Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 5 Recap “Coming Home to Roost”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 5 “Coming Home to Roost.” Tariq races against the clock for Yasmine; with pressure being placed on Monet, she struggles to wear the Tejada crown. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 4, Tariq tried to plant the seed that NYPD covered up Prof. Jabari’s murder as a cop’s gun was found as the murder weapon. Zeke was in the hot seat as the prime suspect and Davis required $1 million dollars for his defense fund. Mecca paid it on Monet’s behalf, revealing he was aware of their child (Zeke) and wanted to be with her despite her unbroken ties from her imprisoned kingpin husband.

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Zeke was forced to conduct a live TV interview and more surprise accusations arose digging him deeper in the hole. Cane took Brayden to the swamp to retrieve Det. Ramirez’s body as a means for the cops to find him and throw off suspicions that Zeke hired the rogue cop to kill Jabari. Cane took the opportunity to swipe his badge and plant it in Tariq and Brayden’s dorm room…

Warning… Spoilers below! Tariq is haunted from the grave by Ghost!

On Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 5, Zeke had to voluntarily turn himself in and was straying from Monet. When they got to the station, they got a curveball. ADA Jenny Sullivan and Kamaal Tate joined Det. Whitman to inform them that Zeke was no longer a suspect and he could go. Zeke was still upset at Monet about the interview, no team would draft him after that bombshell TV interview.

Monet, Zeke, and Davis attempt to turn the basketball star into police on Power Book II Ghost Season 2 Episode

Monet, Zeke, and Davis attempt to turn the basketball star into police on Power Book II Ghost Season 2 Episode

After finding Det. Ramirez’s body, their theory (Whitman’s theory) that Zeke hired Ramirez to kill Prof. Jabari fell apart since Ramirez’s gun matched both shootings. However, in private, Whitman wasn’t so sure Zeke was off the hook yet Kamaal got a hunch to look more into Prof. Jabari’s writings to gain hints into what he was investigating and it might lend clues to his murder…

Kamaal and Whitman visited Carrie to ask for her help in reading Jabari’s manuscript to uncover clues.

Prove Yourself

Tariq got back to his dorm, packed up some things and a gun. He asked Brayden had Cane come looking for him. Brayden lied and said no. He warned him to stay away from any of the Tejada’s.

Mecca talks with Monet on Power Book II Ghost Season 2 Episode

Mecca talks with Monet on Power Book II Ghost Season 2 Episode

Monet requested Mecca meet at their bar. He learned that his money wasn’t needed to get Zeke off the hook. She admitted she has been making poor decisions lately. He rebutted and showed her that he was filing a trust fund on behalf of all of her children… including Zeke!

Monet was Zeke’s mother, Mecca was his father and she told him that she was his aunt, hiding the truth from him. Monet told Mecca everything was too much at the moment and pushed the man away.

While at school, Carrie switched the class on Karma and grilled Tariq about the principle. Thereafter, Monet came to the school to snatch him up and took a ride.

She confronted him about why was Zeke caught up in this mess and why he lied about Jabari’s murder. She drove him to a secluded area, gripping her gun, but gave him a chance to redeem himself. She demanded he finds out who Cane’s connect is. Kicking him out (and of course, he’ll walk back LOL!)

Tariq "Just Feet" Meme

Monet met with Cane offering him a chance at redemption too. She wanted him to uncover Tariq’s weakness so she can know how to control him.

Tell All Book

After reading Jabari’s manuscript, Carrie told Whitman the book was about Tariq! Whitman was still holding onto the idea that it was about Zeke since he was the main character. Kamaal recalled Tariq’s father, Jamie “Ghost” St. Patrick, was a major drug dealer before his demise. Carrie even suspected Tariq’s roommate, Brayden, was helping him sell drugs. Though it was questioned as he’s a spoiled rich kid. They leaned back in the wire Lauren was wearing…

Carrie met with Lauren and confided in her that the police are now suspecting Brayden (not Tariq) and that she needs her to get him on the wire incriminating himself.

Cane surprised Brayden at his dorm looking for Tariq. Lauren (wearing the wire) knocked on the door looking for him too and Cane tried to holler at her, yet was able to get a clue from her about Tariq looking for an apartment soon.

Tariq visited trust fund attorney Daniel Warren for a recommendation for court the following day to gain custody of Yasmine.

New Hearing

Cane spoke with Mecca about all of their plotting and he was baffled why Monet was still keeping Tariq around. Mecca figured out that he and Tariq were involved in Jabari’s murder. He also reassured him that since he’s Monet’s plug, and she was giving him a second chance, she was dependent on him.

Zeke changes his hair color on Power Book II Ghost Season 2 Episode

Zeke changes his hair color on Power Book II Ghost Season 2 Episode

Dru and Everett were making out and got a visit from Zeke who had changed his hair blonde. Zeke asked how they knew each other and Dru lied it off really smooth- hold back the fact that they were having sex with each other.

Tariq met with Diana asking for her help to get product from Cane (without Monet knowing) to help fund getting his sister back. She agreed in exchange for him gaining intel on Cane. They both pondered that he was the one who swapped the drugs now that he’s the plug.

Diana met with Cane, though she revealed he needed product from him to help Tariq for his hearing, else she would tell Monet that he sugared the coke. He agreed and mandated Tariq personally grab the product from him that evening.

Lauren was questioned by Carrie, Kamaal, and Whitman about the findings on the wire. They wanted to upgrade her device to listen live and coach her on coercion questions. Whitman heard Lorenzo Tajeda Jr. on the tape and knew he was involved as he was Zeke’s cousin and wanted to follow that lead. (Though Kamaal still had his suspicions about Tariq.)

