Queens Season 1 Episode 10 Recap “Nasty Girl Records”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Queens Season 1 Episode 10 “Nasty Girl Records.” Putting old rivalries aside, the ladies embark on a new career venture with Zadie, aka “Lady Z.” Meanwhile, Jill faces her past while standing up to her disapproving father and Naomi encourages Zadie to demand justice. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on Queens Season 1 Episode 9, Brianna died, and the crew deal with the aftermath of her death. Naomi met a former rival, Zadie aka Lady Z, and put her on a track which was a hit! The ladies ultimately formed a record label Nasty Girl Records. It’ll be a full-service managing outlet that will support artists instead of exploiting them. They’ll all release solo music, and they want to sign Zadie as their first client.

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Warning… Speculations below!

On Queens Season 1 Episode 10, during last week’s explosive mid-season premiere, the remaining Queens decided to form Nasty Girl Records, with Lady Z aka Zadie (Remy Ma) as their first signed client.

The Queens (Naomi, Valeria, Jill, and Lauren aka Lil Muffin) plus Lady Z did a radio spot to announce an opening show with Naomi and Lady Z as well as the Nasty Girl Records launch party at the Staples Center.

Frank Black shows up on Queens Season 1 Episode 10

Frank Black shows up on Queens Season 1 Episode 10

During the opening show, Lady Z falters when Frank Black shows up on the balcony at the show. Back at the house, Naomi argues that they should press charges against him but Lauren tells them the statute of limitations is way past and Zadie argues Frank is still too powerful.

Insensitively, Lauren tells Zadie that Frank brought her into the game and she never saw anything like what he did to Zadie, and maybe that’s because she didn’t put herself in a position to be hurt that way.

Valeria worries over skipping the getting to know you phase with Thomas, and they agree to do a get to know you quiz in a magazine to help her write a better song about him. They share their favorites, their fears, and everything else they can think of.

Valeria shares her vulnerability with Thomas on Queens Season 1 Episode 10

Valeria shares her vulnerability with Thomas on Queens Season 1 Episode 10

When Thomas asks her what her most prized possession is, she shares a photo of her mother holding her when she was a child. Convinced her mother didn’t love her because no one does, Valeria doesn’t respond when Thomas tells her he loves her.

At church, Jill is emotional while listening to a sermon about forgiving yourself and how important it is. After the service, she tries to tell the Pastor how much she loved the sermon, but he slaps her across the face and demands she apologize to her father.

Naomi and Eric meet with Frank Black and his new artist, who he claims will be the new Flo Milli. He tells them it’s a good thing that they signed Zadie and that he’ll be at the Staples Center opening. Naomi is disgusted that Eric can treat him so kindly, and leaves without eating.

At lunch with her father, Jill defends herself from his accusations about how her lifestyle caused her husband’s actions. He tells her the way she came out affected their entire family and apologizes for putting his hands on her but he refuses to talk to her about her mother’s funeral.

Naomi meets with one of Frank’s old artists Hood Honey, who she saw in a video with him looking uncomfortable. When the woman arrives to talk she brings her young son with her. Hood Honey shares how Frank Black reached out to her and brought her into the industry.

She then opens up about how he groomed her, abused her, and got her pregnant. Then he abandoned her, gave her two thousand dollars for an abortion, and disappeared from her life.

While Naomi is busy working with Zadie and Hood Honey, Jill, Lauren, and Valeria meet. At the house, Muffin again accuses Naomi and Zadie of not leaving the past in the past.

Valeria complains to the women that things aren’t working out with Thomas, but Jill tells her she needs to give it at least a real shot.

Naomi shows Zadie the evidence and tells her Hood Honey’s story. She convinces her to share her story publicly with a journalist that they can trust. Zadie tells the story of her first assault by Frank, and how he was so calm about it while she fought back.

She recounts how she was taken to jail for breaking Frank’s jaw, and how she was black-listed after she got out. The next morning Zadie’s article is released online, but it isn’t what they agreed on. Instead of a piece holding Frank accountable, the article accuses Zadie of making false accusations to revive her career.

Zadie is furious about the article and angry at Naomi for convincing her to come forward. Zadie tells her Naomi is obsessed with fixing problems that have nothing to do with her and quits Nasty Girl records.

When Jill visits her father’s hotel room, she finds him drunk on the floor. He admits to drinking for the first time in sixty-plus years because his wife is gone and he doesn’t understand why God would take her from him. Drunk, he asks her if she was unhappy as a child because of him. More open than usual, he tells Jill he’s proud of her and that he loves her.

Valeria meets Eric at the studio and asks him if she thinks people can really change. She admits she’s only said I love you to two people Eric, and her fake mother, and she doesn’t know if she loves Thomas yet.

She confesses to Eric that she wants to hurt and be confused, and tries to kiss him. Eric stops her, and tells her she deserves to be loved and that Thomas is ready to do that if she’ll let him. While they embrace, Thomas arrives and asks Valeria if she’s ready to talk.

Later that night, Muffin finds Zadie and comes clean about why she’s been so angry. Frank Black assaulted her too, and she has evidence that can bring him down. On a voicemail, she has Frank telling her he hopes she didn’t feel some type of way after what happened.

Lauren tells Zadie she tries her best to act like it didn’t happen, and that it’s what drove her to drug and alcohol addiction. She pleads with Zadie not to quit the label and says that she’ll speak up and tell her story too.

Valeria confronts Thomas about all her flaws and secrets and opens up about being shallow and afraid of abandonment. Thomas counters with the fact that he loves her anyway, and that they’ll figure out everything together if she’ll just trust him a little bit. Valeria tells Thomas she loves him too.

In the morning, Jill tries to help her father with breakfast food and a recommendation for a clinic in her hometown. Her father turns on her and accuses her of being ungrateful and rebellious. Jill stands up for herself and tells her father that he’s using God to justify the hatred in his heart, before leaving him for good and realizing she’s proud of who she is.

Lady Z performs her new song for survivors on Queens Season 1 Episode 10

Lady Z performs her new song for survivors on Queens Season 1 Episode 10

In the morning, Zadie tells Naomi she wants back in the show and that the world needs to hear what she has to say. At the Staples Center opening show, Lady Z debuts her new single dedicated to survivors everywhere.

During the concert, Frank is arrested on multiple counts of rape and assault based on Zadie’s and Lauren’s testimonies, and four other women who came out about their assaults after Lauren and Zadie went public. Together, the women and Eric watch the news of Frank’s arrest.

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Air Date: January 11, 2022

Queens Cast

  • Eve as Brianna ‘Professor Sex’
  • Naturi Naughton as Jill ‘Da Thrill’
  • Brandy Norwood as Naomi ‘Xplicit Lyrics’
  • Nadine Velazquez as Valeria ‘Butter Pecan’ Mendez
  • Taylor Selé as Eric ‘E-Roc’ Jones
  • Pepi Sonuga as Lauren ‘Lil Muffin’ Rice
  • Elaine del Valle as Rosie
  • Rana Roy as Alicia
  • Felisha Terrell as Tina
  • Jose Moreno Brooks as Rodrigo
  • Tre Stokes as James(as Tre’ Stokes)
  • Gianni Sauce as Langston
  • Carlo Sauce as Arthur

Guest Starring

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