FBI: International Season 2 Episode 8 Recap “Hail Mary”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of FBI: International Season 2 Episode 8 “Hail Mary.” Vo goes under cover when the team investigates the mysterious death of an American model in Milan. Kellett is caught off guard when Dandridge arrives looking for visibility on the case. Here’s what you missed!

Air Date & Time: Tuesday, December 13, 2022, at 9 pm ET, 8 pm CT, and 6 pm PT on CBS.

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Previously on FBI: International Season 2 Episode 7, when an American businessman’s bodyguard and girlfriend are kidnapped a few feet away from him in Barcelona, the Fly Team questions if the man is as innocent as he claims. Also, Raines grows closer to Maya, the owner of the team’s favorite local bar.

Warning… Spoilers below!

On FBI: International Season 2 Episode 8, an American model fell off a balcony ledge and onto a car to her death! It seemed like suicide, but a witness rebutted that, so The Fly Team got involved.

In speaking with the local police captain, he was adamant that the case was an apparent suicide, and the witness was inebriated when she gave her statement. Yet Agent Kellet was compelled to investigate further.

Meanwhile, Raines and Smitty visited the crime scene with the local police captain and were met by the local prosecutor. They discovered that the man responsible for the party was on the scene (a conflict of interest.) He also brought his attorney and was willing to discuss the details of that deadly night.

The party host, Luca Rossi (portrayed by Tommaso Basili), claimed that he felt the victim jumped off the ledge because he told her that he was dropping her from his modeling agency. When confronted about a witness, he tried to attack the woman’s character, stating that she wasn’t on her meds that night.

To dive deeper into the case, Agent Vo goes undercover as a model to gain intel. Will the Feds be able to uncover the mystery and find the killer?

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FBI: International Cast

  • Luke Kleintank as Special Agent Scott Forrester
  • Heida Reed as Special Agent Jamie Kellett
  • Carter Redwood as Special Agent Andre Raines
  • Vinessa Vidotto as Special Agent Cameron Vo
  • Eva-Jane Willis as Europol Agent Megan “Smitty” Garretson

Guest Starring

  • Michael Torpey as Ken Dandridge
  • Mia Challis as Emma Staley
  • Antonio Zavatteri as Captain Sindona
  • Tommaso Basili as Luca Rossi
  • Francesca Tizzano as Rafaella Vitti
  • Elsa Mollien as Nunzia Linari
  • Natasha Cashman as Beatrice
  • Kwame Bentil as Robert Baldwin
  • Thomas Kadman as Walter Maldini
  • Heléna Antonio as Chiara Maldini
  • Mark Fletcher as Silvio
  • Ágnes Koltai as Jojo Bell
  • Barnabás Réti as Officer Baldan

WRITTEN BY: Edgar Castillo


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FBI: International Season 2 Episode Guide

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2 12 “Glimmers and Ghosts” February 14, 2023
2 11 Someone She Knew January 24, 2023
2 10 BHITW January 10, 2023
2 9 Wheelman January 3, 2023
2 8 Hail Mary December 13, 2022
2 7 A Proven Liar November 22, 2022
2 6 Call it Anarchy November 15, 2022
2 5 Yesterday’s Miracle October 18, 2022
2 4 Copper Pots and Daggers October 11, 2022
2 3 Money Is Meaningless October 4, 2022
2 2 Don't Say Her Name Again September 27, 2022
2 1 Unburdened” FBI: International Season 2 Premiere September 20, 2022

Photo credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

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