Hightown Season 2 Episode 6 Recap “Behind Every Skirt is a Slip”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Hightown Season 2 Episode 6 “Behind Every Skirt is a Slip.” It’s the day before Thanksgiving on the Cape: things are looking up for Ray, and looking grim for Jackie. Frankie is filled with anxiety over his business with Jorge. Here’s What you missed!

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Previously on Hightown Season 2 Episode 5, Ray gets crossed and beaten to a pulp by a young man he once arrested. Jackie tells Leslie she loves her after sexting and Leslie ghosts her. The stripper Jorge is dating, Daisy, leaked some information to Frankie and he killed her assuming if she told about Jorge beating on her- what else will she tell?

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Renee proves herself to be ruthless by killing Jorge and disposing of his body. Thereafter, she visited Ray and regurgitated his words, telling him, “I fucking love you!” at gunpoint…

Warning… Spoilers below!

On Hightown Season 2 Episode 6, a terribly distraught and teary-eyed Renee is standing at Ray’s door while he has a gun to her face. He was baffled why she visited him, dismissive at first, yet Renee was adamant about entering his home. He frisked her and allowed her inside and she pleaded with him and apologized for what she had done to him. Ray was still bloodied and his face looked like he went 12 rounds with Mike Tyson, yet she still went to kiss him and they had sex!

Stood Up

Meanwhile, Jackie woke alone and frustrated immediately calling Leslie and got no answer. Then she called Daisy for intel to no avail. When she got to the office, she finally saw Leslie and attempted to talk about the issue yet Leslie shut her down as their terms of screwing around was that it wasn’t to be serious- just a fling. Leslie told Jackie she got way too serious, too fast.

Jackie zoomed over to Ray’s place and he was still naked in bed with Renee. She needed to talk to him about Leslie. Since Ray and Leslie had hooked up previously she figured he’ll have advice. But Ray had warned her that Leslie was psycho and won’t offer any guidance. Jackie was pissed and stormed away.

Thereafter, Ray asked Renee what was going on but she remained coy. When she left, she had flashbacks of Jorge’s horrifically bloody death. She practiced her alibi to Frankie and went home to him. When she got him, she played it off as they had to attend Junior’s pageant later that day.

Charmaine smuggles drugs on a private plane on Hightown Season 2 Episode 6

Charmaine smuggles drugs on a private plane on Hightown Season 2 Episode 6

Charmaine stepped off the PJ, extra fly, wearing designer clothing, clad in designer bags… yet there was no Jorge to pick her up as planned. She called him and was pissed as she smuggling the next shipment!

Apology Not Accepted

Jackie went to Ed’s place to apologize for her harsh words to him after the botched sting operation. He confessed she had some truth to her words that he was too old to still be on th force and was retiring. Jackie was against his decision but had to accept it.

When Jackie left Linda stopped her to give her an earful. Jackie had bit Ed’s head off as she was upset with her own issues with Leslie and Ed was always like a father to her. He had put up with all of her drinking and women yet she couldn’t tolerate his one mistake.


Ray tailed Renee and called her to ask when he could see her again. She lied about her location as he watched her go into a pawn shop. She entered the shop to buy a replacement bullet from the one she fired into Jorge. She then replaced the missing bullet.

Charmaine had to take a rideshare home and put her package up telling Aileen not to mess with it. She called Frankie about Jorge and he decided they should meet in person.

Charmaine and Frankie discuss business on Hightown Season 2 Episode 6

Charmaine and Frankie discuss business on Hightown Season 2 Episode 6

When Charmaine and Frankie met, it was apparent he didn’t know where Jorge was and he would find his cousin.


Jackie tried to visit a triple-A class but was agitated and left. Then, Jackie went to a bar for day-drinking and ran into an old fling, Devon, who was with a friend. She tried to hit on the woman but was stifled. Suddenly, Jackie is at her place eating a woman out and the lady had a loud orgasm. It wasn’t Devon, but Devon’s random friend.

Jackie was still agitated and the woman tried to go down on her but she only wanted to masturbate solo. Then kicked the woman out attempting masturbation and couldn’t get in the mood. She tried looking at Leslie’s sext pic and that only angered her.


Frankie went to visit his bodyguard questioning him about Jorge. He hadn’t seen him as he was cleaning up Daisy’s body all night. Frankie got pissed, chastising the man, demanding he finds Jorge!

Frankie came to the club and asked Renee had she seen Jorge the night before. Of course, she lied. He asked whether Jorge took any money and checked the safe. Suddenly, Renee saw a bloodstain and covered it while Frankie’s back was turned. Frankie then grabbed the gun from the desk and they exited for the pageant. Meanwhile, Ray had followed Renee and put a GPS tracker under her car.

On the ride home, Frankie was concerned something happened to Jorge and questioned Renee again- convinced something was off. The conversation of Daisy came up and Frankie got upset, telling Renee Jorge wasn’t with Daisy!

