Moonhaven Season 1 Episode 1 Series Premiere Recap “The Pilot”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Moonhaven Season 1 Episode 1 Series Premiere “The Pilot.” A murder on Moonhaven puts Earth’s last hope in jeopardy. During what should be a routine cargo loop to the Moon, pilot Bella Sway finds herself the subject of detective Paul Sarno’s investigation. Here’s what you missed!

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A skeptic in Paradise, Earth pilot Bella Sway is sucked into a conspiracy to gain control of Moonhaven, a utopian colony on the Moon 100 years in the future. She must team up with local detective to stop forces that want to destroy Earth’s last hope before they are destroyed themselves.

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Warning… Spoilers below!

On Moonhaven Season 1 Episode 1 Series Premiere, far into the future, the earth is dying and taking humanity with it. On a last-chance mission, settlers are sent to the moon with the most powerful artificial intelligence, to try and solve the problems on the earth and save humanity.


After three decades, they’ve built a functioning haven for humanity, and now it’s time to bring it home.

A young woman, Chill, runs through a forest away from a tall man who wants the lighted flower she’s using to guide her way. He takes the flower from her, and she begs him to let it go and not make this mistake. When he refuses, Chill takes the flower and runs off into the woods again.

In the daylight, police officers Arlo and Paul talk about their wives and children. Arlo claims that putting his bare feet in the dirt and reminding himself of how small he is, makes all his problems seem less important. Eventually, the two men find Chill Spen dead, laying in the grass.

The men easily solve Chill’s death using the Chancellor device. Strego Nall is the tall man who killed her. Leaving the crime scene, Arlo and Paul run into Asus, a young girl who claims to have been drawn to Chill by the dreadfeel, which allows her to feel the last feelings of the dead.


On Earth in 2201, only two weeks remain until the first wave of Lunars return to the planet, with solutions designed by IO, the AI who is buried on the moon. Indira Mare, the envoy of IO, promises that the technology coming from the moon will solve all of Earth’s problems.

Elsewhere in the early morning Pilot Bella Sway wakes and gets ready to head out on a cargo flight, with extra passengers she didn’t expect, including Indira Mare. Tomm, muscle hired for her flight, is there to protect the envoy of IO and trusts Bella because of her violent past.

On what has quickly become a very different mission, Bella video chats with Jatey, and reveals she’s on a secret mission to retrieve a Singer, a drug that claims to blow open the doors of your perception. It will be smuggled from the moon to Bella by a Lunar, and then to Earth by her.

Back on the moon, Arlo and Paul interview Strego Nall, who is found guilty after the Chancellor shows the footage of him murdering Chill Spen. When Paul tries to empathize with Strego, he head-butts him and takes off. The officers know he can’t escape, so they leave him to run.


On the spacecraft, Bella wakes Tomm and Indira, and Indira is dedicated to her cause of ending suffering with the help of IO and the lunars. At the Glade, where the Lunars live, Tomm and Indira invite Bella off the ship, but she refuses. Indira is greeted with singing and celebration.

In the Glade, council chair Maitie greets Indira and shows her around paradise. While Maitie claims that those who serve IO serve the world, Indira is convinced that IO serves the people, not the other way around. On the ship, Bella receives her delivery in the shape of a pelican egg.

As she inspects the egg and the drug inside of it, Arlo and Paul knock on the side of her ship and ask to come inside. They tell Bella she needs to come with them, and she reluctantly agrees, surprised by the Utopia she passes on the way to the police station.

Arlo and Paul question Bella about her mother, who left her behind to become a Lunar after Bella was gone. As it turns out, Chill Spen – the woman who was murdered, was her younger sister. Bella is unimpressed by this news and mocks Arlo and Paul for trying to help her grieve.


As much as Bella tries to act as if she doesn’t care about Chill Spen, finding out that her mother died ten years ago shakes her a bit. As Arlo and Paul begin a dance of grief for her, Bella is rescued by Tomm, and she doesn’t tell him the real reason she was pulled in for questioning.

Bella and Tomm discuss how different the Lunars are from the people of Earth. She’s sure that the two societies can’t coexist, even when Tomm reminds her the work is being done for the children and the future. Bella is convinced that darkness will always find a way.

Out in the forest, Strego Nall finds a Lunar device that was hidden for him in the woods. After disrobing, he uses the device to cut out the spiral Lunar mark that rests at the bottom of his back. He’s clearly in horrible pain but refuses to remove the device from his skin.

Back on the ship, Paul informs Bella that Asus, the sister that Chill grew up with, wants to meet Bella before taking the Bright, a memory eraser that will ease her pain. Bella is resistant to going until Paul tells her Asus has a message from Bella’s mother.


At Asus’s house, Paul prepares her for the Bright. Asus can spot the pain in darkness in Bella and offers the Bright to her as well, but she refuses. Asus tells her a story about Bella’s mother and mentions that there was a third person in the Glade when Chill was killed.

Paul is sure that the Chancellor device would have found all people in the Glade since all Lunars have an IO satellite plant at the bottom of their spine. Bella is less sure and wonders if IO could be missing things. At that moment, Indira’s speech from the moon begins.

Indira speaks about the future as people across Moonhaven and Earth watch. Meanwhile, when Bella and Paul head back to Chill’s crime scene, Chill’s dog follows Bella. In the grass, Bella finds a suspicious lunar tag, and Paul admits that something is off about the case he can feel it.

As they investigate, Bella spots a figure in the woods and takes off after them, Chill’s dog and Paul in tow. Whoever left has passed under the gate at the end of Moonhaven, and Bella takes off after them. Behind the gate, Bella can barely breathe, but she watches as the escape climbs a tree before passing out.

Earth Mother

In a meeting with council chair Maite, Indira tells her the council will swap soon, even though they should have two more years. IO has identified patterns that indicate corruption, and Maite must be replaced to prevent it. She’s spent her whole life preparing for the bridge.

While Maite waxes on about what IO can and can not predict, Indira tells her she’ll expect full cooperation during the swap and gets ready to leave Moonhaven. Disoriented, Bella wakes in Paul’s Lunar home surrounded by his children and family and shares a meal with them.

Paul explains what happened and where Bella passed out and shares that his oldest son Wish will be on the first ship to Earth. Paul also has kept the secret of what Bella was chasing, and it’s obvious that his lover is smitten with another man named Fritz.

Bella asks Paul about the girl she was chasing in the forest away from his children. She reminds him not to trust everything and everyone and prepares to head back to Earth with the envoy. Before she can go, Paul’s youngest Elna does the grief dance for her.


While listening to Me and My Shadow in the spacecraft, an alarm goes off within the ship, and Bella finds Strego Nall hiding below deck. Strego shows her the wound where he cut out his satellite and tells Bella he no longer deserves to be a Lunar. She recognizes him as her sister’s killer.

As Tomm enters the craft, Strego tells Bella that Chill called, and she answered. She instructs him to hide, but he comes to the upper deck anyway, claiming that when one world ends, another begins. Tomm, who was in on the whole thing, shoots Strego and tries to take out Bella.

In a violent fight, Bella struggles with Tomm and barely manages to shoot the drug she came to collect into his system. Scrambling away from a very high Tomm, Bella finds a worried Paul outside the ship. He claims he had a bad feeling and catches her as she passes out.

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Air Date: July 7, 2022

Moonhaven Cast

  • Emma McDonald as Bella Sway
  • Dominic Monaghan as Paul Serno
  • Joe Manganiello as Tomm Schultz
  • Ayelet Zurer as Maite Voss
  • Kadeem Hardison as Arlo Noon
  • Amara Karan as Indira Mare

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