Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 13 Recap “Aftermath”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 13 “Aftermath.” Cop Joe tries to impress Amy’s family. Nurse Joe takes an important road trip with Chris. Music Joe hits rock bottom. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 12, Nurse Joe did a great job presenting to the buyer for the zipper pants with the help and suggestions from Chris and Kinsley. So great… the company sought to acqu-hire them! When the power blacked out from the blizzard, Joe and Kinsley had a deeper discussion and leaned in to kiss!

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Cop Joe denoted blood for Lucas’ surgery and the boy recovered fine. He learned the truth and pain he left behind when he dumped Jenny after college. Music Joe became out of control, breaking up with Amy, driving drunk in the blizzard, and having a car accident…

Warning… Spoilers below!

On Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 13, each Joe deals with the aftermath of the storm…

Nurse Joe

Joe and Kinsley kissed! Joe confided in Eric and Amy feeling that he cheated on Jenny. Eric tried to console his friend about his feelings for Kinsley and how things he and Jenny were straying. Eric recommended he do something romantic. Valentine’s day was coming up. He was convinced to take a road trip to Atlanta. Suddenly, Amy came with good news, they were chosen to adopt a child!

Joe and Chris took a road trip and his son wasn’t too happy about missing the space launch at school. Chris was sad during the trip, missing the space launch and Joe encouraged him through his passion to dream big and think bigger!

Joe and Chris watch a spaceship launch on Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 13

Joe and Chris watch a spaceship launch on Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 13

Joe surprised Chris by stopping in Virginia to witness the spaceship take off in person. Chris professed his love for his father and the rocket blasted off!

Jenny attended court to represent her client and was blindsided. Their only strategy left was a hail mary and her professor decided to do closing arguments but Jenny argued to continue. Jenny got her shot to plead with the jury and her client was not guilty! Barrett was inspired by Jenny and asked her to be his partner in a new law firm. She had to discuss with Joe and Chris first.

Amy and Eric coached the young mother through delivery. They got a chance to hold their beautiful new child.

Chris and Joe got to Amy’s hotel and surprised her! Joe pulled out his shoestring, got on one knee, and asked her to renew their vows (in a similar fashion as his original proposal to her). However, Barrett was in her hotel room and it threw the mood completely off.

Cop Joe

Mal tried to work the baby out and she pranked the gang, faking her water breaking because they were too on edge. Amy held her first podcast about criminal justice and invited her father on who had spent two years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. The result of a racist, overzealous cop. The cop was now running unopposed for Mayor in Miami, Amy wanted to thwart that. To Amy’s surprise, her mother decided to run against the man and expose him.

The family wanted to address the elephant in the room. Joe was a cop and Amy’s father questioned him about working with bad apples. He told them he speaks up when needed. The issue of vouching for Frank came up and it made the situation difficult. When Joe left they questioned her about why was she still living in New York. Pleading with her to return to Miami with them and run the political campaign.

At Frank’s reinstatement hearing, Joe spoke on his uncle’s addiction. Instead of lying for him, he told the truth. Saying he wasn’t fit, yet. He needed help first. Frank was reinstated pending his completion of an alcohol rehabilitation program. Afterward, Joe tried to avoid Frank, but his uncle hugged him in gratitude for his help. Suddenly, Joe got a call to speed to Mal because she was in labor but they were stuck at the restaurant.

Joe and Eric help Mal deliver the baby on Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 13

Joe and Eric help Mal deliver the baby on Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 13

When Joe got to Mal the baby was coming and Eric and Joe had to deliver instantly. Mal needed her John Legend song “All Of Me” to calm her so the men decided to sing to her while she pushed. Joe received a beautiful baby girl. At the hospital, Uncle Joe got a chance to hold her. Amy arrived and got a chance to hold her, it was a bittersweet moment.

Afterward, Amy told Joe she was moving to Miami to help run her mother’s campaign. Joe pondered what will happen to their relationship and asked her to marry him!

Music Joe

Joe had a vision of his father at the scene of his accident and lectured him about driving drunk, cheating on Amy, and his life spiraling out of control. When he was gurneed into the hospital, the cop turned into himself (Cop Joe) and the physician who worked on him was (Nurse Joe). Then, Music Joe saw the light

Joe woke with a cast on his hand. He asked about Dion (who ditched him at the accident) in the presence of Frank, Eric, and Amy. She spoke with him in private but he was dismissive. A consultant advised him to go to rehab but he refused.

Jenny visited Joe in the hospital on Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 13

Jenny visited Joe in the hospital on Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 13

Jenny showed up, feeling guilty that she didn’t tell him about Zeke after college. Thinking he was trying to take his life as a result of the pressure. She explained how the years afterward were terrible for her but her will to live saved her.

Being the celebrity he is, Joe slipped out the back of the hospital avoiding fans. Then stopped by the police station to get his mugshot taken as a formality. He was out instantly.

Before leaving the station, Frank showed him the car. Joe confided in Frank that he saw a vision of his father. Flashback to young Joe and his father with the old Porche in need of restoration. It was a bonding moment for them as he gave him a St. Christopher necklace so he’s with him wherever he goes.

Frank told him the back story of the car. His addiction to restoring the vehicle helped him kick his addiction to alcohol. Joe recovered the necklace from the rearview mirror. Frank encouraged him to go to rehab.

Joe went to rehab and did well. He saw on television that his wife was projected to lose the political race to Regina Diaz, Bobby’s wife. Joe snuck out of the rehab facility, visited Jenny, apologized to her, pleading for another chance to be with her

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Air Date: January 24, 2022

Ordinary Joe Cast

  • James Wolk as Joe Kimbreau
  • Natalie Martinez as Amy Kindelan
  • Elizabeth Lail as Jenny Banks
  • Adam Rodriguez as Bobby Diaz
  • Charlie Barnett as Eric Payne
  • David Warshofsky as Frank Kimbreau
  • John Gluck as Christopher Kimbreau
  • Anne Ramsay as Gwen
  • Sarah Charipar as Aunt Meg
  • Curtis Edward Jackson as Wayne Coleman
  • Wynn Everett as Celeste Kimbreau

Guest Cast

  • Gabrielle Byndloss as Mallory

Music play in this episode: “Love Like Ghosts” by Lord Huron. A harmonized version of John Legend’s “All Of Me.”

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