Osito had been getting closer to his nurse while rehabbing his leg. When Osito came in for a session he overheard her phone call with her boyfriend about having financial issues. Her car had gone out. When she got home, a brand new truck was waiting on her.

When Charmaine got back home, she found Aileen unresponsive on the floor with traces of snorting some of the contents of the package. She died and Charmaine grieved over her lifeless body!

Saintille got a call from the morgue about a young teen accidentally overdosing. He recognized it was Aileen and immediately kicked a search warrant crusade into action against Charmaine. Saintille ran into Charmaine at the hospital and offered her a way out if she would cooperate and turn against the Cuevas cousins. She stonewalled the cop and he left.

Need Answers

Ray confronts Jackie on Hightown Season 2 Episode 6

Ray confronts Jackie on Hightown Season 2 Episode 6

When Jackie got home, Ray went to visit and asked for her help with the Cuevas case. He asked her whether they were looking into Renee and the conversation immediately turned into an argument. Ray was back involved with the woman who ruined his life and Jackie was sleeping with her partner. She kicked him out and went to Leslie’s home to talk.

Jackie finds out why Leslie has been dodging her on Hightown Season 2 Episode 6

Jackie finds out why Leslie has been dodging her on Hightown Season 2 Episode 6

Jackie was in pain and wanted to know why Leslie ghosted her. To Leslie, it was a fling. Jackie thought the woman had feelings for her too and was afraid of commitment. Leslie rebutted she doesn’t have feelings and it wasn’t fair to Jackie had she lied to her.

Off The Wagon

Renee made an excuse with Frankie to go see Ray. He used the opportunity to question her loyalty. She claimed to want a normal life, not one tethered to a murderous drug dealer. He pleaded to know what she was hiding but their minds were on sex…

Jackie went back home and had a drink with her father. She had nowhere to go, emotionally disastered, and waned from sobriety…

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Air Date: November 28, 2021

Hightown Cast

  • Monica Raymund as Jackie Quiñones
  • James Badge Dale as Ray Abruzzo
  • Mike Pniewski as Ed Murphy
  • Riley Voelkel as Renee Shaw
  • Shane Harper as Junior McCarthy
  • Amaury Nolasco as Frankie Cuevas Sr.
  • Atkins Estimond as Osito
  • Dohn Norwood as Alan Saintille
  • Tonya Glanz as Trooper Leslie Babcock
  • Luis Guzman as Jorge Cuevas
  • Imani Lewis as Charmaine
  • Rumi C. Jean-Louis as Frankie Jr.
  • Nyeema Carter as Aileen (Guest starring posthumously)
  • Jona Xiao as Daisy (Guest starring posthumously)

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4 comments on Hightown Season 2 Episode 6 Recap “Behind Every Skirt is a Slip”

  1. LD says:

    Leslie is emotionally abusive and manipulative and got angered when a Jackie called her out for maintaining she was still straight. She initiated hand holding, stayed at Jackie’s apartment without her there, initiated emotional conversations, met Jackie’s extended family, and went down on Jackie which for her is a a vulnerable thing. I think Leslie is confused about her sexuality but is also emotionally unavailable (which is what she said whilst talking about her own father).

  2. ML says:

    Totally agree with the comments above. Couldn’t believe Leslie could be so cold hearted, and the looks she was giving Jackie were like shooting daggers, almost like she hated her. Don’t know if anyone else caught it, but when Jackie first got to the office right before trying to talk to Leslie, Jackie tried to log on to her computer. Message popped up saying access was denied. Was just wondering if Leslie somehow sabotaged Jackie’s computer. Maybe somehow that may be a reason for Leslie to come up with a reason to ask for a new partner. It may not have meant anything. I hope somehow, someway Leslie changes her mind because it seemed like she and Jackie were meant for each other. I have/had a girl crush on Leslie. Tonya is a really good actress. I hope she doesn’t get written out of the show.
    🙁 Always wondered why she wasn’t listed as one of the “stars”. She’s listed as a co-star during the ending credits. Hope things go better for Jackie next week. Everybody close to her is gone, so I guess she’ll end up being daddy’s drinking buddy.

  3. Lee says:

    Jackie is a whinner! It’s always “all about HER”! What a trial it must be to have a friendship with her! She should be alone on T-giving

  4. Irma says:

    Pues no entendí la reacción de lesli xq jackie le dijo q la amaba, jackie saldrá adelante , porque la vida no es fácil y si lesli no la quiere , el sr jefe de ella si yo espero q se arreglen y lastima q la relación con lesli parece no haber funcionado aunque creo hubiera ayudado a madurar a ambas el ambiente de trabajo además de tóxico es frustante . De todas maneras una vez terminada esta temporads me retiro de star xq su programación es igual q la vida real y con eso retengo suficiente LESLY Y JACKI JUNTAS

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