Monet visited Lorenzo to inform him that Zeke was off the hook. Suddenly, he got a call from Saxe informing him that Daina hired him for his case hearing the following day.

Sliced Sushi

Tariq sent Brayden for a re-up with Cane, though he was spying on the met from the distance (finally borrowing a car LOL!) He followed Cane afterward, capturing video of him headed to Mecca’s place. Suddenly, he was assaulted by one of Mecca’s goons, Nuff, who faced him towards the security camera. When they asked Cane does he know the man, he lied and said no. Nuff started beating on Tariq but was let go.

Mecca’s chef told him that he thinks Cane knew the visitor. Nuff confronted Cane in front of Mecca and the kingpin asked him… Cane lied to Mecca. Nuff was pissed he took Cane’s word and Mecca gave the signal to the chef who sliced Nuff’s throat! Cane grabbed Tariq’s phone which Nuff confiscated.

Wins & Losses

Davis visited his brother Theodore in prison to inform him that Saxe was working on a case similar to his. If he was successful, then he would pivot Saxe towards his case. Theodore was content with his situation and warned Davis that secrets could be revealed scratching at his case. Seems Davis did something that should have landed him in jail but Theodore was protecting him.

After being beaten, Tariq went to see Monet but met with Diana at their home at the same time Everett was dropping Dru off. The next morning, Tariq was late to meet Lauren and the realtor so he lost the place. She was shocked he looked like he went a round with Mike Tyson, though helped him with an alternative idea. She offered her brother’s place to him since he was in a halfway house.

She cleverly questioned him about Brayden and Tariq assured her that the book wasn’t about Brayden. Nearby, Kamaal and Whitman listened in and Tate thought it was enough evidence to look into Tariq’s dorm room!

Haunted From The Grave

Monet called Tariq and Cane dropped his phone to her. He told her about Tariq’s custody hearing and also confronted her for sending Tariq to follow him to the plug’s location. It could have gotten them all killed! He figured she was the problem. Questioning whether he was a soldier and her son…

While Tariq was headed to court, Monet intercepted him with a gun on her lap. She confronted him about getting caught and allowing Cane to find out. She wanted him to sit in front of the courtroom and lose his sister as consequence. He tried to weasel out of it and hit the court deadline and told her that he has the name of the plug, Mecca, and his address.

Tariq was forced to reveal more secrets to Monet. He told her that Cane swapped the product with sugar and Dru was having sex with Everett (the one who leaked Zeke’s name,) and Diana stole the money from her bar. He convinced her that she’s not in control and that she needed him so she let him go to the hearing.

Tariq got to the hearing late and the judge grilled him about his tardiness, his age, and looking like he got into a brawl. Although he and his grandmother tussled at the hearing, he ultimately won temporary custody of Yasmine.

Meanwhile, at his dorm room, police searched and found Ramirez’s badge! When Tariq arrived at the school he was arrested for the murders of Det. Ramierez and Prof. Reynolds! They perp-walked him out in front of everyone.

Tariq reads a letter from his father on Power Book II Ghost Season 2 Episode

Tariq reads a letter from his father on Power Book II Ghost Season 2 Episode

Attorney Daniel Warren came to visit Tariq and gave him a letter from his father! Warren was instructed by Ghost’s trust to give Tariq the letter if he was ever arrested for murder. He didn’t know the contents of the letter and hoped he never had to give the letter to him. The letter said…

“I knew you’d end up here lil n*gga, right where you belong!”

Ghost was haunting him from the grave, knowing that if he was murdered it would be his own son who did it!

I’m Home

Mecca/Donte and Monet kiss on Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode

Mecca/Donte and Monet kiss on Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode

Monet met with Mecca, confessing her guilt about her children being steered down the wrong path- agreeing to his requests to finally meet Zeke (and possibly being with him.) They kissed

Lorenzo is free from jail on Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode

Lorenzo is free from jail on Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode

When Monet got home to talk with the kids she heard happiness commotion coming from the living room. When she entered, Lorenzo was home from prison…  a free man!

What did you think of Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 5? Let’s talk about Power Book II: Ghost in the comments below! Missed any of the episodes? Catch up with our recaps! P.S. Season 3 has already been greenlit so this saga is nowhere from being complete!

Air Date: December 19, 2021

When Does Power Book II: Ghost Season Come Back On?

Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 will take a 3-week break and episode 6 returns on Sunday, January 9, 2022!

Power Book II: Ghost Cast

  • Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq St. Patrick
  • Mary J. Blige as Monet Stewart Tejada
  • Shane Johnson as Cooper Saxe
  • Gianni Paolo as Brayden Weston
  • Daniel Bellomy as Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Cross
  • Paige Hurd as Lauren Baldwin
  • Method Man as Davis Maclean
  • Larenz Tate as Councilman Rashad Tate
  • Melanie Liburd as Caridad ‘Carrie’ Milgram
  • Daniel Sunjata as Mecca/Dante Spears
  • Berto Colon as Lorenzo Tejada
  • Woody McClain as Cane Tejada
  • Lovell Adams-Gray as Dru Tejada
  • LaToya Tonodeo as Diana Tejada
  • Alix Lapri as Effie Morales
  • Paton Ashbrook as Jenny Sullivan
  • Mark Feuerstein as Steven Ott
  • Jeff Hephner as Detective Kevin Whitman
  • Paris Morgan as Yasmine St. Patrick

Guest Starring

  • Lightskin Keisha as Brushaundria Carmichael
  • Lahmard Tate as Kamaal Tate
  • Geoffrey Owens as Daniel Warren
  • Redman as Theodore Rollins

(We noticed Naturi Naughton who portrayed Tasha St. Patrick is not listed in the second season credits.)

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