Romeo Miller & Juliana Harkavy Talk New Movie ‘Who Is Christmas Eve?’

Who Is Christmas Eve? premieres on Bounce TV on Sunday, November 21, 2021. It’s a heartfelt Christmas story. We had a chance to interview the supporting star Romeo Miller and Juliana Harkavy who portrays Pamela Slaton, an investigative genealogist, author, and producer of the film. There were other special guests who attended the interview including Pamela Slaton, Loni Love from The Real, David Hudson the executive vice president of Scripps Networks, and we got a special surprise from Master P! Watch our exclusive interview!

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Exclusive Interview

Romeo Miller portrays Chris, the boyfriend of Eve Simmons (portrayed by Paige Hurd, Power Book II: Ghost.) His character is a true prince charming, fully understanding of Eve’s predicament of not knowing her biological parents. She was left on the doorsteps of a church with a locket. His character sought out Pam Slaton to try and find Eve’s biological parents revealing the mystery behind her identity.

We asked both Romeo and Juliana Harkavy (Arrow) who portrays Pam Slaton, about preparing for difficult roles.

Fun fact… did you know Romeo Miller was cast to play a male stripper in a movie LOL! (Was it Magic Mike?) Anywhoo, although he didn’t take the role he did practice victoriously for months as he is a perfectionist. He said in our interview with him, “If my rehearsal footage ever goes online I’mma be viral!”

In all seriousness, he said of his role, “I felt it was built for me! I get pushed [in] a certain direction by God. When I play characters, it’s more meaningful.” Miller continues, “Chris is that person that’s fighting for somebody who he loves and wants the best for them. That person may not see it that way. I think we all have a Chris in our life in some shape or form.”

We also asked Romeo how did he make a name for himself and emerge from the shadow of his super mogul father Master P. Romeo has a large family, with seven younger siblings and teaches them and takes his own advice to be the best person of themselves. He shared that he looks up to his father as a gift, he can pick his brain and aspire to be exponentially better. Children following successful parents come with pressure but it is a mindset to succeed…

Master P surprise visits Celebrity Myxer's interview of cast of Who Is Christmas Eve

Master P surprise visits Celebrity Myxer’s interview of cast of Who Is Christmas Eve

During the live interview, we had Master P surprise us and pop in… it is a must-watch moment! P.S. Loni Love, you better get Master P those shades girl!

About Who Is Christmas Eve

Who Is Christmas Eve Movie Airs On Bounce TV

Who Is Christmas Eve Movie Airs On Bounce TV

Eve Simmons was left with nothing but questions and a locket when she was abandoned as an infant on the church steps on Christmas Eve. Now in her thirties and struggling to move forward in her life, she embarks on a search for her birth parents with the help of famed investigative genealogist Pam Slaton.

The real-life Slaton is the country’s foremost expert in reuniting adoptees with their birth parents. An adoptee herself, Slaton’s challenging personal experience with her own birth mother motivated Slaton to make helping other adoptees her life’s work.

Over the course of her career to date, Slaton has reunited thousands of adoptees with their families including rapper Darryl McDaniels of RUN-DMC fame, who makes a cameo appearance as himself in “Who Is Christmas Eve?” As part of the Emmy-Award-winning documentary, “DMC: My Adoption Journey,” she reunited McDaniels with his birth mother. Slaton’s real work has been showcased extensively in television and print media.

Although we didn’t get to chat with Pam Slaton and David Hudson who is the EVP of Original Programming at Scripps Networks (Bounce TV, ION, Laff, Court TV, Court TV Mystery, Grit, Defy TV, TrueReal, and Newsy) it was a pleasure to have them attend the interview.

Be sure to catch the interview on Bounce TV on Sunday, November 21, 2021.

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