How I Met Your Father Season Premiere – Release Date, Plot, Trailer & Everything You Need To Know!

How I Met Your Father is a spinoff of the critically-acclaimed show How I Met Your Mother. Hilary Duff will star as the lead character Sophie, as she narrates to her son how she met his father. The show is set to premiere on January 18, 2022, on Hulu. Here’s everything you need to know about it including the cast, watch trailers, get updated news, and more!

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How I Met Your Father Release Date

The first and second episodes will air back-to-back on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, on Hulu. Check here for the full episode guide.

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How I Met Your Father Premise

The show has big boots to fill, but that is not fazing Hilary one bit. Based in New York City, the show will have some parallels with its predecessor as the character of Sophie will be accompanied by her group of friends amid the chaos of her love life.

But not only will Hilary be playing an iconic character, but it is also a step up in her development. She will serve as a producer on the show.

How I Met Your Father Full Cast

How I Met Your Father Full Cast

In an interview with Deadline, Hilary is quoted as saying the following, “I’ve been incredibly lucky in my career to play some wonderful characters and I’m looking forward to taking on the role of Sophie. As a huge fan of How I Met Your Mother, I’m honored and even a little nervous that [HIMYM creators] Carter and Craig would trust me with the sequel of their baby.”

Much in the same way, the series is an opportunity for the original creator’s Carter Bays and Craig Thomas to pass on the mantle. An original spin-off had been planned by CBS entitled ‘How I Met Your Dad’ with Greta Gerwig as the show’s lead character. However, the pilot episode failed to materialize into something.

That is why this is a chance for redemption. In a joint statement given to Deadline, Carter and Craig remarked, “Kids, I’m going to tell you an incredible story.”It’s the story of how two writers got lucky enough to make their dream TV show for nine seasons and now get to pass the torch to an inspired new creative team with their own incredible story to tell, the story of How I Met Your Father.”

With so much anticipation brewing for the new season, it must deliver. Anything short of success will ultimately lead to comparisons with its predecessor. So what do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

How I Met Your Father Trailer

How I Met Your Father Cast

  • Hilary Duff as Sophie narrates how she met her husband
  • Kim Cattrall as future Sophie
  • Chris Lowell as Jesse a taxi driver and aspiring musician
  • Francia Raisa as Valentina, who is Sophie’s roommate
  • Tom Ainsley as Charlie, who is Valentina’s boyfriend
  • Tien Tran as Ellen, who is Jesse’s adopted sister
  • Suraj Sharma as Sid (Jessie’s best friend)

How I Met Your Father Season 1 Episode Guide

Season Episode Title Air Date
1 10 “Timing is Everything” March 15, 2022
1 9 “Jay Street” March 8, 2022
1 8 “Rivka Rebel” March 1, 2022
1 7 “The Perfect Shot” February 22, 2022
1 6 “Stacey” February 15, 2022
1 5 “The Good Mom” February 8, 2022
1 4 “Dirrty Thirty” February 1, 2022
1 3 “The Fixer” January 25, 2022
1 2 “FOMO”

Determined to try and live in the moment, Sophie and the gang head to an exclusive new club for a wild night out. Valentina has doubts about her relationship with Charlie. Sid pushes Jesse to be open to love. Ellen tries her luck with women at the club.

January 18, 2022
1 1 “Pilot” How I Met Your Father Season 1 Premiere

After a slew of let-down Tinder dates, Sophie meets the seemingly perfect guy. Meanwhile, her roommate, Valentina, returns home from London Fashion Week with a sexy souvenir. An Uber-related phone mishap leads them to an eclectic new group of friends.

January 18, 2022

Excited for the spinoff How I Met Your Father to debut? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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