Irma Vep Season 1 Episode 5 Recap “Hypnotic Eyes”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Irma Vep Season 1 Episode 5 “Hypnotic Eyes.” After shooting an iconic moment in which Moreno kidnaps Irma Vep, Rene faces backlash over the scene’s sexual implications. Unwilling to waver, Rene cites attempted censorship of 1916’s The Vampires – and original Irma Vep’s courageous fight to keep her film alive. Meanwhile, Mira deals with complex emotions as she sinks deeper into her character. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on Irma Vep Season 1 Episode 4, Mira courts offers from both her agent and the production’s financier, who promises a lucrative – but morally compromising – advertising deal. When actress Cynthia Keng arrives on set, René experiences a crisis of faith – and turns to his star for advice. Later, Mira plays hard to get before receiving an unexpected visitor.

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Warning… Spoilers below!

On Irma Vep Season 1 Episode 5 “Hypnotic Eyes”, Rene is smoking a cigar in the car on the way to the set. He is late and very anxious. When Rene shows up on set, he has a disagreement with Robert who has an upcoming scene with Mira. Rene is a little upset that Robert and Mira have altered the script and practiced their scene without Rene’s knowledge.

The Most Important Scene

Rene goes to Mira and explains the importance of the kidnapping scene she is about to film. Rene doesn’t think that Mira understands the importance of the scene and tries to explain to that she is about to act out a fantasy of his.

Rene then goes to Gottfried and explains the importance of the scene to him. Gottfried swears that the scene will be dramatic and look very real and intense. Gottfried and Mira film the scene over and over again and still Rene is not completely satisfied. Mira ends up getting a little hurt while filming.

Regina finds Mira crying about Eamonn. Mira explains what happened when Eamonn showed up to her hotel room. Regina gives Mira a supportive hug and reminds Mira that Eamonn is in her past not her future.

Change The Scene

Rene wants to keep filming the kidnapping scene but everyone else is over and done with it. Edmond goes home to his wife and complains how bad filming is going. He feels pushed to the side and that Rene is just focused on Mira.

Everyone working on the movie shows their friends and family the kidnapping scene they just shot. Everybody loves Mira’a work but Robert and some of the crew do not like the kidnapping scene. They think Rene is sexualizing rape.

Carla takes Rene to a little cafe and tries to explain to him that the kidnapping scene will offend people. She tries to talk him into changing it, but Rene is determined to keep the scene in.

Keep The Scene

Rene meets up with Mira at the hotel bar. Mira tells Rene that she likes the kidnapping scene and he needs to keep it in. She calls it a good, strong scene. She tells Rene that people will always be offended by certain things.

Rene rewrites Mira and Robert’s scene together to explain Mira’s viewpoint of the kidnapping scene. Rene is happy with the new scene.

Gregory is told that Rene may be fired and Gregory should have a back-up plan, just in case. Regina and Mira have dinner with Rene and they bring up Robert. Rene wants to fire Robert, but Mira like Robert and thinks he is a good actor.

Gottfried is MIA

Rene tells Mira that he is rewriting the script and going to kill off Robert’s character to just be rid of him. Mira is worried and feels bad for Robert.

Eamonn texts Mira asking if he can hang out with her. Mira tells him no and puts on her catsuit. She climbs onto the hotel’s roof and into an apartment where she steals a watch and listens to people make love. Gottfried is missing the next day and everyone on the set starts to panic.

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Air Date: July 4, 2022

Irma Vep Cast

  • Alicia Vikander as Mira Harberg
  • Jeanne Balibar as Zoe
  • Vincent Macaigne as René Vidal
  • Devon Ross as Regina
  • Lars Eidinger as Gottfried
  • Nora Hamzawi as Carla
  • Adria Arjona as Laurie
  • Carrie Brownstein as Zelda

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