Evinced – A Sci-Fi Thriller Movie

Evinced is a sci-fi, thriller directed by Richeler Aladin. An online user’s deadly predictions start to turn true, which gains the attention of two detectives who must track him down. The movie is set to premiere on February 15, 2022.

Evinced Premise

The movie is centered around an anonymous online user/fortune-teller Ashton, otherwise known as ‘The Prodigal Augur’ (James Drake Coleman), who begins posting videos about his predictions for the world.

But as those predictions turn into reality, ‘The Prodigal Augur’ becomes a source of concern for two detectives, Wesley (Bradley Opara) and Malcolm (Ervin Brown), who are hell-bent on tracking ‘Augur’ down.

Augur’s popularity increases, as a young reporter Ava (Rachel Webb), who just so happens to be Bradley’s wife, latches onto the story.

She has no plans of slowing down, as the coverage is taking off the heat that is coming her way from her boss Mickey (Ruben Caballero), who up until this point has been less than satisfied with her work, to say the least.

As the detectives delve deeper into the case, they discover the manner in which the predictions are able to manifest into reality. It turns out that a serum will come on the market that will allow the inventor of that serum to be in control of the user who drinks it.

And to make things more complicated, Texas Senator Charles (Javier Medellin) just so happens to be the person behind it. Charles’ bid for President has ultimately become threatened by the ‘The Prodigal Augur,’ whose influence has been increasing.

The detectives must team up with ‘Prodigal Augur’ and Ava to prevent the Senator from gaining global control in a twist of fate.

Evinced Main Cast

  • Bradley Opara as Wesley
  • Ervin Brown as Malcolm
  • James Drake Coleman as Ashton/The Prodigal Augur
  • Rachel Webb as Ava
  • Ruben Caballero as Mickey
  • Javier Medellin as Charles

Evinced Trailer

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