”

Kevin Carroll shared a heartfelt realization with us. His portrayal of Alton, Franklin’s father, is not that of the typical Black man on television. It is one of gentle compassion. Something that really exists despite stereotypes. And one that we need to see more of on TV.

John Singleton And Alexus Renee On Celebrity Myxer

John Singleton And Alexus Renee On Celebrity Myxer

The crew even shared their anecdotes and gratitudes for the show’s creator- who passed in 2019. It was a great conversation with funny moments as Damson and Amin sang a melody in honor of us learning that Leon’s afro was real and not a wig. There were serious moments. And then there was Damson possibly leaking a spoiler of Uncle Jerome’s character being killed off the show!

You have to watch our Snowfall season 4 interview with the cast. We’d love to hear your questions about Snowfall in the comments below!

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