NCIS: Hawai’i Season 1 Episode 13 Recap “Spies, Part 2”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of NCIS: Hawai’i Season 1 Episode 13 “Spies, Part 2.” While Jane investigates Maggie’s kidnapping, she’s shocked when she learns the truth and enlists her team and Whistler to prove her findings. This is the conclusion of a two-part series. Catch up on part one here!

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Previously on NCIS: Hawai’i Season 1 Episode 12, a naval intelligence officer was poisoned for not doing the bidding of an international band of terrorists. The investigation led the NCIS team down a rabbit hole, whereas, the group was cleaning up loose ends (murdering people) and the team pieced together possibly motives.

It also revealed ties to Jane’s mentor and friend, Maggie. Maggie was kidnapped in the ordeal but recovered unharmed. However, the situation started to suspect Maggie of knowing more than she led on…

Warning… Spoilers below!

On NCIS: Hawai’i Season 1 Episode 13, we flashback to when Jane met Maggie the first time. Jane aspired to be a CIA analyst but Maggie encouraged her to reach higher. Maggie’s reputation as an operative proceeded her. She wanted to take Jane under her wing.


Snap back to the present and Jane had her house swept for bugs and asked her team for help investigating her friend, Maggie. Jane suspects her of working with Chinese intelligence and faking her kidnapping. She asked them for help spying on a spy and asked for Kate Whistler’s help on the case.

Maggie was the best operative and proving she was a double agent would be the most challenging feat. David Sola visited with more intel on Bow. They found an intermediary contact and aimed to intercept the man.

She planned to use a trust tactic Maggie taught her. She proposed to bring Maggie into the op, giving her all details, in an effort for her to lead them to Bow. Flashback twelve years ago, Jane and Maggie were running an operation to intercept an Al Qaeda agent but she was ambushed and attacked with a knife. Maggie saved her in time. It explains how she got her scare on her back.


Jane picked Maggie up while the team broke into her place to snoop and plant some bugs. They found a hidden compartment with a thumb drive. While at the office, the team briefed her on Bow’s activities and his possible whereabouts still on the island.

Sola disagreed with Jane’s tactic of showing her a doctored photo of Bow. He was convinced she was wise of them. Maggie then got a message to meet someone and the team followed her.

She met with Bow and gave him a warning message to run and he did so. Sola caught the man and they fought. Bow pulled a knife. Agents pulled their weapons. When Jane was about to shoot, Maggie blocked the shot, firing in the air and causing panic and distraction for Bow to get away. Jane was forced to arrest Maggie for espionage and treason.


Back at NCIS, Jane interrogated Maggie and she cut straight to the chase demanding to know why Maggie flipped sides. Meanwhile, the team brainstormed why Bow hadn’t fled days ago when they raided his place.

Ernie found photos and videos of a kid on the thumb drive. Flashback and Maggie shared with Jane that she had a son a long time ago. The boy had a rare disorder. When she tried to get him treatment, she was ambushed and her son died.

Jane returned to interrogate Maggie and confronted her with the fact that Bow was her son! Maggie shared that she was being held for months and was told her son and husband were dead. Twenty-two years later, Bow reached out to reacquaint with her.

By the time Bow became an adult, the Chinese government used him to lure Maggie and get access to high-level intelligence. The team was still baffled why he hadn’t left the island yet. They uncovered Maggie’s safe house and figured Bow would go there.


Flashback and Maggie was reassigned and pushed Jane to take the NCIS job. It would give her a chance to be stateside with her son. The NCIS agent who sought Jane more than Maggie was Gibbs (from NCIS). His card was “Rule 72. Always be open to new ideas.”

David Sola helps the NCIS team on NCIS Hawai'i Season 1 Episode 13

David Sola helps the NCIS team on NCIS Hawai’i Season 1 Episode 13

The team visited a remote part of the island and had eyes on Bow trying to enter the safe house. Jabe set the operation so she and Maggie could watch in real-time. They awaited her order to take Maggie’s son out.

Bow prepped to leave and a jeep was en route. Maggie started to panic claiming she was Bow and that she was responsible for her son’s actions. She pleaded for them not to kill him and she would cooperate. Jane called the team to have them stand down. Bow got away with all of Maggie’s intel and headed for China. Later on, the team intercepted the man.

Maggie kept her word and agreed to cooperate. She was being transferred. Afterward, she wrote a letter to Jane… she was heartbroken at her mentor’s betrayal. Jane didn’t read the letter.

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Air Date: January 24, 2022

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NCIS: Hawai’i Cast

  • Vanessa Lachey as Special Agent in Charge Jane Tennant
  • Alex Tarrant as Kai Holman
  • Noah Mills as Jesse Boone
  • Yasmine Al-Bustami as Lucy Tara
  • Jason Antoon as Ernie Malik
  • Tori Anderson as Kate Whistler
  • Kian Talan as Alex Tennant

Guest Starring

  • Mahina Napoleon as Julie Tennant
  • Julie White as Maggie Shaw
  • Seana Kofoed as Commander Chase
  • Beulah Koale as David Sola
  • April Parker Jones as Valerie Dalies
  • Danny Kang as Alan Liu
  • Christian Yeung as Lt. Commander Chen
  • Erica Wong as Myra
  • Danielle Nuela Zalopany as Hina
  • Allan Tam as Owner

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