Rolando Boyce Talks ‘The Chi’ & ‘P-Valley’ on Celebrity Myxer

Rolando Boyce followed up with Celebrity Myxer recently to discuss his recurring role as Darnell on The Chi, as well as his appearance on P-Valley. It was great catching up with him and learning about his future endeavors. Watch my full interview with Rolando or read about it below!

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Darnell on The Chi

My first interview with Rolando was great! We discussed the importance of Fatherhood (especially in Black households,) the growth of his character on The Chi, and his new gig with P-Valley. This time around, we expand that conversation…

Rolando Boyce talks The Chi & P...
Rolando Boyce talks The Chi & P-Valley on Celebrity Myxer

In our previous discussion, we spoke of there being not many positive representations of Black relationships on The Chi. However, in the fifth season, it seems to shift as Rolando says, “The theme for this season is love… Black Love.”

That statement segued to the growth of different characters in the series, especially the young adolesncents. I can recall my interview with Yolanda Ross (Jada), Shamon Brown Jr (Papa), and Michael Epps (Jake), and they were so young yet maturing in their roles.

Darnell’s character is definitely a fan favorite for his hilarious swag touting his Bluetooth earpiece, tracksuits, and no-filter way of conversing. When Rolando was asked if he speaks to his children as Darnell does, there’s a clear distinction… he can’t be so brass but is more suggestive in his approach. Darnell is interesting, and his character was pieced together based on mannerisms from Rolando’s friends and family from Chicago or even random conversations at the bar.

In The Chi season 5, Darnell is trying to get Jada back. When asked whether it’s too late for him, Rolando tells us that there was something special between the two. They’ve grown closer since Jada nearly lost her life to cancer last season. Plus, they both are getting older and felt more compatible, hence why Jada did not marry Suede.

Since I’m rooting for Darnell… when asked if he would be the supportive man Jada needs (now that she chose him over Suede). Rolando told us about a funny anecdote that the hair and makeup staff had with him. They stated, “We’re waiting to see how Darnell will f* this up!” However, Rolando tells us to expect growth and development from Darnell’s character.

Cameo on P-Valley

If you saw the season two premiere of P-Valley, then you spotted Rolando in the opening scene at the carwash. I’m sure he had a blast… get it LOL!

Unfortunately, we won’t see him in the rest of season two, but he did share that he’s confident that P-Valley will get a third season! (Perhaps we’ll see his return then?)

Rolando did commend Nicco Annan (Uncle Clifford) and Morocco Omari (Big L) because he previously worked with Nicco in the hospitality industry in Los Angeles as a side hustle before they both landed roles on hit shows. That episode was the first time Rolando and Morocco had the pleasure to act together in the same show.

It was a great reunion for them. Rolando even shared that while he and Nicco were on set, they would marvel at where they both started and what they have been able to achieve thus far.

Cap Hedges on South Side

Rolando Boyce recently was cast as Cap Hedges on South Side on HBO Max. He portrays an uber-rich guy on the third season of South Side, which premieres in November of 2022. This show is special for him as his family members star in the series, including Sultan Salahuddin (Simon James) and Bashir Salahuddin (Officer Goodnight). They couldn’t link before due to the conflict of timing while filming The Chi. Things happen in the timing they were meant for…

Stay right here, stay myxed in for more on that role. In closing, Rolando shared how I’ve personally become his lucky charm with retaining work and great roles each time he interviews with me. The sentiment is the same, and we’ll always welcome him to return. Perhaps you’ll see my next role on South Side

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What did you think of my second interview with Rolando Boyce? Chat with me in the comments below!

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