New Amsterdam Season 5 Episode 10 Fall Finale Recap “Don’t Do This for Me”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of New Amsterdam Season 5 Episode 10 “Don’t Do This for Me.” Reynolds finds himself caught between a chance for love and an opportunity to spend precious time with his father. Realizing the consequences of her actions, Bloom makes an unexpected move forward with her sister. Max helps an ICU intern struggling with the loss of a patient. Dr. Wilder receives an offer that forces her to choose between her community and her career. Here’s what you missed!

Air Date & Time: Tuesday, November 22, 2022, at 10 pm ET, 9 pm CT, and 7 pm PT on NBC.

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Previously on New Amsterdam Season 5 Episode 9, Reynolds gets creative to help a prospective mother in need. Max takes a chance with Wilder and learns a hard truth. Bloom treats a young brother and sister in dire straits. Iggy reaches a decision about Martin.

Warning… Spoilers below!

On New Amsterdam Season 5 Episode 10 “Don’t Do This for Me”, it’s the Fall mid-season finale. Check out the first part of this story here.

On the Mid-Season Finale Part 2 of the Last Season of New Amsterdam Season 5 Episode 10 (Starring Marlee Matlin) “Don’t Do This For Me”, Max complains to Sandra about how much he hates forms. Max is nervous after Elizabeth’s reaction to him using the word ‘date.’

Time To Move On

Karen tells Iggy there is a homeless man out front, scaring the patients. She wants Iggy to convince the man to leave. Iggy approaches the man with socks and some warm clothing, and the man seems willing to leave. 

Elizabeth enjoys a visit with Dr. Bev Clemons, her medical teacher, who is also her patient with Stage 4 lung cancer. Bev is going to start a medical school for the deaf and hard of hearing. She explains that all she needs is for Elizabeth to leave New Amsterdam and come run Bev’s medical school.

Lauren and Floyd are discussing his plans for the night when Vanessa is brought in by ambulance, unresponsive because of an overdose. Lauren has to hold her emotions in as she tries to save her sister’s life. The Narcan isn’t working, and Vanessa has turned blue. 

Meltdowns and Freak-outs

Iggy follows the homeless man, Harlan, home and finds that he lives in a penthouse. The man explains that he used to be a patient of new Amsterdam’s when he was a child, and they performed electroshock therapy on him. That’s why he stands out in front of the hospital, warning people to keep their kids away. 

After working on Vanessa relentlessly, Lauren and Floyd are able to save her life. Vanessa wakes up angry and starts fighting with Lauren. Lauren starts screaming back at Vanessa until Vanessa collapses on the floor, unconscious

Iggy tells Harlan that therapy can help him. Harlan starts having a freak out and kicks Iggy out. Max watches as Mia has a small meltdown. When he asks her about it, she starts crying and explains that her first patient that died was named Elliott. She isn’t over his death. 

Tough Love

Elizabeth cries when she tells Max that she wants to take Bev’s job offer and go run her new medical school for the deaf and hard of hearing. Max tells her to go for it and that he will always support her. Iggy figures out that Harlan is suffering from Niacin deficiency because all he drinks is protein shakes.

Max counsels Mia and asks her to go home and take some time for herself to grieve for Elliot properly. Lauren admits to Floyd that life would be easier if Vanessa never woke up. Vanessa wakes up, and Lauren refuses to see her. She sends Floyd with a business card for a local church that hosts NA meetings.

Horace tells Floyd that he is moving out, and he wants Floyd to go after Danielle and not be afraid. Floyd is scared that he won’t see Horace again. Iggy returns home to find Martin upset at the dinner table. Martin tells Iggy that they need to finalize their divorce and move on.

Helen’s Back

Elizabeth meets up with Bev and confesses that she can’t leave New Amsterdam. Bev understands completely. Elizabeth runs to catch up with Max, who is leaving for the night. She signs to him that she turned down Bev’s offer and is staying at New Amsterdam. She signs for him to shut up and to take her home when he starts asking questions.

As Max and Elizabeth lean in to kiss, Helen appears on the TV screen for an interview. Helen’s name and voice catch Max’s attention, making him turn away from Elizabeth to stare at Helen. Helen is in New York for a series of interviews. Elizabeth looks confused and hurt as she watches Max watch Helen…

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When Does New Amsterdam Return?

New Amsterdam Season 5 Episode 11, titled “Falling,” returns on Tuesday, January 3, 2023, on NBC.

New Amsterdam Cast

  • Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max Goodwin
  • Janet Montgomery as Dr. Lauren Bloom
  • Tyler Labine as Dr. Iggy Frome
  • Jocko Sims as Dr. Floyd Reynolds
  • Sandra Mae Frank as Dr. Elizabeth Wilder

Reoccurring Cast

  • Kathryn Prescott as Vanessa Bloom
  • Alejandro Hernandez as Casey Acosta
  • Conner Marx as Ben Meyer
  • Matthew Jeffers as Chief Res. Dr. Mark Walsh
  • Nora and Opal Clow as Luna
  • Mike Doyle as Martin McIntyre
  • Debra Monk as Chairwoman Karen Brantley
  • John Earl Jelks as Horace Reynolds

Guest Cast

  • Marlee Matlin as Dr. Bev Clemons
  • Nirvaan Pal as Saleem
  • Delaney Quinn as Harper
  • LaRae Muscat as Sameera

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New Amsterdam Season 5 Episode Guide

Season Episode Title Air Date
5 11 “Falling” Winter Premiere January 3, 2023
5 10 Don't Do This for Me” Back to back Midseason Finale November 22, 2022
5 9 The Empty Spaces” Back to back Midseason Finale November 22, 2022
5 8 All the World's a Stage... November 15, 2022
5 7 Maybe Tomorrow November 1, 2022
5 6 Give Me a Sign October 25, 2022
5 5 Grabby Hands October 18, 2022
5 4 Heal Thyself October 11, 2022
5 3 Big Day October 4, 2022
5 2 Hook, Line and Sinker September 27, 2022
5 1 Episode 1” New Amsterdam Season 5 Premiere September 20, 2022

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