R&B Superstar Liv Heavenly’s Rise To The Top

R&B superstar Liv Heavenly has undoubtedly been making a name for herself. Her first tour sold out across the United States as she took the music industry by storm. Her name soon made significant waves, resulting in her opening for ‘Mariah The Scientist’ in Atlanta. But the road to this success was well-mapped out when we take a closer look at her background…

Liv Heavenly’s Upbringing

Liv Heavenly

Liv Heavenly

Growing up in a Christian family within Detroit, Michigan, brought about many challenges. But in and amongst that, it laid the musical foundations that were ever so crucial for Liv’s development.

She was exposed to gospel music and artists, including Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, to name a few. Meanwhile, music was also in her family. Her father happened to be a Pastor within her town and would often make gospel music.

Taking things in like a sponge, Liv began to master the creative process that is needed to produce a track. Soon, this passion comes to fruition during her teenage years.

She joined many choirs, school musicals, and anything else that would allow her to perform. The results soon paid divided. In 2020, she managed to secure herself a record deal with BNA Management.

It was here where she fine-tuned her talent and became the artist that we know today. Her musical style developed with a particular focus on R&B and catchy melodies, which became huge fan favorites.

So much so that Liv was invited to perform the national anthem at a Detroit Pistons basketball match and one such song which sums up her style is “Grown.”

The R&B hit combines her musical style in a track discussing the difficulties a relationship may face when both sides are not ready to commit. But unlike the lyrics of this song, Liv has been doing whatever it takes to make a name for herself in the industry.

And the results have been there for all to see. Her song blew up on social media with over 100,000 views within the first month of its release. But the road to success was not easy.

Liv has had to deal with many personal problems as part of that journey to grow as an artist. One struggle has been to balance her Christian ethos in an industry where she wanted to express herself fully. But that fear of being shunned for who she was only strengthened her resolve.

"All Day" by Liv Heavenly

“All Day” by Liv Heavenly

In doing so, she hopes that her journey will inspire others who have a passion for music to follow their dreams and let loose their inhibitions. If you like what you have read so far, then check out Liv’s single “Grown” and many more right here on Spotify.

You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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