Rap Sh!t Season 1 Episode 2 Recap “Something For The Girls”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Rap Sh!t Season 1 Episode 2 “Something for The Girls.” After their first video gains traction, Shawna and Mia’s second attempt at success leads to creative differences. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on Rap Sh!t Season 1 Episode 1 Premiere, stuck at a dead-end hotel job while her long-distance boyfriend attends law school, aspiring rapper Shawna spontaneously invites her estranged friend Mia out for drinks – yielding surprising results.

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Warning… Spoilers below!

On Rap Sh!t Season 1 Episode 2, At her friend’s house, Molly talks about Shawna to her two other friends. They warn her to be careful and tell her to take Lamont to court over not taking care of his half of Melissa’s expenses, since he’s flashing jewels, watches, and other shit in his videos.

New Era of Women

Mia tries to call him, and when he doesn’t pick up she records another video bashing broke, manipulative niggas. Just then, her daughter’s preschool teacher calls and tells her there’s been an incident at school, and her boss reminds her that her break time is over.

At home, Shawna calls her friend Jill to tell her about her TikTok, that now has 80k views. Jill promises to try and see what she can do for her at Spotify, but she Facetimes their other friend Bella to tell her that Shawna is all over the place and she needs to protect her own career.

Meanwhile, Cliff’s roommates watch the TikTok and realize that Mia is Ghetto Dominatrix from OnlyFans. They ask Cliff how he’ll become a senator someday if Shawna’s rapping about scamming niggas and getting dick, and he seems worried.

Lost in Translation

After work, Mia calls her mother to complain about Melissa being mad and tells her she doesn’t want to talk about Lamont. Her mother and her friend Teisha remind her not to let having a baby prevent her from living her life, and Mia tells them she’s starting a new venture.

She asks her mother if she can watch Melissa tonight while she goes to record with Shawna. When she arrives, Mia is impressed by the microphone they have to use, but she isn’t impressed by the revised version Shawna has made of the song about student loans.

Mia tries to explain that they should make a song for the girls to get ready and party to this summer. Shawna asks her to write down some topics to write about, but she and Mia have very different ideas about what would make a good song for the people.

While Shawna gets a text about the money for the card she took from the hotel, Mia bonds with Shawna’s roommates on the couch. Shawna’s roommate’s girlfriend is deaf, and she translates the fight as they talk in the kitchen. Mia leaves, and Shawna complains to Cliff about it all.


He tells her that once she raps with a girl like Mia, she’ll never be respected in the industry. He looks down on Mia for having an Only Fans and claims that Mia is the opposite of everything that Shawna is trying to work towards. Meanwhile, Mia does a one-on-one video with a client.

Warren, her client, tells her he wants to spoil her and take her on trips. Mia tells him maybe and sits on the couch while checking out Shawna’s old rap videos with Francois Boom, who was condescending as fuck. Angry, Mia ignores Shawna’s message and blocks Lamont.

The next day, Mia and Lamont communicate with Melissa’s teacher, Mia at the school, and Lamont over Facetime. The teacher tells them Melissa is a leader academically and encourages them to send Melissa to space camp and talk to her about her feelings.

Mia is sad that she could have had a different life if she had teachers who care, but she’s cheered up when Lamont sends her $4000 for Melissa’s expenses. After the meeting, she heads to the Plymouth Hotel to talk to Shawna and meets the very flirtatious Maurice.

Something for the Girls

At drinks, after she gets off, Mia asks Shawna about Francios Boom. Shawna gets vulnerable about working on her album with him until he stopped having time for her. When she confronted him about it, he said that they needed to rethink her whole vision, they were on different pages.

Mia tells her that if niggas wanted to think, they would go to NPR. Their music needs to be fun and something people want to listen to. Shawna claims that rapping about sex and money and their bodies is for men, but Mia sees it as women being able to have a good time and win.

They agree to try again, and Shawna goes into the studio over a new beat. They write a song together about being bad bitches in the summer, and not doing shit for a nigga who doesn’t deserve it. Shawna feels empowered, and Mia is happy that they figured out something that works for them both.

That night, Shawna surprised Cliff with a naked show on Facetime, and they have great virtual sex for the first time in a while. They masturbate together over the phone and cum together, and Cliff apologizes for earlier, and he talks to her about coming to New York and living with him.

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Air Date: July 21, 2022

Rap Sh!t Cast

  • Aida Osman as Shawna
  • KaMillion as Mia
  • Jonica Booth as Chastity
  • Devon Terrell as Cliff
  • Daniel Augustin as Maurice
  • RJ Cyler as Lamont
  • Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut as Fatima
  • Nijah Brenea as Jazmin

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1 2 Something for The Girls July 21, 2022
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