For All Mankind Season 3 Episode 2 Recap “Game Changer”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of For all Mankind Season 3 Episode 2 “Game Changer.” A commercial spaceflight company makes an announcement. The choice over who’ll command the Mars mission leads to a shift in personnel. Here’s what you missed!

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Watch For All Mankind Season 3 Episode 2 “Game Changer”

On For All Mankind Season 3 Premiere Episode 1 Premiere, nearly 10 years have passed. Danielle and Ed attend a celebration, where things take a terrifying turn.

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Rolando Boyce talks The Chi & P-Valley on Celebrity Myxer

Warning… Spoilers below!

On For All Mankind Season 3 Premiere Episode 2, NASA is receiving backlash for Polaris’ tragic accident and the lives that were lost. Karen receives an offer for Polaris from Helios’ Dev. Karen knows Dev wants to put his engine on Polaris and go to Mars first. Karen makes a deal with Dev.

Karen Slaps Daniel

Molly busts into Margo’s office upset that Molly has set up a committee to pick the commander for the Mars Mission. Molly calls Dannielle into her office and offers Dannielle command of the Mars Mission in 98, the second mission to Mars. Molly thinks Danielle is overqualified. She tells her that Ed will command the first Mars Mission and Dannielle will lead the backup crew.

Molly finds Ed leading a class and informs him that the committee has chosen him to command the first Mars Mission! Ed is very grateful and a little bit shocked.

Karen thanks Daniel for saving everyone’s lives on the Polaris and asks him why he would play their song at his wedding reception. He says Amber is a fan of the singer and leaves. Daniel walks right back into Karen’s office and says he lied. He played the song for Karen and when he thought they were all going to die, all he could think about was Karen. Karen slaps Daniel and says that it was all just a mistake. Daniel gets upset and accuses her of wanting to get back with Ed!

Running Mate

Ellen and Larry are discussing Ellen’s run for the presidency. Larry tells her that she needs Governor Bragg on her ticket. Ellen doesn’t like Governor Bragg though and thinks he is too far right.

Dannielle congratulates Ed on being chosen as Commander for the Mars Mission. She lets him know that she expects perfection from him or she will steal his seat.

Ed video chats with his daughter, Kelly, and tells her that he has broken up with Yvonne. Ed informs Kelly that he will be commanding the first mission to Mars and invites her to be part of his team. Kelly says yes!

Molly Gets Fired

Dannielle goes home and tells Corey that she didn’t make Commander for the Mars Mission. She explains to him that she will command the mission in 98. Corey isn’t all that upset about it and thinks it will help Isaiah if Dannielle is around more.

Ellen meets with Governor Bragg. Even though they don’t see eye-to-eye on some policies, he would be willing to advocate Ellen’s view if he is chosen as her running mate.

Margo bumps into Bill, who is upset that Margo and the committee picked Ed and not Dannielle to lead the Mars Mission. Margo barges into Molly’s office and fires Molly!

A Very Bitter Ed

Margo calls Ed into her office and informs him that Dannielle has been chosen to be the commander and that Molly has been fired. She lets him know that from now on, a selection committee will choose the commanders of each mission. Ed is furious.

Dannielle is relaxing at home when Margo calls her and informs Dannielle that she will be commanding the first mission to Mars instead of Ed. Dannielle is ecstatic.

Ed and Molly share drinks in her office one last time. Ed meets up with Dannielle and he is very bitter. He claims Dannielle only got command because she is black and a woman!

New Jobs

Aleida is working at the Jamestown Base on the moon and video chats with Javi, her son. Karen is home alone when a drunken Ed crashes into her gate. Ed stumbles inside Karen’s house as an obsessed Daniel watches from his parked car.

Ed is trashed and complains to Karen about losing command of the Mars Mission. Karen is upset about losing Sam and Polaris. Ed is emotional about the possibility that this is the end of his career.

Karen heads to Helios’ headquarters to speak with Dev about Ed being the commander of Helios’ mission to Mars. Everyone at Helios agrees, and Dev offers Karen a job at Helios. He wants her to recruit astronauts from NASA.

Dannielle tells Margo that she wants Daniel on the Mars Mission with her. Margo watches as Dev announces that Helios has bought Polaris, will be adding their engines onto Polaris, and Ed will be commanding their first mission to Mars. The Polaris will now be called Phoenix and the Phoenix will go to Mars in 2 years! 2 years before the Soviets and NASA plan to launch their missions to Mars!

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Air Date: June 17, 2022

For All Mankind Cast

  • Joel Kinnaman as Ed Baldwin
  • Cynthy Wu as Kelly Baldwin
  • Shantel VanSanten as Karen Baldwin
  • Wrenn Schmidt as Margo Madison
  • Jodi Balfour as Ellen Wilson
  • Sonya Walger as Molly Cobb
  • Krys Marshall as Dannielle Poole
  • Casey Johnson as Danny Stevens
  • Coral Peña as Aleida Rosales
  • Edi Gathegi as Dev Ayesa

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