Loot Season 1 Episode 9 Recap “Cahoga Lake”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Loot Season 1 Episode 9 “Cahoga Lake.” The Wells Foundation team receives exciting news from both Molly and Sofia. Nicholas gets a new opportunity. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on Loot Season 1 Episode 8, Molly asks Howard to help repair her relationship with their family. Sofia has an unexpected visitor.

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Warning… Spoilers below!

In the next episode of Loot Season 1 Episode 9, At Molly’s home, Nicholas drops off flowers and gets the house ready for when Molly wakes up. He cleans the floor, makes coffee, and instructs the maid on how to take care of the dogs. Later, he tastes tests David Chang’s home-cooked meal and tells him it isn’t good enough.


When Molly wakes, Nicholas greets her with his newest find, the perfect outfit for his play premiere tonight in North Hollywood. His play is called Cahooga Lake, and Molly has a huge bottle of vintage champagne saved for the office to get drunk on together afterward.

At the office, Sofia has a huge surprise. Howard is nervous, but Sofia announces that the board of supervisors is voting on their housing project, and the answer is yes! The board wants them to come to the vote. Molly brings out Jean Pierre and claims she also has a big announcement.

Molly shows the office a promotional video about the Silver Moon Summit, a global meeting of world leaders in science, politics, and thought. The office has been invited to the summit, all expenses paid, and Jean Pierre and Molly have partnered on a water filtration project.

Silver Summit

The summit is on the same day as Ainsely’s wedding, but she claims she can postpone it. Sofia is obviously suspicious of the new project, but she doesn’t say anything about it. After, Nicholas takes a phone call that turns out to be the play director, offering him the lead role in the show.

Howard wishes Nicholas good luck, although he reminds him that they’re still fighting. Later, Sofia asks Molly why she’s diverging from their mission of staying local and worries that Jean Pierre wanted to keep it secret. Molly sticks around for Sofia’s zoning board meeting after work.

On the phone with Tanya, Howard makes up an emergency so he can talk to Nicolas about his new role. Nicholas can’t cry on cue, so Howard promises to help him do it before the play tonight, so he doesn’t have to quit, after which he says they’ll go back to being mortal enemies.

At the zoning meeting, Sofia loves the applause portion of the event, but an old woman accuses Molly of being disgusting for building in the neighborhood. More people in the community start to rail against Molly, and she almost accidentally cusses them out before Sofia pulls her back.

That’s Enough

At the office, Howard shows Nicholas sad parts of movies to try and get him to cry. When that doesn’t work, he shows him cute videos and then heartwarming videos. In the conference room, out of options, Howard shares sad parts of his past and tries to get Nicholas to do the same.

After the meeting, Sofia tries to remind Molly that they’re serving the people until they get pied by angry voters. At the police station, Molly thanks Arthur for standing in between her and the pie-throwing protesters. Jean Pierre arrives as they’re having a moment and takes her home.

At Nicholas’s play premiere, he’s still convinced he won’t be able to cry and worries that he’ll embarrass himself. Howard has 6 missed calls from Tanya, who lies to him for not answering and for not doing what she said. Howard’s had enough and finally breaks up with he

Molly is at Jean Pierre’s instead of Nicholas’s opening, and he claims that Sofia will never understand them because of how rich they are. At the theater, Howard tells Nicholas he understands he was trying to help him, that he’s good at acting, and that they’re best friends.


About to go to Corsica with Jean Pierre, Molly realizes Nicholas’s play starts in 30 minutes. Conflicted, Molly decides to choose Jean Pierre over the office and goes to Corsica.

Meanwhile, Nicholas slays his opening night and manages to cry on cue on stage.

Molly sends a note and a bottle of champagne, and the office is clearly disappointed she didn’t show. Sofia offers to buy drinks, and the office sans Molly heads to the bar. On a private jet to Corsica, Molly sends Nicholas an apology text while sitting next to Jean Pierre.

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Air Date: August 5, 2022

Loot Cast

  • Maya Rudolph as Molly Novak
  • MJ Rodriguez as Sofia Salinas
  • Nat Faxon as Arthur
  • Joel Kim Booster as Nicholas
  • Ron Funches as Howard

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