Loot Season 1 Episode 8 Recap “Spades Night”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Loot Season 1 Episode 8 “Spades Night.” Molly asks Howard to help repair her relationship with their family. Sofia has an unexpected visitor. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on Loot Season 1 Episode 7, Molly travels to Jean-Pierre’s vineyard for a date… or is it? Howard wants Nicholas to meet his girlfriend, Tanya.

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Warning… Spoilers below!

On Loot Season 1 Episode 8, on an 80-minute lunch date in Montreal with Jean Pierre, Molly eats crepes while they hold hands. He’s brought her a strawberry KitKat from Japan and tells her he’ll miss her while he’s in Paris for his mother’s birthday this weekend. Molly makes few comments about her own family.

It’s In The Air

Although most of her family lives in San Bernadino, Molly doesn’t see them very often anymore. Faced with Jean Pierre’s close relationship with his family, Molly wonders if it’s time to reconnect with hers. As the handsome winemaker leaves for Paris, he gives Molly a sweet kiss goodbye.

At the office, Howard brands Nicholas a traitor over what happened with Tanya and refuses to sit next to him, interrupting their usual dynamic. Molly arrives after her four-day escape with Jean Pierre, and Ainsley mentions how nice it is that so many people in the office are in love.

Arthur is taking his new fling Chelsea wine tasting over the weekend, and Ainsley is engaged, much to everyone’s surprise. To bring the meeting to a close, Wanda announces that she’s finished menopause, prompting applause. After, Molly calls Howard into her office for a moment.

Back To Your Roots

Molly asks Howard about their mutual cousins and family members, including Renee, who Molly used to consider her closest friend. Since Molly missed her wedding, they haven’t spoken, so Howard offers to drive her to the weekly family spades game at Renee’s house to see everyone.

On the way to spades night, Molly pays for Howards El Pollo Loco and meets Jessica, his lizard. He updates her on the relationship, health, and happiness status of various family members. Before they arrive, he gives her a picture of Renee and her as children to try and win her over.

Once there, Molly greets Cheryl, Uncle James, Kelly, and Renee, whose less welcoming than everyone else. She’s insulted by Molly’s attempt with the photo, and when Molly rats Howard out, he lies about giving her the idea and throws her under the bus. Renee is clearly angry.

When Howard abandons her to get ice, Molly attempts to win Renee over with music, and they end up doing an old dance routine together before playing spades. When he returns, Molly gets him back for throwing her under the bus by roasting him in front of the family several times.


Unfortunately, while Renee goes to the kitchen Molly replaces her spades table, which Renee had been complaining about all night. The family tries to assure Renee that Molly is being kind, but she’s convinced Molly is trying to buy her way back into the family since she’s been away.

Angry, Renee accuses Molly of missing her wedding for a vacation, and storms off after ending game night. Howard tries to win her over by telling her about Molly’s change of heart, but Renee is convinced until Molly herself opens up about her real feelings.

Molly admits to trying to buy Renee off and apologizes for missing the wedding. She also explains that she missed Renee’s wedding because she was in Majorca trying to work things out with John, even though she had found messages from other women on his phone.

Renee asks Molly why she didn’t tell her sooner, and Molly comes clean about being embarrassed that her so-called perfect life was falling apart. Renee welcomes Molly back to the family and on the way home Molly thanks Howard for bringing her, and standing up for her.


At the office, Sofia receives flowers, shocking Nicholas and Arthur. After Sofia reads the card she becomes angry and calls someone named Jalen on the phone to tell him flowers aren’t good enough. Nicholas and Arthur are enraptured by a glimpse into her life outside of work.

Invested, Nicholas and Arthur stay behind at the office and try to read Sofia’s lips as she talks to Jalen on the phone. When she’s done, a man comes to the office asking for her. It turns out to be Tony, and when Sofia lets him into her office, Arthur and Nicholas are even more surprised.

In Sofia’s office, Tony and Sofia argue in Spanish while Arthur tries to translate for Nicholas. They’re excited by their ability to translate what little they can, and totally obsessed with Sofia. When she and Tony come out of her office, Nicholas and Arthur beg her for information.

Sofia comes clean about the two men in her life. Tony, the dependable lawyer who always shows up and is organized and loving, and Jalen the artist whose exciting, soulful, and totally unreliable. Arthur is sure she’ll choose Jalen since reliable, nice guys never get the girl.


Sofia is conflicted but happy that she shared a piece of her personal life with her coworkers. She reminds Arthur and Nicholas that she still needs to talk to her real friends about this and gets ready to leave before they can try to get more information out of her.

Before going home, Sofia tells Arthur that she thinks sometimes the reliable guy does get the girl and that he might have more of a chance with Molly than he thinks. Meanwhile, Molly answers a late-night text containing another gift from Jean Pierre, a vintage royal typewriter.

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Air Date: July 29, 2022

Loot Cast

  • Maya Rudolph as Molly Novak
  • MJ Rodriguez as Sofia Salinas
  • Nat Faxon as Arthur
  • Joel Kim Booster as Nicholas
  • Ron Funches as Howard

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