Evil Season 3 Episode 2 Recap “The Demon of Memes”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Evil Season 3 Episode 2 “The Demon of Memes.” Kristen, David, and Ben face the horrors of the internet as they investigate a Slender Man-style meme that scares teens into committing blasphemous acts in order to avoid death. Leland trains Sheryl in the fine art of online trolling. Here’s what you missed!

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On Evil Season 3 Episode 1 Premiere, David’s relationship with Kristen takes a turn when he gives in to his temptation. Meanwhile, the team is tasked with exploring a machine to measure the weight of the human soul as it leaves a dying body.

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Warning… Spoilers below!

On Evil Season 3 Episode 2, David is visited by Victor, a Vatican representative. He tells David that he will receive a phone call within a week and cannot tell anyone about the directions within the phone call. Andy and Kristen realize they need more income and cash flow. As they try to figure out their financials, one of their children sees blood flowing out of the upstairs toilet.

David gets asked to look into a new meme called Visiting Jack that is going viral. Teens are going crazy following his orders. Lynn and Kristen visits Lynn’s friend, Ren. Ren has seen the Visiting Jack meme and tells Lynn that he only has seven days to perform 7 licks or he will die like the other teens. Lynn is confused.

David Abandons Ben and Kristen

Leland takes Sherry to his office and sets her up with a job. He wants her to be a doomsday troll. Sherry is not too excited about it.

Ben, Kristen, and David are investigating an old house associated with the Visiting Jack meme. David gets a call from Victor, telling David to be at an address in 20 minutes. David abandons Kristen and Ben.

Ben and Kristen finds Phoebus inside the house. Phoebus says Visiting Jack lets him live there if he feeds him. He becomes angry when Ben accuses him of being Visiting Jack.

5 Days Left

At the meet-up spot, David is given a Bible, told not to open it, and that he will receive a phone call telling him where to deliver the Bible.

Lynn and Kristen try to convince Ren that Phoebus is Visiting Jack. Ren swears that Visiting Jack is real and has killed six other families. Ben is worried because Lynn has seen Visiting Jack and not completed her licks. Lynn only has 5 days left!

3-Month Trip

Andy receives a huge offer on his business. Kristen asks David why he left her and Ben yesterday and blows Kristen off. They catch him up with the other houses associated with Visiting Jack and how they were associated with Orson LaRoux’s murder.

Lynn becomes worried about not completing her licks and tries to get started on the list. Andy finds out that the offer for his business only stands if he is willing to take a three-month trip to Nepal. Andy doesn’t want to. Leland and Sherry are behind the offer on Andy’s business. They want him out of the picture.

When investigating Orson’s widow’s house,  David receives another phone call from Victor and leaves Kristen and Ben again. David is told that a man is dying in a hotel room, and David is to perform Last Rites and lie about his name. Ben and Kristen become suspicious of David’s behavior.

Room 2102

Kristen & Ben confront Emily, Orson’s widow, about his death. Emily says pictures of Visiting Jack showed up on the internet and they aren’t real. The car taking the street view pictures drove by her house three times, and she knows something is up!

David shows up in the hotel room to administer Last Rites, and the man passes away. David collects the postcard from the table and leaves. A man stuffs money into David’s pocket as he walks away, leaving the hotel room’s door ajar.

The street view driver goes to school with Phoebus, and they made up the Visiting Jack meme and acted like they were really at these people’s houses. Kristen tells David that she is lonely. David gives Victor the postcard once Victor explains what is happening. Victor says they are trying to save Grace Ling.

Andy explains the offer for his business to Kristen and how he does not want to be gone for 3 months. Kristin tells him that they could really use the money and he should go, even though she’s crying.

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Air Date: June 19, 2022

Evil Cast

  • Katja Herbers as Dr. Kristen Bouchard
  • Mike Colter as David Acosta
  • Aasif Mandvi as Ben Shakir
  • Michael Emerson as Dr. Leland Townsend
  • Brooklyn Shuck as Lynn Bouchard
  • Skylar Gray as Lila Bouchard
  • Maddy Crocco as Lexis Bouchard
  • Dalya Knapp as Laura Bouchard
  • Kurt Fuller as Dr. Kurt Boggs

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Evil Season 3 Episode Guide

Season Episode Title Air Date
3 4 “TBA” July 3, 2022
3 3 The Demon of Sex June 26, 2022
3 2 The Demon of Memes June 19, 2022
3 1 The Demon of Death” Evil Season 3 Premiere June 12, 2022

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