Lifetime Releasing 6 New Movies To Make You Fear The Cheerleader

Get ready to be afraid of cheerleading, because Lifetime is releasing six new movies in their annual “Fear the Cheer” movie schedule. The slew of Lifetime movies will feature actors such as Vivica A Fox, Jackee Harry, Denise Richards, Thomas Calabro, and more. Here’s what you need to know about the spooky slate!

The initiative begins on August 28th, 2021, and continues the organization’s history of supporting women. Such causes have included stopping breast cancer, violence against women, and Broader Focus, a project to support women of color in the TV industry. If that has whet your appetite, then make sure you check out the new movie titles and release dates below…

Killer Cheer Mom

Denise Richards stars in Killer Cheer Mom

Denise Richards stars in Killer Cheer Mom

Denise Richards stars as Amanda, who decides to move to another town with her husband (Thomas Calabro) and stepdaughter Riley (Courtney Fulk.) The latter is a high school student, desperate to make it on the cheerleading team. She decides to try out with the full support of Amanda. But behind the stiff competition is something more sinister. Several members of the cheerleading team end up being hurt or ”removed’ in inexplicable circumstances. So how will it end, and will Riley make it?

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Cast: Denise Richards, Thomas Calabro, Courtney Fulk, Tia Texada, Holly J. Barrett, and Jay Jay Warren.

Air Date: August 28th at 8 pm ET/PT

Pom Poms And Payback

Pom Poms and Payback

Pom Poms and Payback

It’s another group of cheerleaders involved, but this time there is a romantic betrayal involved. All of the cheerleaders have been crossed by their respective boyfriends, and they are not standing for any of it. In an attempt to get over the heartbreak, they all plan their revenge. As events transpire, it turns out that the coach of the cheerleaders, Coach Evergreen (Emily Killian), may be responsible for it all.

Cast: Carrie Schroeder, Shaylaren Hilton, Le’PrieshLe’Priesh Roman, and Jazlyn Nicolette Sward.

Air Date: August 28th at 10 pm ET/PT

The Wrong Cheer Captain

Vivica A Fox stars in The Wrong Cheer Captain

Vivica A Fox stars in The Wrong Cheer Captain

The film centers around the death of a cheerleader by the name of Emma (Claire Tablizo.) Her death raises many unanswered questions, which causes Kate (Alexis Samone) to suspect that there may be foul play involved. She suspects that the team’s captain Anna (Sofia Masson), is the one who had a hand in it. As Kate pushes the boundaries to find the truth, she becomes a threat to Anna. How will Anna respond?

Cast: Claire Tablizo, Alexis Samone, Sofia Masson, Vivica A. Fox and Jackée Harry.

Air Date: August 29th at 8 pm ET/PT

Cheer For You Life

Grace Patterson stars in Cheer For Your Life

Grace Patterson stars in Cheer For Your Life

Cindy (Grace Patterson) is over the moon when she makes it onto the cheerleading squad, but her euphoria is short-lived following a traumatic introduction. And to make matters worse, another member of the team is found dead. As the alarm bells start to ring, Cindy is the next one to go missing. Cindy’s mother must now track her down before it is too late.

Cast: Grace Patterson, Anna Belle Bayley, Allison McAtee, and Marisa Lynae Hampton.

Air Date: August 29th at 10 pm ET/PT

Deadly Cheers

A mother named Brianna (Camille Calvin) moves to a new town in order to take up a job as an Assistant Principal. She takes her daughter Julie (Katherine Marsh) with her, and the latter ends up joining the cheerleading team. The coach of the team, Allison (Shannon Skiles), is known for being a tough nut, but when one of the members suffers an inexplicable accident, the coach is hell-bent on covering it up. How far will Coach Allison go?

Cast: Camille Calvin, Katherine Marsh, and Shannon Skiles.

Air Date: September 4th at 8 pm ET/PT

Webcam Cheerleaders

Maisy (Joelle Farrow) starts a new life following the reported suicide of her sister. She ends up joining the same college that her sister went to in order to stay close to her parents, who are in mourning. Maisy, though, is unconvinced that her sister took her own life. So she takes it upon herself to find out the truth, but in doing so, is she putting her life at risk?

Cast: Joelle Farrow, Krista Bridges, Ash Catherwood, and George Thomas.

Air Date: September 5th at 8 pm ET/PT

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