FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 2 “Taxman”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 2 “Taxman.” Rookie agent Ray Cannon joins the Fugitive Task Force as they hunt down a mysterious killer targeting IRS offices. Here’s what you missed!

Air Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2022, at 10 pm ET, 9 pm CT, and 7 pm PT on CBS!

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Previously on FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 1 Premiere, when a family of four from New York is found dead in a Georgia motel room, the Fugitive Task Force investigates a connection between the victims and the sale of illegal firearms. Also, Barnes struggles with Remy’s leadership style upon her return from maternity leave, and Remy and his sister plan for their mother’s care.

Warning… Spoilers below!

On the FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 2, Remy has a tradition of bringing bagels when a new recruit joins his team, replacing Agent Ivan Ortiz. The new guy is Agent Ray Cannon (portrayed by Edwin Hodge). He’s sharp but requires a bit of seasoning. Agent Barnes greets Remy but has a family emergency she has to attend to.

Either Racially Motivated Or Disgruntled

Agent Cannon is briefed on FBI Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 2. Photo: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

Agent Cannon is briefed on FBI Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 2. Photo: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

Remy is impressed with Cannon’s resume since he graduated Quantico at the top of his class. Cannon is immediately thrown into the next case in Tennessee involving a suspect tossing a bomb inside of a local IRS office and fleeing! The office manager witnessed the explosion, which just barely saved her life. The initial motive seems to be either racially motivated or a disgruntled taxpayer.

The IRS agent involved in the explosion was Marion Meeks. He was also a deacon at his church. Since the pandemic restrictions were lifted, he transitioned back to in-person audits, looking into PPP loans. The Feds pondered whether this made him a target.

When Remy and Cannon visited the bombing victim’s widow, Cannon felt something was off about her response. She claimed to cremate her husband, which is not typical for Baptists based in the south- even for bombing victims. The wife greeted a pair of shady-looking young men she called her sons just as she parted agents. Soon after, agents received new intel on the suspect’s possible whereabouts and found clothing he had ditched. The bomber stole a man’s truck just outside of a gun store and fled.

Multiple Personality Disorder

The bomber was on the phone with a man and woman who tried to urge him not to use guns in his crusade. He ignored them and tried a little target practice in the woods.

Cannon got an idea to go undercover as a power technician and speak with Jayden Meeks. He snooped around and found a gun. Cannon apprehended Jayden, but Remy let it go because the gun was registered to his murdered father. Soon, the team found another person of interest.

The person was a coworker, Darla, who was in debt. Searching her home revealed she recently shaved all of her hair, possibly to look like a man. They also found her medication. A visit to her physician revealed she suffers from multiple personality disorder. When she’s off her meds, she transforms into different personalities… including David! David’s alter is known as an enforcer.

Darla used earbuds attached to a cell phone to hide the fact that she was talking to herself. Each personality was aware of each other and urged her to stop. The next target was stalked at a grocery store. Darla shot him, security guards shot back, and she fled!

Sex Change

Darla/David murdered a coworker for previously sexually assaulting her. She didn’t alert the police and took him out when she snapped.

Throughout the episode, Barnes was dubious of Remy’s new pick. Gaines urged Branes to be more patient with Cannon. Also, Remy had been on edge, very direct, and snappy with his team.

Agents learned Darla tried to have a sex change, but her recent assault and mental state halted her procedure. The Feds were on a video call with her doctor and suddenly heard shots ring out in her background!

A Rookie’s Seniority

Agent Ray Cannon (portrayed by Edwin Hodge) joins the Fugitive Task Force on FBI Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 2. Photo: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

Agent Ray Cannon (portrayed by Edwin Hodge) joins the Fugitive Task Force on FBI Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 2. Photo: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

Darla held hostages and set to stand off with the FBI. Remy led the negotiations, but Darla fired a shot warning them to exit or she would kill the hostage. Remy shifted his approach to speak with the alter, David, as well as reason with Darla.

Suddenly, Darla stabbed herself with a scalpel. When agents breached, she tried to shoot herself in the head until Cannon reacted she disarmed her.

Afterward, Gaines encouraged Remy to speak with Barnes since they had been at odds since her return. Barnes was frustrated with Remy since she had seniority and felt she was the rookie and had to prove herself to him. They finally had an understanding of each other…

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FBI: Most Wanted Cast

  • Dylan McDermott as Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott
  • Alexa Davalos as Special Agent Kristin Gaines
  • Roxy Sternberg as Special Agent Sheryll Barnes
  • Keisha Castle-Hughes as Special Agent Hana Gibson
  • Edwin Hodge as Special Agent Ray Cannon

Guest Starring

  • Dani Deetté as Darla Crais aka David Cease
  • Emma McNulty as Diane
  • Thomas Michael Allen as Greg
  • Rachel Leslie as LaToya Westphal
  • Steve Routman as Dr. Jay Safrit
  • Libby Collins as Mary Nash
  • Nick Coleman as Skip Budner
  • Donte Grey as Jayden Meeks
  • Q. Smith as Lalisa Meeks
  • Sara Parcesepe as Alicia Cole
  • Ryan J. McCarthy as Leon Cole
  • Mark David Watson as Sgt. Neil
  • Jet Thomason as Fred
  • Preston Christopher Lawrence as Marion Meeks
  • Rachel Drayke as Jane

WRITTEN BY: David Hudgins

DIRECTED BY: Ken Girotti

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Photo credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

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