Loot Season 1 Episode 4 Recap “Excitement Park”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Loot Season 1 Episode 4 “Excitement Park.” Arthur helps Molly sort through her financial portfolio after she realizes she owns several problematic companies. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on  Loot Season 1 Episode 3, when John gives an interview questioning her substance, Molly and her co-workers decide to hit back. Howard makes a discovery about Nicholas.

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Warning… Spoilers below!

On Loot Season 1 Episode 4, after beginning work at her foundation, Molly seeks Arthurs’s help exploring her extensive list of companies and assets.

Accidents Happen

On July 29th, in Pampanga, Philippines, two tourists board a roller coaster. One is excited about the adventure, and one is terrified of heights. When the ride begins, it gets stuck upside down with everyone inside. When Molly arrives at the office, she finds out about the tragedy.

As Sofia, Howard, and Arthur watch the news, the reporter announces the theme park is owned by Molly Novak. Nicholas rushes in to prevent Molly from seeing it, but it’s too late. Later, the riders still haven’t been saved, and Molly reveals she has no idea what companies she owns.

While discussing the issue with Sofia, she leaves for a meeting and tells Molly to look into everything she owns because this press is bad press. After she’s left, Molly and Arthur meet and go through her extensive portfolio of assets. He’s sorted them into the good, bad, and ugly.

As it turns out, Molly owns most of the theme parks in the Philippines and multiple other properties. She suggests that they go check out some of the businesses in the need more information pile, and Arthur reluctantly agrees to leave the office.


Meanwhile, Howard spots some audition paperwork that Nicholas vehemently denies belongs to him. Howard is sure they’re his and asks why he hasn’t shared with everyone that he’s an actor. Nicholas admits that he left acting when he got the job with Molly, and he isn’t looking back.

At the First American Museum, one of the properties in her portfolio Molly and Arthur bond over the artwork. When Arthur goes to the bathroom, Molly secretly buys the painting of a bird he liked when he’s out of the room. At the office, Howard shows Nicholas that he found his old Axe body spray commercial tape.

Trying to convince him to audition, Howard asks Nicholas to run the lines with him. Nicholas finally relents and flawlessly and emotionally recites the scene. At a city council meeting, the board asks Sofia when Molly can come in and commends her for becoming more involved.

The next property on Molly’s list is an alpaca farm, which she also decides to keep. She and Arthur continue to bond over divorce, and Molly asks him what happened between him and his ex. He admits that they just grew apart, and they both confess to being a bit lonely.


When Arthurs’s daughter needs his help, Molly helps him out by getting him there by private jet. Back in the office, Howard and Nicholas go over more scenes together. After their latest run, Howard is convinced Nicholas will crush his audition, and encourages him to give it a try.

Back at the meeting, Sofia fields compliment after compliment about Molly. Using it to her advantage, she gets them to agree to the foundation’s proposal by explaining how excited Molly would be. Alex, Arthur’s daughter, is over the moon about being flown to practice in a private jet.

Nicholas, bolstered by Howard’s words, heads to the audition. Before he can try out, the other actor’s confidence stresses him out, and he misses his name being called. In the bathroom, he gets more encouraging texts from Howard and manages to audition successfully.

At Alex’s soccer game, Molly is a superstar to Alex and her friends and watches the game with Arthur. Back at work the next day, Sofia admits that while she’s routing for her, Molly still needs to be careful. People love celebrities, but they love to tear them down even more.

Enough Trouble

On her way to her office, Molly finds out that she and Arthur have been captured in the tabloids as a couple. Since the entire office is talking about it, Molly vehemently denies any romantic feelings for Arthur. In a private meeting with him, she tells him nothing can happen because she’s his boss.

When Arthur arrives home that night, he finds a card from Molly and a package. Inside is the bird painting he liked at the First American Museum, and Arthur is obviously touched.

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Air Date: July 1, 2022

Loot Cast

  • Maya Rudolph as Molly Novak
  • MJ Rodriguez as Sofia Salinas
  • Nat Faxon as Arthur
  • Joel Kim Booster as Nicholas
  • Ron Funches as Howard

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